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T4T: Rocks Friends


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Whether you're channelling your inner Ludo, inner 70s child, or just a fan of the old fashioned strong man, this pet rock is the perfect companion for you!

This friendly fellow will be in Trash for Treasure for the next month (they're slow to move on, you see)!

(Don't forget to check out all the news below - there's a lot to see!)

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Tue May 2, 2017 11:46am

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New Raffle AND Return of the Contests!


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Oh yes, it's a new month and we're getting in full swing!

A new raffle has begun

Platinum Custom Crystal

Platinum Custom Crystal

Ticket Price: 1
Max Tickets: Unlimited


Click here to join the raffle!

This month we're going to make up for the long break by giving you something tasty to chase after - and since it has been such a LONG time since we pulled winners for the Raffle Crystal that we're giving away the last prize to FIVE lucky winners!

Those winners are: Zyanya (#44875), Purple Guy (#382), Honey Love [LLs] (#25910), spottedwindgrl (#66936), Auri (#6077) !

The Mystery Box is always active - and you can find it right here!

Trivia has Updated! Not only do you have new questions, but we're changing the release to be on the 1st and 14th of every month (instead of every week). It's hard coming up with new questions to get you scratching your heads, and hopefully cutting it to twice a month will help us keep you on your toes!

Here are the answers to the previous trivia:

Which gourmet ingredient is not used to make a Love Cupcake?
Pink Angel Cream Frosting

Using the Basket of Valentines will give you which forum title?
Bundle of Love

Which love food does not stock in the Energy Dishes shop?
Love Pizza

This genus's heart-shaped leaves are popular around Valentines Day.

Which NPC is in charge of making sure your Love Letters are delivered safely?

Receive cute valentine-themed edits on your BC baby with this add-on:
Love Story

If you offer the gift of love, you will be granted with it in return.
Love Loop Melo

This fauna is not afraid of showing its feelers.
Love Bug

Handmade Love Letters can be purchased from this shop:
BP Shop

Which heart-shaped food will replenish + 10 hunger?
Heart Sushi

Next up is the long awaited return of the Art Gallery!

The art gallery contest is now all month long - starting on the first of the month you have until 11:59pm on the last day to submit your entry! The Gallery page will have the month's theme posted for you, as well as previews of the next two month's themes.

This month I'd like you to celebrate May with us! From May Day, to Beltane, bonfires, bushes, and even morris dancers - we want you to bring the essence of May celebrations to Aywas.

You cannot use official Aywas stock with this theme. Click through for the rest of the rules for this contest.

You have until 11:59pm May 31st to get in your entries, and I can't wait to see what you do!

Another favourite back with us is the Monthly HA Contest!

That last set was in the shops for longer than planned - but we will be removing it 11pm tonight! So anyone who still hasn't picked up their favourite pieces of the Blossom set - this is your countdown!

As always we start with the Basing portion of the contest - you have until May 7th at 11:59 PM to submit your bases to get it in to the poll on the 8th! Click through for instructions on how to enter ^^

Oh! And don't forget to check out the news post below - there's lots of exciting stuff going on with breedings~

Our usual "Welcome to May" posts will be tomorrow - sorry for the slight delay!

Right, I think we all need a drink after all that... Check out Advent tomorrow for a pick me up for reading all this!

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Mon May 1, 2017 9:29pm

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Raffle #194 has ended


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Mystery Box Ticket

Mystery Box Ticket

Zyanya (#44875) is the winner of the raffle and won the item Mystery Box Ticket!

Zyanya (#44875) brought 338 tickets, spending 338 Raffle Crystal!

(Pst, Kita's Breeding update is down there V)

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Mon May 1, 2017 9:28pm

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Lots of Updates!

Site Update

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clothing_artistpaintbrush.pngCalling all artists!clothing_artistpaintbrush.png
This is going to be a long news post with lots of information, so please bear with me!

I am looking to hire GP-paid artists for all coins except Derp Breeding Coins! If you are interested and would like to apply please PM Kita #3988 with the message title being the coin you are applying for and your username (Ex. "LBC Application - Kita")

Please see this forum to find the applications for each team.

Please include whether you have been on a breeding team before, even if it was temporary!

