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Breeding Updates & Pet Shop Warning

Site Update

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Hello everyone! :D <3

Mauri here - I just wanted to give you a couple of updates, fixes, and reminders!
Due to some unfortunate circumstances I've been homeless and couch hopping for a few weeks now. This also means that my access to my computer and/or internet has been very sporadic. Thankfully my living situation finally sorted itself out and come mid-July I'll have a place to stay! In the meantime, I know that I've been very very slow to respond to PMs recently and for that I apologize. I've been prioritizing my online-time to keep lists moving and the breeding system running in the background as best as I can, so my inbox has fell to the side a bit.

Onto the reminders!


Please remember to check your HBC and HBP breedings and check the "will have predicts" box if you intend to submit a prediction for it. We are catching up on that queue and as we hit more recent breedings we will be assuming that any breeding over a month old that does not have that box checked is not intending to have predicts submitted. So be sure to check it if you want to submit any!


If you submit a breeding with a breeding add-on that requires notes/user input (example being the Hybrid Genetics Kit) and your breeding does not have the required notes at the time of assignment, your entire breeding will be refunded. Be sure to put all of the necessary notes in for your breedings!


Just a reminder that I am basically always looking to hire new artists for GP contracts! Even if I don't need artists for a certain coin at one point in time, I keep the applications on file for future reference when I do need them. Currently I actively need MBC, BC, HBC, EBC, and LBC artists. Perhaps some RBC artists too! Feel free to submit an application; they can be found here.

In addition, Miksa has a quick reminder for you!


Hello everyone! I wanted to give you a bit of a heads up that I'll be changing the stock in my shop come July 5th! So if you want to own any of these pretty pets I currently am selling, you should buy them before July 5th. On July 5th they will be permanently retired and new pets will take their place!

And now for some updates!


The poll has spoken! The Greater Fertility Potion is now stocking in the BP Shop for 18,000,000 BP.

The Speedy Breeding Ticket has reverted back to its original use after being temporarily retired. It can now be used to skip the queue for many types of breedings! This item does not let you pick an artist, rather it just makes your breeding *speedy*. :3

As such, it will now stock in the USD shop for 35.00 USD.


The Painted Breeding Mistakes thread is now being handled by Kita (#3988)! The old thread is being gone through and will be finished soon.

The Breeding Mistakes 4.0 thread will also be changing hands soon also - the replacement is in the process of being trained! n_n

- Mauri

Posted by Kyu & Mauri (#1010) on Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:56pm

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The Story... does NOT continue! Nor does CC..

Site Update

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There was a massive lack of entries this week! :c
Due to this, the contest will run one extra week to collect more entries.

Remember, you do not have to end the story.
Entries must either end the story, or bring it closer to the end.
You may submit up to three entries if you would like to try out multiple scenarios!

Entries have been extended to July 3rd, 2016 at 6:00PM AST.
The prize for that week is a Jar of Sparkles.

-Rudy (#4485)

Kaiyo here, I am a fan of bribery, so I will also toss in an extra SP to the winner since there is so few entries so far!

I also have a note from Eveglori, Crystal Check had survived the server transfer, however after a few days it decided that staff was putting too much pressure on it, and it peaced out on us.. Unfortunately, while it is still working on user end, the staff side of crystal check has completely up and left us. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to have it up and running as soon as possible.

Posted by Kaiyo (#489) on Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:29pm

Comments: 8

Critter Camp needs votes!

Site Update

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Our favorite charity, Critter Camp, is in the running to win a grant - but only the top five charities receive money, and they're number six! You came through last time for the bird rescue, so let's see the power of Aywas come together and help Critter Camp! They were the charity we ran for Foxy Friday, so let's help 'em!

Click here to vote! You can vote ONCE PER DAY until 6/27!
Scroll down and find "Critter Camp"!

There's a lot of you, and with the volume of our Aywas votes we should be able to propel them into one of the winning positions. Come on guys, let's show them our power!

Posted by JAK (#15) on Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:51am

Comments: 81

Bigger BP Spoilers

Site Update

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Who remembers the BP Sink?

For those of you who don't, or weren't around when it was started, in an effort to try to remove some BP from the site we created the original BP Sink. However that lasted only a few days as everyone tossed their BP at it and unlocked some amazing bases. So we created the Bigger BP Sink with much, much higher tiers!
However, these tiers seem to have been a bit high, and it has hit quite a lull in the BP Deposits, so I am here now to give you a preview of the next base that will be unlocking!


