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Artist Streaming

Site Update

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Another artist is streaming at 11:00 PM Aywas Time on the Aywas Livestream.

Our artists will be recording these lessons, and as the months go by, we hope to have a nice library of lessons from different artists that can be consolidated into a video library for users to reference.

Please note the livestream doesn't hold a lot of people, so if you want to attend you may want to get there early and claim a spot.

Posted by All Hail Eveglori (#15) on Mon Dec 23, 2013 2:08pm

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Another call for Site Pet PSD files!


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The last time I posted a news post about this we had just over 50% of all site pet PSDs in our collection. Now we have 66.9%!
That means we're still missing 33.1%...

I'm sure there are users out there, either the original artists, or people who got their hands on the PSD, that have PSDs we do not have.

What we want you to do, is to check this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet lists all the pets we don't have PSDs for. If you have one listed there, send it to AYWAS.PETS@GMAIL.COM with the subject of the email being the name of the pet and the genus (ex. "Binary Melo").

Please do not send it to any other email, as that often happens.
We are not looking for remakes of the PSDs. We are mainly looking for the original PSDs that the original artist made.

As a note, if you get a design accepted in any of our event threads, submissions forums, etc, you're expected to be sending in the PSDs.

So please take some time to check the list and dig through your own collection. Any PSDs we have enable our site breeding artists to use them in breedings, so everyone benefits!

- Mauri

Posted by Kyu & Mauri (#1010) on Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:56pm

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Holiday Lane Cooki--Pets!


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We've baked up a fresh batch of pets for the Holiday Lane!


This is the last set of pets for the area, so get your nets ready!
Remember, Holiday Lane will be open through December 31st at 11:59 p.m., so you have until the end of the month to snag them all. :3

We have also finished accepting all pets from the Holiday Pet Submissions thread! If you had a pet accepted but don't see it on the site yet, that means it'll be used in the Seasonal Shop. c:

Payment for these pets will be handled automatically by Chelle (#7310), so you should see that come through soon.
Thank you for your submissions!

Bundle up!

- Eri

Posted by Eri & Dew (#17) on Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:07pm

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Art Gallery


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Art Gallery


The art gallery has been judged!
The theme was Seasons* and we received beautiful entries that illustrated all seasons here on Aywas!

Here are our featured winners:

They won:

The current theme is Holiday Cards!
Any medium is acceptable, and we can't wait to see your Aywas-themed greetings. :3
Official Aywas stock is permitted for this theme and encouraged.

Good luck!

- Eri

Posted by Eri & Dew (#17) on Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:32am

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Raffle #61 has ended


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Tsunami Potion

Tsunami Potion

One Of Thirteen (#27282) is the winner of the raffle and won the item Tsunami Potion!

One Of Thirteen (#27282) brought 1,000 tickets, spending 1,000,000 BP!

Posted by Eri & Dew (#17) on Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:46am

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New PBC Artists

Site Update

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Hi everyone! It has been a week since I posted the call for artists and, as the influx of applications seems to have come to an end, I think it was time to make a few last picks and dedicate a newspost to our new artists!

Aros (#4353):

AtkinsDover (#48446):

Bee (#41):

clam (#4182):

Dew (#17):

Dreyja (#3360):

FruityToaster (#10986):

MegaCreomon (#4751):

Pepperly (#10340):

Poe (#126):

Retta (#63):

Riri (#448):

Ryu (#2995):

Semper (#1341):

syncline (#31775):

Tooki (#42928):

wildrice (#3036):

A few of them already have established queues as they rejoined the team, but most have super low wait times, if any! The active artist list included in the status thread has been updated to reflect their queue status.
Did you know that Platinum Breedings have their own knowledge base article? If you have any questions which you think it should address, please feel free to leave a note in the status thread, I'd be happy to integrate them.


Posted by » Vampi « (#12221) on Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:49pm

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NaNoWriMo 2013 Prizes


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NaNoWriMo 2013 prizes have arrived!

Below you will find this year's (stack-able!) Prize Tiers:

1,000 words - Paperweight
Collectable/souvenir for participating.

5,000 words - Inkwell Potion
Magic potion that will change your active pet into one of three writing-themed colorations.
*Has 3 charges!*

Above are the three pet possibilities. :3

10,000 words - Hipster Trunk.
Wardrobe containing 7 "hipster" wearable clothing items.
You can see what all of the pieces look like through the Preview Wardrobe option!

25,000 words - Imagination Cloud and Book Cover Shield.
Powerful defense items!

50,000 words - Golden Parchment, Inkblot, and Bookmark Blade.
Golden Parchment unlocks the forum title "Wordsmith," the Inkblot is a fauna and the Bookmark Blade is a weapon!

Remember, the prizes are stack-able, so if you wrote 10k words, you'll get everything from the Paperweight to the HA set. If you wrote 50k+ words, you'll get all of the prizes listed above!

They will be handed out by Helmy (#1401), so please reach out to her with any questions.
I will also post a follow-up announcement when the prizes have all been distributed.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us this year!
Until next time! <3

- Eri

Posted by Eri & Dew (#17) on Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:09pm

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HA Clothing - Vote!


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5% [ 85 ]
8% [ 140 ]
24% [ 393 ]
2% [ 39 ]
7% [ 127 ]
7% [ 119 ]
23% [ 388 ]
10% [ 167 ]
4% [ 80 ]
6% [ 99 ]

Pick your favorite HA coloration for this month's contest!

Posted by All Hail Eveglori (#15) on Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:06pm

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Trivia & Weekly Raffle!

Site Update

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Weekly Raffle


This week's raffle winner is:
Ishi (#3740)
Who had 44 crystals out of 18,328 total and won a Set of Stockings!



Next week's winner will receive...


A Pile of Gifts!

Set a reminder for yourself to snag those raffle crystals!



The trivia has been updated!
Last week's questions and answers revealed!

(I have also added a disclaimer to the Trivia page regarding what to do if you think you've found a mistake with a question/answer. Basically, just message me if you notice a problem and I'll fix it up. I receive trivia material from a dedicated writer, and since we're human mistakes and typos do happen. We'll be taking extra care with the material going forward, but if something does slip through, I'm happy to fix it. Thanks!)

By what method can you not search your messages?
Most replied to

How much does it cost to teach a pet the skill "tackle"?
2,000 BP

How many catches per day does a starter license allow?

How many level 50 fauna are there which are capable of being battled?

What is the minimum amount of GP once must purchase to receive a 'mystery gift"?

How much would a premium user save per Platinum Breeding Coin if they purchase a talisman instead?
8 GP (originally incorrectly listed as 7)

What is the most popular SCC currently listed in the silver database?

What custom making item is included in each Newbie Pack issued to new members?
a Metal Custom Token

What are the maximum amount of edits allowed by eggnog breedings?

How many ingredients are needed for the Gourmet Cooking Recipe "Tomato and Zucchini Shrimp"

How many questions will you get correct this week?
Good luck!

- Eri

Posted by Eri & Dew (#17) on Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:52pm

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A New Raffle has Started!


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A new raffle has begun

Tsunami Potion

Tsunami Potion

Ticket Price: 1,000 BP
Max Tickets: Unlimited


Click here to join the raffle!

This raffle will be drawn after Friday, December 20th at 11:59 p.m.!

Posted by Eri & Dew (#17) on Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:12pm

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