You are also welcome to PM your application using examples from already completed predictions, practice pairs, or edit examples (in the case of coins that require artists to draw new edits).

Below are the payment options for each team:
Breeding Coins, Holiday Breeding Coins, and Evil Breeding coins:
Lists of artist choice number of babies in 14 days.

30 GP per 30% edited baby and 40 GP per 50% edited baby or
45 Credit per 30% edited baby and 60 Credit per 50% edited baby

Rusted Breeding Coin:
Lists of artist choice number of babies in 10 days.

10 GP per baby or
15 Credit per baby

Lesser Breeding Coin
Lists of artist choice number of babies in 10 days.

10 GP per baby or
15 Credit per baby

Metal Breeding Coin
Lists of artist choice number of babies in 10 days.

8 GP per baby or
12 Credit per baby

Radioactive Breeding Coin
Lists of 10 babies in 10 days
Lists of 20 babies in 10 or 20 days (artist choice)
List of 30+ babies in 20 days (artist choice as long as it is an increment of 10)

8 GP per normal baby and 4 GP per mutant baby or
12 Credit per normal baby and 6 Credit per mutant baby

In order to apply for the next few coins please PM Kaiyo with your application!
Applications and information for these coins can also be found in this Forum.

Painted Metal Breeding Coin
1-5 babies in 7 days

9 GP per baby or
14 Credit per baby

Painted Lesser Breeding Coin
1-5 babies in 7 days

11 GP per baby or
17 Credit per baby

Blind Date/Eggnog
1-5 babies in 7 days
30 GP per baby or
45 Credit per baby

Sketch Breeding Coin
1-5 babies in 7 days
14 GP per baby or
21 Credit per baby

An explanation of what “Credit” is and what it can be used for can be found in this Knowledge Base article!

Since payments have increased for each of my teams, I have gone through the prediction price ceilings and increased those as well. You can find the updated prediction price ceilings in this Knowledge Base Article.

There has also been a small change to Basic Edit Randomizers when attached to a Holiday Breeding Coin!

If you use a Basic Edit Randomizer on a HBC, you have the option to ask the artist to use the parent's base. This means the baby will have some edits that are from the parent base, but the rest of the edits will be from the randomizer prompt given.
If you do not ask, the artist will use the blank species base and the edits will be 100% taken from your Randomizer prompt. The add-on Knowledge Base article has been updated to include this information.
Babies on a SCC base will be done on the parent base no matter what, that has not changed.


If you have missed picking up your birthday Lunaris, the lovely Chelle (#7310) is the person you need to contact now in order to get your pet! Please make sure to PM within 14 days of your birthday :)

Chelle has also stepped up and will be taking over PSD Fetch, and Gen2+ PSD Fetch until the previous helper is able to deal with some computer issues she was having! If you would like a PSD attached to a pet, please head right over to the Offspring PSD Search subforum and post in one of the PSD Fetch threads :)

According to Eve (#2775) the breeding refund thread has migrated to the Admin Hub now! Please post here if you would like your breeding refunded!


Along those same lines, Nevara (#19257) has volunteered to open a PSD Check thread so you can check if site pet PSDs will be available to artists before submitting a breeding! This can also be found in Offspring PSD Search as a sticky'd thread!

Nevara (#19257) has also created a MBC Guide that has been sticky'd in the Breeding Chat! It has a ton of information on MBC, color theory, and pretty much everything you might need to know about breeding with one of these coins! It is not 100% finished yet, but Nevara plans to finish it sometime within the next week or two :D


Kandria (#293) will be taking over both the Painted Mistakes thread and the Breeding Mistakes thread. She is very excited for these opportunities and I am sure she will be working tirelessly to make sure everyone's offspring end up without mistakes!

Kandria (#293) is also now in charge of accepted breeding predictions for both Painted Lesser and Painted Metal coins! If you have any questions about predictions for either of these coins please feel free to PM her and she will get back to you as soon as she can!

The Egg Dyes needed to create the new Easter Dye Pack have been moved to the following locations:

Yellow Egg Dye
BP Shop
Price: 7500 BP

Pink Egg Dye
Recycling Center
Price: 50 Random Eggs

Green Egg Dye
Trash for Treasure
Price: 600 points

Blue Egg Dye
East River
Reduced to r80

Posted by Kita🦊 (#3988) on Mon May 1, 2017 7:59pm

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A quick heads-up!

