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Download your BF PSDs!

Site Update

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Quick note! I have had a lot of artists message me worried, the Mayday deadline is May 25th at 11:59pm we're only in April guys! You have plenty of time <3

Happy Monday everyone! This is your 48 hour warning to download all of your Black Friday PSDs before they are cleared out! Go here to see which ones you have!

Make sure that you attach them to your pets, as the site does not automatically do that and it'll help quite a bit if you ever decide to breed your pet! We are already getting quite a few really nice submissions for the upcoming Mayday sale, so we want to get them uploaded soon so everyone can see them!


I also would like to address your attention to the newest contest thread, Stickers! Stickers! Stickers!

We've had requests for RL merchandise but things like plushies are really out of our price range right now, so it was suggested to do stickers! Who doesn't like stickers? :D

While we could get the site artist to design one or two, we thought that everyone would enjoy a community effort, so we are opening up submissions for them. We will choose the top designs (the amount will vary based on how many submissions we have), and then put them in a poll to decide which one gets made!
This doesn't mean only one will be made though, we will most likely do several different stickers. Once they are created they will come free with purchases of certain amounts and will be able to be mailed internationally as well.

We'll keep this contest open until next Monday, May 1st at 11:59pm.
Please make sure you read the rules!


I also am happy to announce that Delicious Eggnogs and Blind Dates are now Predict Friendly! They will both have a GP kickback.

We have also added the Prediction Cap information to our newly formed Prediction Cap KB Article!
Speaking of which: due to the changes in payments now that we have our awesome GP teams, we will be reevaluating the prediction cap prices. We will update you as soon as the numbers are finalized!

Forgot to mention we have this shaded now! :D Yay Oët's!

Please make sure to check out the monthly customs below!

Posted by 🐼Kaiyo🐼 (#489) on Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:56pm

Comments: 42

Monthly Customs Game


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It's time to give away nine free customs designed during February under the theme of Green!

To play the free custom game, please include the phrase "CUSTOM #__" in your news comment. For example, if you want Custom 1, please comment "CUSTOM #1."

Don't lose out on a chance to win one of these customs by voting incorrectly!

Custom One = bad.
Custom1 = bad.
Custom#1 = bad.
Custom #1 = good!
I love custom #1! = good!

Here we go!

1 ................................................ 2 ................................................ 3

4 ................................................ 5 ................................................ 6

7 ................................................ 8 ................................................ 9

Please contact Kousei (#25044) for your prize if you designed one of these customs!

You have until May 7th at 11:59 PM AST to get your vote in!
Don't forget to check out the news post below to see last contest's winners!

Posted by Lacia (#25044) on Mon Apr 24, 2017 2:15pm

Comments: 398

Monthly Customs Game


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'· .¸¸.·´'· .¸¸.·´ [[ The w i n n e r s' edition! ]] '· .¸¸.·´'· .¸¸.·´

Mad Hatter (#10278) ............................................... Austria*~ (#40411) ............................................... SunflowerLily (#61059)

Avyriss (#52710)

Congratulations to all of our winners!
I will be sending out your customs momentarily.

Posted by Lacia (#25044) on Mon Apr 24, 2017 2:13pm

Comments: 7

T4T: Another Small Touch of Easter


Goto News Post

This lovely pair of earrings are the perfect finishing touch to your Easter or Spring outfit!

They can be found in Trash for Treasure until April 29th 11:59pm (the same time as the rest of the Easter festivities end (see below!))

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:26am

Comments: 2

Easter Time, Egg-celent!

Site Update

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Hoppy Wednesday to you all (and Thursday to some!)

The Seasonal Shop has gotten some bun-tastic items waiting for you to collect!

I won't bore you with what is what - you can all read, and what you're really interested in is that mysterious new breeding add-on...

This glorious dye pack will get your artist to colour your pet in a whole new pastel palette, and it's compatible with all non-painted coins (except Derp, RBC and EBC).

Where do you get it?

Well, in the Seasonal Shop there are some individual dyes - you take those to the Alchemy game, combine them with some other ingredients, and cook yourself a nice new add-on!

The dye items will be stocked permanently in another store when this one closes up - but they might not be the same price... so stock up while you can!

Last, but not least, the Easter Painter!

It is now up and running and ready for you to mix up some gorgeous new pets.

Hover over each dye to see how many you need - they're still available in Adventure, so don't worry if you're not quite there yet!

All the festivities will end on April 29th 11:59pm

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:50pm

Comments: 37

More MayDay fun!

Site Update

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Good evening folks! I'm here with some short May Day updates! First up is the shiny new Metal Exotic Egg! This egg can be found in the USD shop for $25 however since it is the grand unveiling we are reducing the price to $20 until April 21st at 11:59 pm!

Now most of you are probably going "Kaiyo what the heck is an Exotic pet??" Well! The genus page is kind of a cluster when you get to the rares so we are going to work on adjusting that a bit, which will involve moving our USD species into the "Exotic" category! At this point those pets are Teos and Oëts! Snoodle and Faux are considered Semi-Exotic so they will be moved into that category as well with a small note about it.

