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Art Gallery Extension


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Art Gallery

We need a few more entries for the Aywas Library theme, so we will leave this open through November 30th at 11:59 p.m. Try this one out if you have time!

Best of luck. :3

- Eri

Posted by Eri & Dew (#17) on Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:34pm

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T4T: Stuff the turkeys, it's Christmas!


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"Today is the first Advent Sunday. That means Christmas is drawing near. Show your Christmas spirit with these Christmas Tree shoes from Gwennafran. They're a perfect match for the dress that was in Trash for Treasure last year, so you can even make it a pretty set."

I think you can agree that whether you celebrate or not, these are some adorable shoes that are going to look great in anyone's wardrobe!

They will be in stock until December 27th.

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:31am

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Sales Sunday

Site Update

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Sales Sunday marks the third day of the sale! Let's see what we have for you today...

Sales Sunday
40% More GP With Purchase!
GP Shop and USD Shop have a 1% chance of duplicating your purchase, giving you two items!
10% OFF GP SHOP! (20% for Premium)
Double Premium!!

The Black Friday Egg has dropped down to the $50 Black Friday Bonus Tier!

For every $5 spent, you'll get a Silverpaw Balloon! Who likes trying your luck for expensive items?

The Sketch Artist Ticket is stocking in the BP Shop for the next 24 hours for 4,000,000 BP. This item allows you to limit your Sketch BC artists to five people on the team of your choice (sort of like PBC, but with five people instead of three). After the 24 hours is up, the add-on will shift to the USD Shop for $5.00. Buy up as many as you want!

This item is eligible to add to a breeding after it has been submitted.

The Bottled Celestial Stream is an item stocking in the GP Shop for 350 GP that allows you to upload a 75% edited Lunaris. If that's something you're interested in, go take a peek! It will be there until the end of the sale.

Enjoy the sale and have a lovely day!

Posted by JAK (#15) on Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:09am

Comments: 12

Giant Cauldron Sneak Peek

Site Update

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The Giant Cauldron will be coming to life soon!

As I mentioned previously, about half of the customs have been sourced from user submissions, while the other half have been made by Dew.

To help you discern whether or not a custom in the cauldron is part of one of his sets or not, I've made a thread that lists out all of his customs, which can be found here. We will also be raffling off some blank PSDs for his sets. :3

Enjoy, and good luck!

(And be sure to check out the Super Saturday post if you haven't already!)

- Eri

Posted by Eri & Dew (#17) on Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:58am

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Super Saturday

Site Update

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Super Saturday, the second day of our grand sale, is here with some new goodies!

Super Saturday
45% More GP With Purchase!
GP Shop and USD Shop have a 2% chance of duplicating your purchase, giving you two items!
15% OFF GP SHOP! (25% for Premium)
Double Premium!!

The Black Friday Egg has dropped into the 75 Black Friday Bonus Credit tier! Congratulations to the artists who had sets sell out yesterday too, among all that competition :)

The Design Ticket has popped into the 150 Black Friday Bonus Credit tier and will be available there for the next twenty-four hours for a brief re-release. The ticket's main re-release is scheduled for early December, so look forward to that!

Have a great day!

Posted by JAK (#15) on Sat Nov 28, 2015 12:07am

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Monthly Reminders

Site Update

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Happy (Black) Friday!

I have a couple end-of-the-month reminders for everyone. :3

Just a quick note that our monthly contests will be closing up in a few days!

December Monthly Pets - GP Shop

December Monthly Pets - BP Shop

December Monthly Customs - Theme: Antlers

These are open through November 30th at 11:59 p.m.

& don't forget about the 2015 Holiday Pet Submissions, which are open through December 14th 11:59 p.m.

Best of luck!

- Eri

Posted by Eri & Dew (#17) on Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:18pm

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Giant Cauldron Creaks

Site Update

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Have you heard any noises coming from the Giant Cauldron's room?

Something tells me it'll be awakening soon...
*cough* Like somewhere between noon and 2 pm tomorrow (the 28th). *wink*

(Personal spooky customs owned by myself and Dew!)

The Giant Cauldron sat quiet and still, covered in cobwebs and dust that had accumulated over the last year. Seemingly untouched by the magic floating around Ay and Ara, to the unfamiliar eye the cauldron could be dismissed as a relic of the past, but to those who were willing to take a closer look, the cauldron's true enchantment would be revealed.

The Giant Cauldron has the power to create unique custom pets*, and one of them could be yours if you're a skillful brewer!

*Note: This year, we have a mix of completely unique custom pets created by the userbase, as well as some premades created by Dew. He made us 9 sets of 3, so if you nab one of these, note that there will be similar ones floating about. We will also be raffling off a blank PSD for each set.

Here's how things work!
(If you're a cauldron veteran, this will sound very familiar, but if you're a newer player, you'll want to read up since this feature is unique. :3)

- a random custom's image will appear on the Cauldron page and remain there for ~30 minutes.

- during that time, there will be a line of text that gives you a hint about what the upcoming recipe will be that's needed to create the custom. The recipe will use plants from the Witch's Garden. It will look something like this:

It is currently unknown how to make this pet, but it requires 4 different plants.
(Note: The Dusty Cauldron will count as one of the ingredients/"plants." This item is required for every cauldron recipe.)

