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Information about the Rholem species.


A Rholem spends its entire life curating its crystal collection. This lifetime pursuit demands great scrutiny--once placed on its back, a crystal becomes a permanent, dynamic structure of the Rholem's anatomy. These crystals continue to grow as the Rholem ages, and will even change colors from time to time. Some speculate that such change in color is associated with diet, habitat, or even mood. Further study is needed.


For the first three months of their existence on site, customs can be made by using Raw Metal Crystals, Raw Blue Crystals, and Raw Gold Crystals. After that they will retire and will only be obtainable through the Antiquity Staves. A Christmas/winter themed custom can be created through the use of a Holiday Raw Crystal, regardless of whether the pet is retired or not.

Taxonomy and Evolution

Behavior and Habitat


Alternate Lineart

Winter Warmer #25

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