Speaking of Oët I am guessing that you all would like to see it~ Well all I have is it's naked lines!

Oet_Small.png Oet_Small_wings.png

The Oët is super special because it already comes with an Alternate Lineart! The Flightless form is it's default form, but either one can be made with the Metal Exotic Egg or through the May Day sale!

With breeding, the Oët is rather unique! Since the alts are technically the same lines you can breed normal to alt without predictions! Obviously the pet must still follow the coins rules, so a metal coin will not allow you to breed Flightless with Winged.

This species is now available for the May Day artists to edit, so hit me up with your sketches if your interested! Please remember the requests from the Original May Day Thread

The Oët has already been handed off to our awesome shading artist, so we will get the based ones in there shortly, but I wanted our artists to be able to start working on them ASAP since we know you all reshade the base anyways ;D

Update: The 400x400 PSD was added to the pets page, sorry for forgetting it!

Posted by 🐼Kaiyo🐼 (#489) on Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:08pm

Comments: 49

Fancy Custom Breedabiltiy and a Teo Announcement


Goto News Post

When the Fancy Rock Custom Crystal and Wand were made they were accidentally set to produce unbreedable customs. Sadly this was only noticed today so a number of customs have already been made with these items.

The items have had their options changed so that this will not happen in future.

If you have a custom made with either item, please PM me with the pet's ID so I can fix them to be breedable, as they were intended to be.

We apologise profusely for this error and any inconveniences it has caused.

There seems to have been some confusing regarding the 75% teo slots that are available to this year's MayDay artists.

Please be advised that you can only sell the slot for USD if you sell it as a commission with the art included.

This is because to do otherwise is the equivalent of selling a custom making item for USD, which is prohibited.

You can however sell the slot (without artwork) for site currency or items.

This is something we should have perhaps been more clear on, and again, I apologise that a clearer explanation was overlooked.

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:09pm

Comments: 3

Adventure Pets


Goto News Post

"I've found a new assortment of pets wandering around in the wild! Please be careful when wrestling the Shantu into your lair - it almost got away with my arm... It underestimated how strong I am, though, so heh!"


In addition, the March pet coloration submissions forum raffle has been drawn!

Congratulations to Kassquatch (#1288) for winning a Blue Custom Crystal!

If you want to design some Adventure pets, go and post them in their respective threads here! There's also a chance that the designs accepted from that forum will go into the Pet Shop! Remember, you can earn SP!

If your design is now released as a site pet please contact me, Kousei (#25044), for your free copy.

Don't forget to check the important news post below, especially if you are looking to make some GP!

Posted by Lacia (#25044) on Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:09pm

Comments: 7

Breeding Updates and Call for Artists!

Site Update

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Kita (#3988) has been an absolute life saver. <3 She has taken over Breeding Mistakes and has finished ruling the 5.0 thread, along with uploading most of the fixes for that entire thread already!

She has made a new thread, Breeding Mistakes 6.0. She also has a ping thread!

Kita has also been helping fix old out of date breeding knowledge base articles, and made a sweet new add-on article that provides baby examples for most of the themed add-ons.


Clarification for the edit randomizers:

Staff has realized these add-ons were being handled inconsistently. This has caused confusion within staff, with artists, and with users.
To fix this, here is a clarification that will be followed from here on out (applying to all breedings in queue):

Edit randomizer offspring will be created on the genera's default base lines.
This means if you breed a Melo with a Melo using a BC, your baby will start from the BLANK Melo genus base and edits from the randomizer prompt will be added to that.

In breedings involving one or more SCC parents, where an SCC genera is rolled for the offspring, the offspring will be created on the randomly designated parent's lines and not the SCC's blank genus base. The breeding team are not expected to know what the "blank" base for any given SCC genus is.

As a large portion of the inconsistencies have involved Teos specifically, a new compromise has been put in place for Teo breedings. The default for a breeding with a Teo parent, where the breeding rolls a Teo offspring, will be to start from the BLANK Teo base. However, if you wish for the baby to start from the parent lines instead, you may request that in the breeding notes. If the breeding is Teo x Teo, you may not specify which parental line is used, just that you would like parental lines to be used in general.

We hope that makes sense!


We are HIRING still! GP pay only - but we are willing to be flexible on how many breedings you take at a time. For BC/HBC we would prefer you take at minimum 3 breedings due in 14 days, and for LBC we would prefer you take at minimum 5 breedings due in 14 days. Normal list size for these coins is 10 breedings.

Please apply asap if you're interested!

Posted by Kyu & Mauri (#1010) on Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:18pm

Comments: 33

T4T: Little Hugs Can Make A Big Difference


Goto News Post

Sometimes in life the little things can make a marked impact - both positive and negative - so here's a little something to try and shine a little ray of sunshine into someone's day.

It's stocking in Trash for Treasure for the next two days, and will leave approximately April 14th at 11:59pm, so make sure you get plenty!

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:53am

Comments: 5