- when ~30 minutes has elapsed, refresh and the required ingredients will be displayed, like this:

To create this pet, you need this recipe:


- similar to Frankenstein's Lab and Rowan's Potion Brewing, you can hover over the item images to see how many of each are required. However, since the cauldron deals in custom pets and not site colors, this is a first-come, first-serve feature; if you are the first person to successfully turn in all of the required ingredients, you will receive the custom as a new pet in your lair.

- once a custom is claimed, either a new one will show up and the 30 minute timer will begin again, or the cauldron will take a little break ("The cauldron is quiet. There is nothing to mix tonight.").

Things to keep in mind!

- You can only create ONE custom from the cauldron per account, so choose wisely.

- Again, if you see a message that says the cauldron has gone quiet, that means it's taking a break. We'll do our best to keep it full constantly for about 24 hours to hit all timezones.

- There will be 40-50 pets total put into the cauldron. Once the cauldron is open, it should have a constant supply of pets until they run out, but it could take a few short breaks; I will make an announcement when it is officially empty.

- The Dusty Cauldron will be turned into an openable goodie bag after this weekend. So even if you don't manage to snag a custom with the help of one, you'll still get some treats!

Remember, you can only claim ONE custom, so choose wisely.
Again, every recipe will require one Dusty Cauldron and a random number of different plants from the garden.
The cauldron doesn't open until tomorrow (the 28th), but I wanted to give you this information ahead of time.


The Giant Cauldron is a fun custom giveaway tradition that we'd like to keep going every year, so please be sportsmanlike about it. It's a bonus for our fall festivities finale, not the focus; please keep that in mind. :3

Good luck and stay tuned for upcoming raffles this weekend!

- Eri

Posted by Eri & Dew (#17) on Fri Nov 27, 2015 9:52pm

Comments: 14

Black Friday Sale!

Site Update

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The Black Friday Sale is here! Gather 'round and listen to what we have in store for you when you buy GP or USD Items! This is our BIGGEST sale of the year, when everything's very discounted!

GP Shop and USD Shop have a 3% chance of duplicating your purchase, giving you two items!
20% OFF THE GP SHOP! (30% for Premium)
Double Premium!!

45% More GP With Purchase!
GP Shop and USD Shop have a 2% chance of duplicating your purchase, giving you two items!
15% OFF GP SHOP! (25% for Premium)
Double Premium!!

40% More GP With Purchase!
GP Shop and USD Shop have a 1% chance of duplicating your purchase, giving you two items!
10% OFF GP SHOP! (20% for Premium)
Double Premium!!

35% More GP With Purchase!
5% OFF GP SHOP! (15% for Premium)
Double Premium!
Extra bonus item - to be revealed Monday!

Remember, you have to use "Black Friday Bonus Credit" to get Black Friday Bonus Items. When the 1st rolls around, if there are still customs available, they will be offered for regular bonus credit, so we can make sure they all get a home!

Have you seen the items stocking in the BP Shop for the sale?

If you've ever wanted one of these rare hybrids, now you have a chance to grab one! Be sure to check out everything else stocking too, both in the BP Shop and the GP Shop.

The stacking Black Friday Bonus Items have some cool stuff available for you, including (as you already know) the Black Friday Egg, which allows you to claim a custom.

The Mystery Egg is a fun little item that randomly rolls an edit level and a genus, and allows you to upload a custom for the result.

The PMBC and PLBC queues are completely depleted in anticipation of this event (congrats, team!) and absolutely ready to take your breedings! You get both items when claiming the Teo/Faux egg, so be sure to plan out some great breedings for the team.

And this, well, for those of you who intend on supporting Aywas to that level, congratulations on the new Xaoc! If you collect a Xaoc Totem, you may also request a Design Ticket from me to go along with it. Contact me if interested.


Posted by JAK (#15) on Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:07am

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Black Friday Incoming!

Site Update

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The Black Friday sale -- the best time to obtain discounted GP and USD Shop items -- is fast approaching. The sale will last Friday - Monday, and will feature a mixture of deals. It begins exactly at midnight!

If you'd like to peek at the purchase bonus Black Friday teos/fauxes, head on over here and look at some pretties! This is our biggest and nicest batch yet! It'll give you around a day to look through them, though bear in mind a few more will likely be added over the next twenty four hours.

As explained in a previous news post, bonus credit for purchases made during the Black Friday sale are used to claim these. The tier for bonus customs will vary throughout the four days of the deal, starting off high then dropping down low on the last day. On Dec 1, if there are remaining customs, they will be made available for regular bonus credit.

Look forward to the upcoming surprises, and have a nice holiday!

Posted by JAK (#15) on Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:51pm

Comments: 29

HA Colouring - Vote!


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8% [ 105 ]
14% [ 185 ]
2% [ 29 ]
25% [ 334 ]
7% [ 96 ]
17% [ 225 ]
4% [ 58 ]
1% [ 22 ]
8% [ 111 ]
10% [ 131 ]

Please select your vote.

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:05pm

Comments: 44