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PLBC Edit Packages

PLBC Edit Packages

PLBC Edit Packages are a little pack of edits. Upon placing an add-on of an Edit Package into a PLBC breeding, the artist can select one edit from the pack to include in your breeding. The edit will then be colored to fit your offspring's color scheme.

Christmas Edit Package


December 2015 Premium Item
Download Edit Pack PSD


Contains: Bow, Candle, Candy Canes, Ice, Mistletoe, Reindeer Plush, Presents, Snowman, Stars, Ornaments

Valentines Edit Package


Download Edit Pack PSD

Contains: Candy Hearts, Chocolate Box, Floating Hearts, Floating Hearts 2, Heart Plush, Rose, Balloons, Roses and Petals

Pumpkin Bucket o' Edits


Halloween 2018 Item

Download Edit Pack PSD


Contains: Broom, Candles, Here Lies Fluffy, Jack o Lantern, Plush Golem, Plush Minon, Skull, Staff, Wand, Will o the wisp

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