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Policy Change Poll


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Currently, the on-site policy regarding mistakes is that:

If the administration or programmers cannot reproduce a "glitch" that irreversibly changed your pet, you will not get it back, unless it's a custom.

Currently, people who buy GP are arguing that if they paid GP to buy their pet, like a Monthly or a Special Edition, and make a mistake with a potion (for example), they should get the pet back because it was bought with real money.

This would work like this: if you have donated and bought the pet through the GP store, you have the right to have your pet changed back if something happens to it by user mistake (NOT glitch, glitches are always refunded). If you didn't, you don't.

So, the user who gains a Monthly Pet/Super Rare/Limited through Rogue, Hippie Mushroom, Glittering Rock, Eggs, the Wild, etc and accidentally change it are SOL because it wasn't bought through the GP Shop.

My stance against this is, in essence, I don't want to discriminate between the user who earns their rare pet through site means to the user who buys their pet in the GP shop. So they both get the same response: "Sorry, user error, not a glitch."

But I'm willing to change the policy to make special conditions for users whose pets they accidentally messed up, if they bought them through the GP Shop--if that's what the majority thinks is fair and right.

Policy Change?
Yes, if the pet is bought through the GP shop, user mistakes that change that pet should be refunded
No, all treatment should be equal (and for god's sake, put up a confirmation page!)
I am ambivalent to this policy. free polls

So air your thoughts?

Posted by Jack (#1) on Mon Nov 2, 2009 6:19pm

Comments: 83

Pet Store Updated


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Xero says:

THERE!! Sheesh! Here's your stupid update. I caught a bunch of new species and put them in the pet shop. You are not allowed to bug me for another two months! *storms off*

Posted by Jack (#1) on Mon Nov 2, 2009 12:19am

Comments: 19

New items


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Some new magical items are stocking in the stores! All of these items are Super Rare (rarity 4) so they'll be hard to get...but they all have awesome abilities!

Tent stocking in Thantos's Random Shop

Vial of Sleepiness stocking Tak's magic shop.

Hash Brownie and Cornucopia stocking in Zave's Omnom shop.

Posted by Jack (#1) on Sun Nov 1, 2009 8:56pm

Comments: 20

November 2009


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Trophies have been awarded!

Premium members have a new monthly item!

Bonfire Melo is now chillin' in the GP shop for 10 GP. Also, don't forget that when we enter V2 (beta phase) the Alpha melo will be gone!

Posted by Jack (#1) on Sun Nov 1, 2009 12:34am

Comments: 14

Art Contest - Vote


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I've managed to narrow down the art contest to five potential victors. You can decide from there. Damn I love all of these! i want to lick them.

Double Trouble with Error and God (by God)

I feel like I'm tempting nuclear winter by posting this on the news, but eh!

That's a shitton of shields (by Magnus Vale)

The title I gave it explains my thoughts. And yeah this represents all you hoarders!

Big Sticks (by Devi)

I love phallic references... XD

Spense and Phanto (by Daggles)

Gorgeous man, simply gorgeous

Chaos and minions of darkness (by Cyclone X)

Chaos really does just look badass all the the time... 8D

Choose your three favorite
Double Trouble with Error and God (by God)
That's a shitton of shields (by Magnus Vale)
Big Sticks (by Devi)
Spense and Phanto (by Daggles)
Chaos and minions of darkness (by Cyclone X) free polls

Posted by Jack (#1) on Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:23pm

Comments: 13

November Xaoc Contest 1/2


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Here's our first November Xaoc contest (it's close enough to November, bleh). This is a DESIGN contest.

Design a Xaoc, and win it!

One winner for the contest - their design turned into a Xaoc custom. Due date is November 13 (Friday bwa ha).

thread for entries here.

Posted by Jack (#1) on Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:20pm

Comments: 10



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Using my time manipulation powers I have aged Fresh Leaves into Autumn Leaves, and turned back the clock on Dead Leaves (to turn them back into Autumn Leaves).

You can thank me later.

Lesser Breeding Coin

Posted by Slashbot (#3) on Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:51am

Comments: 35

Sending Bug


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Until Naomi comes on to fix the send items from profile feature, only send items through your inventory.

Posted by Jack (#1) on Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:32am

Comments: 6

Orange Custom Crystal


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To clear up any confusion with this crystal, it allows you to submit a Halloween-themed design.

If you're not sure whether your design counts as Halloween-themed, ask before purchasing with your punkins.

Common Species (the 7 originals) only, btw.

Alternately, you can have the Shopkeeper as your custom. No, you cannot edit the shopkeeper or change him in any way. No, he will NOT be breedable, but he will be a Soli.

Posted by Jack (#1) on Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:40am

Comments: 27

Halloween Celebrations


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Bwa ha ha ha ha! It's a spoooooooky weekend!

By Airr

Here are the costumes in total: Shoe is a vampire, Kaz is refusing to participate, Chaos is himself, Tak is a pirate, Xero tried to refuse to participate and now is being forced to be a princess, Zave is an angel (he likes irony), Chimera tried to refuse to participate but got kitty ears and a tail stuck on him, Epsilon is a sorcerer, Rogue is a ninja, Desmond was forced to be Willy Wonka (and not happy about it), Spense is himself, and Maron is an inmate because he also likes irony.


BWA HA HAHAHAA! I bet you don't DARE to go into the pumpkin patch store to trade in your pumpkins. Or do you? I'll eat you if you do :| And I'm only in business till Monday so give me pumpkins to eat!

Speaking of Pumpkins...

You might want to pick up one at the Advent Calender. And the Advent calender might be having some nice stuff today, tomorrow, and Sunday...if you know wat I mean.

You can trade your Pumpkins in for these (1 EA), among many things. And you can open these. They're also in the GP shop for 2 GP each. Wanna know what's in them?

33 Halloween 2009 items

Because I like to torture collectors.

Some highlights include a brain Zave bit into, the rose that Kaz gave Ebony, Chaos's scythe, and plenty of blood to torment the two vampires. :D


I'll tell you how it goes later~

Blue Custom Orb

Posted by Jack (#1) on Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:37am

Comments: 38