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Radioactive Rodeo



This is your friendly reminder that the Radioactive Rodeo will be ending in a few days! Make sure that all of your breedings are submitted by June 14th at 11:59PM AST to ensure they are counted. If your predictions are rejected and require fixes, you will be given a 24-hour grace period after the end of the event to remedy any issues.

If any of your predictions have been rejected for not leaving a note on where to find the metal base, remember that you must reupload the files! We are unable to retrieve predictions once they have been rejected.

And remember -- if you didn't have time to participate in the Rodeo, that's fine! Pool Party season is right around the corner ;)

Posted by Aywas Official (#2) on Tue Jun 13, 2023 12:50pm

Comments: 4

🐌 chromo 🐛 (#21952)

Posted on: Tue Jun 13, 2023 12:57pm

This has been a very fun event and I've enjoyed seeing all the new pets on the welcome back page:)

Xenophia (#52254)

Posted on: Tue Jun 13, 2023 1:22pm

Having a blast! Trying to pump out as many mutants right to the end. :D What number did the queue start at? I'm trying to gauge how many goals we might have unlocked for the event.

Tech (#5057)

Posted on: Tue Jun 13, 2023 2:57pm

It was fun to design some of the new pets... but can't wait for the pool party.

Tae (#66637)

Posted on: Tue Jun 13, 2023 5:48pm

All my Rodeo predicts passed so I'm pretty happy. Can't wait for this year's Pool Party