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Referral Prizes!


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I have updated the referrals page with some awesome new prizes!

Please note that the URL for your referral has changed. If you have it posted anywhere, please use the new referral.

Start referring users now! I made this awesome banner for you to link your referral ID to.

I am awesome (by Slash's standards, at least).



Spiffy, no?

Posted by Jack (#1) on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:25pm

Comments: 42

New Administrator + Rules Guide


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Hey guys. :3 Hopefully I don't mess this up, since both Beej and Slash are busy and if I make an error, it will be around for hours to mock me. 8D

We have a new User Administrator! Aetheria (#289) has been promoted from her mod position to be partners with me. Dana unfortunately had to step down, but we really enjoyed having her on the team and I want to personally thank her for all her help and hard work. We appreciated it!

As a reminder, our main duties are overseeing the moderators, handling severe forum/user issues, and general administrative assistance. So, if you see a mod doing a great job or have suggestions for what we can work on, please don't hesitate to contact Aetheria or myself.

Finally, I made a thread in Rules and Guides regarding Sales and Breeding: click. We've had a few questions and misunderstandings about the particulars of these rules, so hopefully that thread will clear up those things. :)

- Eri

Posted by Eri & -- (#17) on Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:43am

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Discuss the comics here!

Gold Custom Crystal

Posted by Jack (#1) on Tue Mar 9, 2010 10:44am

Comments: 25

Comics! And more comics!


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If you look under "World," you'll find that there's a new page for the two site comics: the official site comic, and the Vampire Chronicles. The first page of the official comic will be released tomorrow--I'm really excited! The Vampire Chronicles follows the misadventures of Chimera and Epsilon, which is fun, and you know it. :]

The official comic will be updated on Tuesdays, and the VC will be updated on Mondays, artists permitting.

So, without further ado, enjoy some Vampire Chronicles!

Posted by Jack (#1) on Mon Mar 8, 2010 8:27pm

Comments: 47

Radioactive coins temporarily deactivated


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Wat? Apologize!

No u



Radioactive Breeding Coins have been temporarily deactivated, as their radioactive power was preventing regular Breeding Coins from working. They will be reactivated soon (we are hoping for a few days).

I'm clearly too cool for these medieval coins.

I also fixed most of the items BJ listed in the previous post.

Posted by Jack (#1) on Mon Mar 8, 2010 12:57pm

Comments: 26

Items and Contests 2


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As some of you have found out on your own and/or have seen from the scattered posts among the bugs, help, and admin forums... a few of the recent items currently aren't working.

These said items are...

-Random Rogr Potion*

-Dawn Crystal*

-Metal Crystal*

-Bottled Spring*

-Orange Crystal*

-Flame Crystal*

-Breeding Coin

-Gold Sprinkler

The items marked by a * are items that can be fixed by Slash and will hopefully be working again here soon. Everything else unfortunately has to be fixed by the coders themselves. Now that we actually know the reason for the problem with why these items no longer work we can help prevent this from happening again in the future.

On another note, my last news post asked for some suggestions on how to judge contests. I got a few PMs and some comments on the post... but I got an overwhelming amount of suggestions for actual contests rather than how to hold them. Two contests that were mentioned to me were a Photography Contest and a Crafting Contest. What are your thoughts on these? How should we judge them? Obviously any contest we hold that isn't based on luck or isn't random only caters to certain groups of people. Any ideas for other types of contests we can hold? How could we go about doing this?

Slash says: I have fixed Random Rogr Potion, Bottled Spring, Dawn Crystal, Metal Crystal, Flame Crystal, and Orange Crystal as of 12:49 PM

Posted by Aywas Official (#2) on Mon Mar 8, 2010 11:56am

Comments: 67

Age Poll and Contests


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Which age group do you fall into?
13 through 16
17 or 18
19 or 20
21 or 22
23 or 24
25 through 29
30 through 39
40 plus free polls

We're just curious. Obviously you're not required to participate, but it would be some interesting information. It's anonymous so you're not disclosing your actual age to anyway.

As for the paleo contest a random winner has been chosen. That lucky person is Pherexian (#1864). Thank you everyone who participated! Slash and I lololed over some of the poems, others we questioned if you even tried, and then there were many amazing pieces we'd expect to read in a book somewhere.

I love contests. As you might have noticed I try to come up with all sorts of different ways to enter and win contests when I hold them. If you have an idea please, let me know! If it's fair i'll probably use your method at some point. :]

Posted by Aywas Official (#2) on Sun Mar 7, 2010 2:10pm

Comments: 33



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Thunderstorm Oakl Potion

It has so been decreed that with the release of a monthly pet, an associated potion shall be released along with it for the same price as a new pet.

Fun and Interesting Notes (TM)

- I coded this myself. Snape would be proud.

- We encourage you to use the painful transformation processes of a potion over purchasing a new pet.

- It took me forever to remember how to spell potion. I kept thinking it was spelled poshin. This is what sleepless nights and unfathomable amounts of Mountain Dew do to the robotic brain and its AI. (Still, I was able to code this without breaking things too long, so I guess it can't be that damaged)

Speaking of potions, I fixed the Random Oakl Potion.

Posted by Jack (#1) on Sun Mar 7, 2010 3:38am

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Can you pick your favorite three t-shirt designs? EG: You would be interested in buying a t-shirt with said designs, if you could/can.

T-Shirt Designs! Pick three.
Holy farts in a jar!
Enjoys capturing defenseless pixel animals
Apple coconuts: blowing your mind
Aywas: my drug
Quetzal shirt
Mewing spheres
Tits, ass, and boobies
Aywas (rainbow) free polls

Posted by Jack (#1) on Sun Mar 7, 2010 12:01am

Comments: 38



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Reflection Sors

Time for revealing another Ara species. This is the Sors! You can submit colors here: click me.

Want to get a Reflection Sors? I will be putting 10 of them in the Adoption Center in a few seconds. Good luck digging through all the available pets to adopt ;) Hurhurhurhurrrr. *mean*

Posted by Jack (#1) on Sat Mar 6, 2010 10:21pm

Comments: 58