This pet is as adorable as it looks, and is created by the amazing Yoolee! However if you want to make one, as with the other BP Sink PSDs, you have to donate some BP! For every 3,000,000 BP That you donate you will receive one Sparkling Crystal which is used to create any of the pets that have been unlocked.

So whisk yourself off to adventure, grab some BP and Go get yourself a Sparkling Crystal and help unlock the next base!

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that the original Mineral Crystal from the first BP Sink had only been stocked for a limited time. Staff discussed this and didn't really see the point in continuing to keep such an item and blocking out newer users. So you can now find the Mineral Crystal in the BP Shop stocking for 4,500,000 BP. To see the previous bases check out the KB Article

Posted by Kaiyo (#489) on Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:00pm

Comments: 55

T4T: Floaty Farewell


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As a farewell gift, Mixtie (#67702) has asked this lovely sunny dress be placed in Trash for Treasure until June 29th for everyone to enjoy.

Sometimes people feel their time here has come to a head, and while we're always sad to lose them we wish them all the best, thank them for spending their time with us, and hope they find a new online home to keep them ^^

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:04am

Comments: 13

A New Raffle has Started!


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A new raffle has begun

Hybrid Potion

Hybrid Potion

Ticket Price: 1
Max Tickets: Unlimited


Click here to join the raffle!

Sorry for the delay, I am sure a lot of you saw Eve did last weeks post, I have been out of the country then when I got home things were just way too busy and I wasn't awake enough for trivia/raffle crystal last night, but here they are!


There is a new Raffle started for Raffle Crystals!


I know that I received several PMs, Question #4 Was wrong, however by the time I got home, combined with the server transfer issues, it was decided it would be better to not reset it for fear of breaking more.

Trivia has Updated

"Don't be afraid to tell someone who you are."
Pride Lepu

Bottled Pride changes your pet into 1 of _ possible pets.

This is NOT a pet you can get from Bottled Pride..
Pride Kolibri

Which of these foods restores 10 hunger? (This question was meant to read 10 Energy)
Rainbow Sprinkles

"To remind us we all need to watch out for each other."
Pride Flag Serafex

Which of these stocks in the Custom Clothing shop?
Rainbow Butterfly Wings

The Proud Paint Collection contains how many paints?

Equal Love restores how much Energy?
15 points

Which of these pets is Admin Distributed rarity?
All of the above

Pets from a Rainbow Egg can be what max rarity?

Posted by Kaiyo (#489) on Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:33pm

Comments: 2

Raffle #125 has ended


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Gold Baby Bottle

Gold Baby Bottle

LadyPhedre (#54532) is the winner of the raffle and won the item Gold Baby Bottle!

LadyPhedre (#54532) brought 68 tickets, spending 68 Raffle Crystal!

Posted by Kaiyo (#489) on Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:32pm

Comments: 4

The Story Continues...

Site Update

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This week's winner is Xenephos (#55335)! They won a Hybrid Potion + 1SP!
Don't forget to read their entry before submitting yours!

Prompt time! This week, try to bring the story to a close, or close to a close! We will end this story next week or the following week, depending on the winning entry!

The prize for next week's winning entry will be a Jar of Sparkles!

Entries for next week must be in by June 26th at 6pm AST.

-Rudy (#4485)

Posted by Kaiyo (#489) on Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:43pm

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MDT/GCC Team Pruning

Site Update

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The MDT and GCC Team is being pruned for inactivity. Any artists that have not completed a design as of April 1st or before will be removed so that users of the feature can ensure their artist is active when selecting. Artists are always welcome to re-apply when they have more time. :)

You can apply for the MDT Team here!

You can apply for the GCC Team here!

Posted by JAK (#15) on Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:58am

Comments: 14

Monthly Customs - Winners

Site Update

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'· .¸¸.·´'· .¸¸.·´ [[ The w i n n e r s' edition! ]] '· .¸¸.·´'· .¸¸.·´

Ouija & Kas & Ally (#60571) | 31 votes ......... Valixene (#56258) | 149 votes ...... Vespertine (#1516) | 52 votes

Yuma Kuga (#62842) | 37 votes .... iheart801 (#55183) | 46 votes .... Grinning Reaper (#73638) | 195 votes

Fennekin (Jemma) (#33456) | 38 votes .... lanamoonberries (#35633) | 55 votes ..... Neia (#4075) | 18 votes

Congratulations to all of our winners!
I will be sending out your customs momentarily.

Posted by JAK (#15) on Fri Jun 17, 2016 5:16am

Comments: 13