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PPP Reminder

Site Update

I just want to remind everyone, since a majority of people read over it in our Original Prediction Pool Party News Post that you must include Prediction Pool Party or PPP in the notes.

This isn't just for clarification, this is because sometimes people forget to check the "Will have Predicts" button, or sometimes the button unchecks itself. By writing this in you guarantee that your breeding will not be processed as normal.
We've already had several get assigned from this not being put in the notes, so please cover your bases and include this if you are going to do predictions!

I also strongly suggest that everyone re-review our Prediction Pool Party News Compilation. We have been including every news post in this thread for easy reading.

Posted by 🐼Kaiyo🐼 (#489) on Wed Jul 5, 2017 1:18pm

Comments: 11

ChaosAzeroth (#43055)

Posted on: Wed Jul 5, 2017 1:23pm

See I know I personally misread that as it had to have the note to count for the event, though I probably forgot still. x3

Ivory Ebena (#43812)

Posted on: Wed Jul 5, 2017 1:28pm

If I forgot ... won't the predict count as part of the event then??

Mortem (#6902)

Posted on: Wed Jul 5, 2017 1:54pm

Oh...that really sucks if you paid a lot of a predict already... :/ Luckily I have another coin so I'll just send the breeding through a second time with the predicts I guess if there's nothing to be done or the breeding can't be fixed...I'll wait and see

🐼Kaiyo🐼 (#489)

Posted on: Wed Jul 5, 2017 1:56pm

Ivory Ebena (#43812) If you forget and the breeding gets assigned before you upload the predictions, then it will be processed as normal. Such as if you use a painted coin + painted twins and upload 2 babies but not the bonus babies, your breeding may be assigned to a site artist for the other site baby.
Cas (#6902) It does suck, but it was in the original news post to add it, we don't know which breedings people want to be submitted as normal or for the event unless they put it in. If your breeding has already been assigned then odds are it won't be unassigned as the artist has already started working on it.

*JACKAL* (#34396)

Posted on: Wed Jul 5, 2017 3:14pm

OK, then I still don't get the Mudslide metal. Does that need a predict and does that need PPP in it?

Kita🦊 (#3988)

Posted on: Wed Jul 5, 2017 3:25pm

*JACKAL* (#34396)
Mudslide Metals don't change how the metal coins work at all, only that they now temporarily allow Exotics. They work exactly the same way as a MBC did before July 4th other than the fact that you can submit Teos, Oets, Snoodles, and Fauxes with them.

If you want a site artist baby, then you don't put anything in the notes (unless you'd like to take advantage of the free artist palette during the Mudslide event, in which case you write "Artist Palette" in the notes). If you want to do predictions, you need to put PPP in the notes or it will be assigned.

Dragonfyre 🐉 (#33499)

Posted on: Wed Jul 5, 2017 4:43pm

I have no idea what anyone's predicting. All I see is "Make predictions!" with no context.

Mortem (#6902)

Posted on: Wed Jul 5, 2017 4:47pm

Darn that sucks because I waited a couple weeks for them to be done ;.; oh well gotta go buy a new painted gold

*JACKAL* (#34396)

Posted on: Wed Jul 5, 2017 5:36pm

Kita (#3988) nope looks like I've done everything I wanted then. Thanx
Kita! I'm surprised I haven't done anything with PPP at the mo, considering I usually do my own predicts.

This ends end of August though doesn't it ?

Kita🦊 (#3988)

Posted on: Wed Jul 5, 2017 6:24pm

*JACKAL* (#34396)
Yup! You have until 11:59 on August 31st :)