Site Update

Goto News Post


Are you tired of new news posts yet? I hope not, as here's another one! As you may or may not remember, the Easter festivities were supposed to end last night. However, we are giving you a bit more time! We will officially be wrapping things up tonight. So, make sure to finish up purchasing anything from the seasonal shop or catching any of the Easter pets scattered around in Adventure before then. After 11:59 PM AST tonight (April 30th), all festivities will end and Easter pets will no longer be found in the wild.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, both online and off!

Posted by Lacia (#25044) on Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:21pm

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Eggnog and Blind Date quick update!

Site Update

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Hey guys, just here with a quick update: Blind Dates and Eggnogs are now compatible with Thematic Addons!
When using a thematic add-on with a blind date or eggnog please be aware that the majority of the time the edits from the thematic add-on will be small additions, rather than taking up significant portions of the pet. For Blind Dates and Eggnogs we wanted to allow this compatibility in order for users to have the ability to maximize the edit percentage of their offspring in the case of two low-edited pets being bred together.

Hypothetically you should be able to add it to breedings in queue. I'll be honest with you, I can't test it myself as I don't have a blind date in queue and don't wanna mess up the queues! If you test this and it works or doesn't work, wanna @489 me in the comments to let me know? Thanks!

It's been confirmed, you can add them!

Posted by 🐼Kaiyo🐼 (#489) on Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:53pm

Comments: 13

Staff Update: Breeding Admin

Site Update

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Hello everyone, Kita (#3988) here!


A lot of you may have seen me working with different areas of the site through the years. I started off small doing PSD Fetch, then moved my way up to working on Crystal Check, accepting predictions, and even getting Breeding Mistakes mostly caught up (I'm still working on a few babies, but for the most part everything is how it should be as far as the mistakes threads are concerned!).

I'm here to announce that I have been given the opportunity to become the new breeding admin. I have gotten some fantastic notes and guidance from Mauri and Kyu and am eternally thankful to them for making this such a (hopefully!) smooth transition for me!

As such, any concerns with breedings such as breeding artist applications, questions about breedings, issues with breedings, refunds, etc. can be addressed to me here at #3988 from here on out!

As far as the immediate future goes, tonight I will be working on PMing all current artists with information they may need from me and getting any needed information from them! Looking towards the next few days/weeks/months ahead I am hoping to make some tweaks to payments and add a new form of payment for breeding artists, hire more artists for almost every team (artists, start your engines!), get some helpers trained and in place for the different queues, and bring some people on to fill some needed positions (such as the PSD fetch threads).


I am very excited to have this opportunity and I have a lot of exciting ideas that I hope will get the queues going and keep them running smoothly!

(and for anyone worried about Riri, don't worry they are safe and sound over at #48591 with the fantastic Kayla-La :D)

Posted by Kita🦊 (#3988) on Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:38pm

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Times may change but radioactivity lasts forever..

Site Update

Goto News Post


Mauri is building a house out of RBCs and even though Kyu keeps trying to explain why such a house would not be good to live in, Mauri is convinced it will be an extravagant retirement home.

Seven and a half years is a long time and it’s been a wild ride. We’ve been together through everything, despite starting out on separate accounts. From users to moderators after just a few months, to breeding assistants a little over a year later, and finally to breeding admins for the last year and a half. Worry not, we're not splitting up. Even radioactivity cannot pry us apart.


Unfortunately, however, we are retiring from Aywas Staff far sooner than we ever expected to.

We’ve made a lot of good memories and enjoyed a lot of fun times, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. Except radioactivity, of course. I mean if we’re getting into technicalities that also has a “time limit” but we don’t really need to get into that. The important thing, to us, is that we took our obsession for all things crazy and odd, stamped it into the core of Aywas, and will be able to see the radioactive juices flow for years to come.

Oh, and of course all that other stuff we worked on. We still can’t thank Yasu enough for working so well with us to upgrade the Standing Stones, Item Database, and artist breeding panel which we hope continue to help users and artists alike for a long time to come.

Staff are still sorting some stuff regarding the Breeding Admin position, so for the time being any breeding artist applications, questions about breedings, issues with breedings, refunds, etc. should be addressed to Kaiyo (#489).

