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Melo Figurine

Site Update

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Hey, remember forever ago when I told you guys about possibly getting a melo figurine? Well, I just got in the preliminary sculpt for it =3

What do you think? Melo is 4 inches by 4 inches, so it's a significant-sized figurine!!

Oh, and are any of you going to Gencon? Gencon is the biggest gaming convention in the US, occurring from August 4-7 in Indianapolis, Indiana. I'll be there (with various Aywas stuff, plushes and BC pendants and maybe the figurines if they're done by then). I think next year we may get a booth, so that'd be cool =3

Let us know if you're going!!

Posted by Jack (#1) on Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:18pm

Comments: 212

Plush Series 5


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Spense says:

Aha, I bring you a new set of plushes, as promised. We are now on Series 5. It has been quite a long while since we started. My factories are working overdrive to address the demand. I think they might go on strike vacation at one point. We'll have to see.

This new plush box is quite useful for moving toward a full collection.

Here are the new plushes, for your viewing pleasure:

No free things for you today, haha! Now that I have seen your sad, disappointed faces, I am off.


Posted by Jack (#1) on Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:07am

Comments: 46

Contest Winners


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By popular demand, here are some contest winners. Don't expect to hear much more from me besides this. Communicating with all of you is a yearly thing.

Nintendo 3DS Winner:
Ami noMiko #10381

Raffle Crystal Winner
Rie #12223
Prize: 4x Pacifier


Posted by Kaz and Shoe (#21) on Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:36am

Comments: 71

Win a 3DS!


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We are so happy ;__; I looked through our stuff and we have thousands of shoes and sheets thanks to all of you, soooo I wanna give you all something back!!

Would you like to win a 3DS and your choice of 3DS game? Just post on this news post, and we'll draw a winner around midnight (when the Raffle Crystal winner comes out)! Please note this is only for US players since our Amazon account only has free shipping to the US. :c

Thanks for a fantastic birthday!!


Posted by Kaz and Shoe (#21) on Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:13pm

Comments: 965

Apparently it's our birthday.

Site Update

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Kaz says:

I don't know why you expected Shoe to post anything; he's incapable of remembering obligations, even if you entrusted them to him in the last five minutes.

Regardless, it appears all of you are being forced to celebrate our birthday. I don't approve of this at all. Birthdays are useless holidays. Frankly, I don't know or care how old I am. It's not like my appearance is going to age, so you shouldn't care either. You would be wasting your time. But perhaps that is normal for you.

If you do feel like wasting your time, I have heard that our page was transformed into some sort of . . . present-giving . . . thing. I don't see what your obsession is with these colorful furry things, but you can throw them at each other via our page. Maybe one of you will get a concussion. That would be most pleasing.

Throw useless furry things at people.

Apparently Shoe saved some forum threads that he wants me to post up in the Events forum, too. I think he should have posted them himself instead of being so lazy, but fine, I'll put them there.

Some stupid fireball game that Shoe came up with
I think it's a waste of time, but you know what I think of all of you and wasting time.

Shoe secretly approving of my lab practices.
I always knew he did.

Make furry things
I guess you're supposed to change a furry thing into a raver and a scientist. It sounds idiotic. Maybe he was high when he designed the contest.

Badly bred hybrid mutant
I didn't even know what to title this. It doesn't make sense to me.

Birthday Chat Thread
He will probably come chat with you here. Don't expect me to. I don't even like any of you.

That's it. I'm sure he has more ideas, but I'm not going to continue posting them. Oh yes, one more thing:

Stop sending us presents! Shoe doesn't deserve them (not to mention these heels are weird) and it creeps me out when you send me bed sheets.

Note: Shoe will probably contradict me on the present issue, but I don't care. Stop sending them!

Posted by Kaz and Shoe (#21) on Tue Jun 14, 2011 1:26am

Comments: 83

Trivia Updated

New Game

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The weekly trivia has been updated. Try your hand at it today!

Last week's answers:
Which of the following was not showcased as a potential new pet? Wasp
How many hybrids were released when Aywas was first created? Four
Which was the first added hybrid? Manticore
Which of the following users were not originally staff members? Dragonlily
How was the Flux released? As a contest prize
Who was the first site programmer? Kaelin
Where did Epsilon live before moving out? Scrublands
Who heads the Design Copyright forum? Aetheria
Which common genus out of the following has the most colorations? Reve
Which of the following pets does not have over 100 colorations? Gael

Tomorrow is Kaz and Shoe's birthday! You'll hear something from Shoe about it at around 11:50 PM. I'm sure he'll have plenty of games for you to play and Kaz will sabotage them and randomly delete posts from them, I'm sure.

Posted by Jack (#1) on Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:33pm

Comments: 36

Something Interesting..

New Feature

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So... I just stumbled upon something interesting...... I just thought I would share this interesting thing with all of you.... Uhm, how should I put this, in words I mean..... Enjoy your achievements?

Posted by Rebel Networks (#19663) on Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:56am

Comments: 263

Art Gallery


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Here are the winners for this week's Art Gallery:

Only three because we only got three eligible entries. :c

This week's prize was and 1 SP

Check out the Art Gallery for next week's shenanigans!

Posted by Jack (#1) on Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:56pm

Comments: 47

Maintenance over

Site Update

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Well, there you go, our maintenance is required a couple of re-tries as things went wrong. <_< But now we are back! I hope you occupied your time better than I did. I watched more Maury in the last 12 hours than anyone should ever do.

If you encounter any issues on the site now that we have our new operating system, post them here in this news post so we can address them...after sleeping/dying/etc. We'll throw some sort of party if our battle against lag and the gateway error have succeeded.

I'm sure Visark will give you some pets today too. Wooooo! Okay nevermind she already did, I just slept through it

How fast is the site now?
It is faster than before the move on Tuesday
It is slower than before the move on Tuesday
It is the same as it was before the move on Tuesday free polls

Vote on this, it makes my life easier as I determine how this reformat did.

Posted by Jack (#1) on Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:14pm

Comments: 153

20 minute warning!

Site Update

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This is your 20 minute warning, the site will be going down for the night as of 12AM PST (2AM Aywas Time). I\'ll see you all when everything is all done :)

We\'re back!!! YAY!!

Posted by Rebel Networks (#19663) on Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:39am

Comments: 30