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Scavenger Hunt Prize Shop

Site Update

The Scavenger Hunt Prize Shop is now open. You can collect your Scav Paws, SP, and other assorted prizes at the link in the Shop's menu.

The Scav Teo Egg allows you to grab a Teo from the Scav Prize Teos. The claims are currently one per account so that everyone has a fair chance at them.

Thursday 5:00 -- Scav Teo Egg starts off at 100 Scav Paws.
Friday 5:00 PM -- Scav Teo Egg will drop to 50 Scav Paws.
Saturday 5:00 PM -- Scav Teo Egg will drop to 25 Scav Paws.
Sunday 5:00 PM -- Limitation of "one per account" will be disabled.

Scav Paint and Scav Markers both work for this year's bases and last year's bases. Scav Clay is a new addition that works for this year's hybrid bases.

Instructions for Moved Players and Lair Partners

- If you moved accounts and had the account banned, contact me and I will disperse your Scav Paws/other prizes to you.
- If you moved and another user lives in your account, ask the user to claim the prize and send you what they can, then PM me and I will move Scav Paws to your account.
- If you have lair partners, claim your first batch of prizes, then PM me and I'll send your second/third/etc batch.

In all instances, be sure to tell me which team you were on.

For high placing teams that have more manual prizes, contact me and we can discuss those prizes and how to disperse them. Winner's Stash and Effort Prizes are still coming soon.

Posted by JAK (#15) on Thu Apr 9, 2015 5:16pm

Comments: 60

Velociraptor (#38033)

Posted on: Thu Apr 9, 2015 5:19pm


Hikaru (#15577)

Posted on: Thu Apr 9, 2015 5:22pm

Shouldn't the gcc price be lowered to reflect the lowered price in gp? It's still priced at 50.

Lyra (#37548)

Posted on: Thu Apr 9, 2015 5:22pm

20 points for a Blue Crystal X3 Least it's something. - L

Shycat (#45175)

Posted on: Thu Apr 9, 2015 5:24pm

Um, don't Scav points from last year carry over to this year? I'm confused. I had 5 points last year, and my team made rank C this year, so I should have more than 5 now, but I still only have 5. So either they didn't carry over, or I didn't get points this year. Neither of which makes sense to me. Help?

JAK (#15)

Posted on: Thu Apr 9, 2015 5:24pm

The cost of the prizes in the shop doesn't change because it reflects what players spent on those items last year in terms of scav paws.

JAK (#15)

Posted on: Thu Apr 9, 2015 5:28pm

Shycat (#45175) You have to collect your prizes first. Follow the instructions in the news post

Hikaru (#15577)

Posted on: Thu Apr 9, 2015 5:29pm

Shycat (#45175) did you claim your prize for this year?

Pity... I held off buying gccs last year too cuz of the higher cost and was hoping it'd be fixed this year. I'll just do what I did last year then x3 buy other items and sell for gp to buy gccs with that lol.

Shycat (#45175)

Posted on: Thu Apr 9, 2015 5:35pm

J.A.K. (#15) Hikaru (#15577) DERP, don't mind me. Thanks. ^_^;

Hikaru (#15577)

Posted on: Thu Apr 9, 2015 5:36pm

J.A.K. (#15) Pretty sure the clays are for the hybrids, not the SCCs?

Marjo (#5741)

Posted on: Thu Apr 9, 2015 5:38pm

I'm a bit sad to see that Teos can be claimed immediately - not really fair for other timezones :/ Glad about the current 1 per account limit, though!