Also, any breeding related e-mail correspondence from now on should go to the following email:

[email protected]

We’ve forwarded any e-mails that were already sent in to our e-mail address and compiled a lot of information that we hope can aid the other staff members in proceeding with this transition with as little turbulence as possible.

♥ Thanks to everyone that’s made this journey so worthwhile. ♥


Our shoes may be made for walking, but we won’t be walking very far. While we are leaving Aywas staff we’re certainly not leaving Aywas. We’ve already told our former teams that they can contact us for anything and this goes for users too. We won’t be able to assist users or artists in an official capacity, but we’ll try to be of help however we can, whenever we can.

One last thing before we go, aside from Slash we were the “oldest” staff members left on the team, but we’ll be passing our walkers and reading glasses down to Eveglori as we radiate off into the sunset to join Eri in retirement.

With all our love,
Kyu & Mauri

Posted by Kyu & Mauri (#1010) on Wed Apr 26, 2017 6:12pm

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April Showers Bring... Sales!

Site Update

Goto News Post

Look below for the new news post about Blind Dates and Eggnogs!


It is sale time~

We haven't had a sale in a bit, and with Mayday around the corner we're really feeling it! So we thought to do a bit of an end of April Sale! First up is an item that actually should have been in the USD Shop to begin with...


The Speedy Breeding Ticket! I have no idea how this one got out of the USD Shop, but I am shoving it back in and giving it a temporary price drop. Remember, when you use this item on your breeding it bumps it up to the front of the queue!


The Premium Grab Bag has been updated with the Alchemy Kit and can be found in the shop for it's normal price. The Grab Bag has a chance to give you 1 of the good retired Premium Items with the broken stuff having been removed. Alongside it we are adding in the Mystery Egg! We have had a lot of requests to put them back in for sale, so now is your chance! The Mystery Egg has a chance of giving you any level of edits(excluding Silver) for any species (excluding Xaoc)! The Mini Fridge is also making an appearance, this is a regenerating item that gives you 1-3 Alcoholic Beverages!


We also have reduced the price on these items!


And that's not all! For every $6 spent in one purchase, you get a free Petals of Prizes scratchcard!

This sale will last until April 30th at 11:59pm

Please check out the new news post below in regards to the closing of the Easter festivities!

Posted by 🐼Kaiyo🐼 (#489) on Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:28pm

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Download your BF PSDs!

Site Update

Goto News Post


Quick note! I have had a lot of artists message me worried, the Mayday deadline is May 25th at 11:59pm we're only in April guys! You have plenty of time <3

Happy Monday everyone! This is your 48 hour warning to download all of your Black Friday PSDs before they are cleared out! Go here to see which ones you have!

Make sure that you attach them to your pets, as the site does not automatically do that and it'll help quite a bit if you ever decide to breed your pet! We are already getting quite a few really nice submissions for the upcoming Mayday sale, so we want to get them uploaded soon so everyone can see them!


I also would like to address your attention to the newest contest thread, Stickers! Stickers! Stickers!

We've had requests for RL merchandise but things like plushies are really out of our price range right now, so it was suggested to do stickers! Who doesn't like stickers? :D

While we could get the site artist to design one or two, we thought that everyone would enjoy a community effort, so we are opening up submissions for them. We will choose the top designs (the amount will vary based on how many submissions we have), and then put them in a poll to decide which one gets made!
This doesn't mean only one will be made though, we will most likely do several different stickers. Once they are created they will come free with purchases of certain amounts and will be able to be mailed internationally as well.

We'll keep this contest open until next Monday, May 1st at 11:59pm.
Please make sure you read the rules!


I also am happy to announce that Delicious Eggnogs and Blind Dates are now Predict Friendly! They will both have a GP kickback.

We have also added the Prediction Cap information to our newly formed Prediction Cap KB Article!
Speaking of which: due to the changes in payments now that we have our awesome GP teams, we will be reevaluating the prediction cap prices. We will update you as soon as the numbers are finalized!

Forgot to mention we have this shaded now! :D Yay Oët's!

Please make sure to check out the monthly customs below!

Posted by 🐼Kaiyo🐼 (#489) on Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:56pm

Comments: 42