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Prediction Pool Party

Site Update


Who doesn't love a good pool party?! We are celebrating summer this year with the Largest Prediction Event Ever! Yes, this is why we haven't been accepting predictions, we wanted to make sure that nobody felt "Oh man I just got my prediction back and missed out!"

This event will run from May 30th until August 31st at 11:59pm! That is 3 whole months! During this time each coin will have it's own special bonuses as well as some overall bonuses!

- The Prediction Caps are being temporarily removed for all coins during this time!
- Any artist that makes a prediction can enter themselves into a raffle by posting in the Artist Raffle that has been stickied in our newest subforum!
- All edit percentages are "loose" for this event only, so we will not get up in your business if you submit a 50% breeding and it is 57%. If you have a 50% breeding and we can't tell what species it is, then we might have a problem.
- Remember! Predictions can be done for USD however if they are not Platinum Breeding Coin or Sketch Breeding Coin predictions they must go through the Commission Panel!

bulletpoint.pngAll predictions must have the PSD attached in order to qualify for this event.
bulletpoint.pngBreeding rules still apply! If you bought a breeding slot, for only one baby, please ensure that you have the owners permission before making extra baby predictions! If someone violates this they may have their baby deleted without refund.
bulletpoint.pngPlease included "Prediction Pool Party" in your breeding notes, or predictions and breedings will be processed as normal!
bulletpoint.png All artists must have a forum for their sales thread in our new Prediction Pool Party Subforum. The only exception is if you are just doing your own predictions.
bulletpoint.png There is No USD Kickbacks during this event.

Now onto the coin specifics! Please read this carefully as most coins are different!


Blind Dates allow up to 75% edits, Eggnogs allow up to 50% edits. With permission from the other pet's owner you can upload a second baby! You must include the PM ID in the breeding notes. Both coins have a 20% chance for a rare. Please read the Knowledge Base Article about Blind Dates for information about Blind Date and Eggnog predictions.


Breeding Coins grant an extra baby as well as increased edit percentages:
Breeding Coin without an addon - 50% baby and a 30% baby
Breeding Coin with an Edit Potion - 75% baby and a 50% baby
Breeding Coin with a Grand Edit Potion - Two 75% Edited baby, no USD kickback.

Breeding Coin without a baby addon - 2 Babies
Breeding Coin with a Fertility Potion - 3 Babies
Breeding Coin with a Married Pair - 3 Babies
Breeding Coin with a Married Pair and Fertility Potion - 4 Babies

Along with Hybrids you can also choose from any of the Provided SCC Bases!


Evil Breeding Coins will give a Guaranteed Breedable baby, and the user is allowed to choose if the offspring is Evil or Normal.


Holiday Breeding Coins have several bonuses! Predictions for this coin will act like they automatically have a Hybrid Genetics Kit or a Genetics Kit attached which allows you to submit any non-rare hybrid, common, uncommon, trash, or raw species you desire. You can also choose from any of the Provided SCC Bases! The edit percentage for predictions is also being raised to 50%. Every Holiday Breeding Coin prediction will also act as if it has a Painted Bottle attached, so you can color the baby however you see fit.
If you PM Kita (#3988) she will also roll for you to have a 10% chance of getting a rare hybrid or a 1% chance of rolling for a 50% edited Xaoc! This is *per* breeding not offspring.


Metal Breeding Coins and Lesser Breeding Coins grant 1 extra baby per breeding, and each breeding acts like it has a Painted Vial attached.


Neura Embryo and Dragon Lotus allow for 50% edits and act as if there is a Painted Bottle attached.


Painted Metal Breeding Coins and Painted Lesser Breeding Coins grant an extra baby. Married pairs that are bred with a Painted Metal Breeding Coin are given a 100% success rate for the second baby, so they total for 3 babies.
This stacks with Painted Eggs, Twins, and any other compatible breeding addon, however you must provide all babies and you lose out on the site provided baby!


Radioactive Coins allow user choice of Metal Uncommon/Common pets or Mutant. If you want a Hybrid roll you contact Kita (#3988). Should you decide to make a mutant you are allowed up to 10 parents! However, all parents must either be site pets or belong to you, and you must link them in the breeding notes.


Rusted Breeding Coins allow an extra baby and you can breed any 2 pets together and pick your Trash Hybrid!


Sketch Breeding Coins allow predictions!


When a Life Seed is used with your Platinum Breeding Coin prediction you are guarenteed the 30% edits, and will get a free Tiny Silver Potion


Transitional Fossil Egg and Alidae Egg allow 75% edits, or two babies with 75% edits if you use a Grand Edit Potion. However there is no USD kickback.

Randomizers are allowed with predictions! However you must PM Kita (#3988) with three prompts, and she will roll for which one you get!

Permanent Change
-Painted Vials and Painted Bottles are now compatible with Rusted Breeding Coins.

Any rolls that happen during this event get locked to your pet. If your predictions are not finished by the end of the event, your breeding will be rerolled with the normal chances. If you get a breeding rolled, then you are not allowed to cancel the breeding until after the event.

Please remember that these changes are only for the Prediction Pool Party event! After August 31st all previous prediction rules are back in place!

You can find all of the threads in the Prediction Pool Party Subforum!

Posted by Kita🦊 (#3988) on Tue May 30, 2017 4:55pm

Comments: 157

ChaosAzeroth (#43055)

Posted on: Tue May 30, 2017 5:02pm

Any chance of having the Edit Randomizers predict friendly for this event?

Mynia (#5309)

Posted on: Tue May 30, 2017 5:05pm

Holy shit. Yes. Yes to all of this!!!!!!

🐼Kaiyo🐼 (#489)

Posted on: Tue May 30, 2017 5:07pm

ChaosAzeroth[LOSS] (#43055) Kita and I discussed it real quick and we decided to allow them with special stipulations.

ChaosAzeroth (#43055)

Posted on: Tue May 30, 2017 5:10pm

Thanks. Still to married to my prompt to have to try to pay more for just a chance, but this is a great thing to encourage predicts. :3

Revie (Inactive) (#35743)

Posted on: Tue May 30, 2017 5:10pm

Wonderful news, and very exciting!

Ceci (#23041)

Posted on: Tue May 30, 2017 5:14pm


Verd (#7493)

Posted on: Tue May 30, 2017 5:15pm

oh wow thats a lot of cool stuff :0

ChaosAzeroth (#43055)

Posted on: Tue May 30, 2017 5:17pm

Quick question: Are the extra babies in RuBC weighed like other baby sets are ((have to try to do parent marking even mix))?

Chi ★彡 Lily (#514)

Posted on: Tue May 30, 2017 5:17pm

🎁❄Kaiyo❄⛄ (#489)
"This stacks with Painted Eggs, Twins, and any other compatible breeding addon, however you must provide all babies and you lose out on the site provided baby!"

Does this mean that a PLBC breeding with Painted Twins can have 2 predicts + 1 bonus from the event + 1 predict ("you must provide all babies") to replace the site provided baby?

VarietyShow (#73199)

Posted on: Tue May 30, 2017 5:19pm

This is very cool but also very confusing (but then again I don't understand how to submit predictions). Is it possible to add a predict to an LBC breeding which was only just submitted...? So long as it's still in the queue?