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virtual pet site, aywas

Aywas is a collectible pet site for older teens and adults. Adopt as many pets as you want, and explore the seven regions of Ay for wild pets to capture and add to your collection. We are a submission-based virtual pet website, so you can color pets, create items, and create Human Avatar clothes for everyone else to enjoy. We offer battling, breeding, mini-games, an active forum, and the ability to create your own custom aywas. Color the adoptable bases, and even edit them to look more like your characters. The possibilities are endless!

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Dress up your own human avatar with hundreds of different clothes. You can even design your own!

Collect over 1,000 different pets that you can battle and capture in nine different lands!

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Hi everyone, it's me again! I bet you all missed me since it's been all of like, 20 hours since I made a news post ;D I'd like to announce that all Edit Randomizers are now compatible with predictions! Please read this KB article for details on it. For your reading pleasure, I will copypaste the part about predictions here so if anyone has any questions they can post in the comments and we can answer ASAP :). ------------------ "A. If you are doing a prediction and your artist is not on a Breeding team compatible with Edit Randomizers, you must PM Kita #3988 with 3 one word prompts, she will choose which one the baby will follow. You may PM a different set of 3 prompts for each offspring, or PM a set of 3 prompts and all offspring will follow the chosen prompt. B. If you are doing a prediction and your artist is on a Breeding team compatible with Edit Randomizers, you may give them your one word prompt and they will follow that with your prediction. When submitting the prediction, put your one word prompt in the notes." ------------------ Kaiyo and I meant to do this after the PPP, since many people used Randomizers with predictions and it seemed to work out very well, but alas, I have the memory of a goldfish and completely forgot until now ^^' Hopefully everyone is happy with this change and I get a ton of PMs for Randomizer Rolls from you lovely Aywans :) Bye, I love you all <3 TJ made me this, so I must use it now because I love it, everyone go love on TJ please. (also read the news post below for more cool stuff that you'll love!)
magic_sketchbreedingcoin.pngcollectable_sketchbreedingtalisman.png Hello everyone! I'm here with some exciting news! Lots of it, in fact. After the Prediction Pool Party event, we met and talked about some of the queues and what seemed to work or be received well during the PPP! We have decided that predictions for Sketch Breedings will be allowed from here on out :) They will need to follow the same rules as they did throughout the PPP (offspring must be a combination of both parents and not favor one or the other too heavily, props must be less than 30% of the entire design, etc.). If you are going to offer Sketch predictions there are no price caps for these. We can't wait to see all of the new baby predicts submitted with your coins! magic_artistticket.png We also have some exciting news about some prediction price caps being changed! The following coins have had their USD price cap changed: Blind Date, Eggnog, Breeding Coin, Holiday Breeding Coin, and Evil Breeding Coin. 30% offspring (such as Eggnog babies)=15$ USD cap 50% offspring (Such as Blind Date babies)=25$ USD cap 75% offspring=35$ USD cap We hope that with these changes there will be more artists willing to offer their fantastic skills up for predictions! We also are going to allow site breeding artists to take predictions WITHOUT any caps. This goes for GP and USD, as long as you are on some sort of breeding team that is run by Kaiyo or Kita! You can check out the forum here and read the guidelines for these kind of predictions. All predictions done by site artists without the USD cap must go in this forum. eggcoin.pngmagic_hybridelixir.pngmagic_holidaybreedingcoin.png What's better than a Breeding Coin (or a Holiday Breeding Coin)? A 75% Hybrid edited however you want it to be!!!!!! (no USD caps on custom pets, folks!) The Hybrid Elixir is now stocking in the Recycling Center and you can exchange 1 Breeding Coin or 1 Holiday Breeding Coin for this fabulous item :) If you would like to cancel a breeding currently in queue and get it refunded, head on over to the super coolio fun place where you can do that! (Eve has just told me it's called the Breeding Refund Thread *coughs*) magic_sparklingcrystal.pngmagic_sparklingcrystal.pngmagic_sparklingcrystal.png Woah, so sparkly *_* Silhouettes for the last 3 bases have been added ;D Everyone knows about the BP Sink, right? Well if not, now you do! We have decided, to help you all along in donating that precious BP of yours, to introduce a trade-in for those Sparkling Crystals. I know, you can only make so many of those awesome Yam dragons, or Linchan bears, or the spiky robot JaMew provided us with, we have heard your pleas and have come up with a solution (hopefully!!!)! This will work much like the Mystery Box. You will be able to trade in your Sparkling Crystals in different amounts for fun random prizes *wow* *gasp* *Kita you're so awesome!* Now now, settle down friends! Unfortunately this is not something that is ready right this second but it will be ready soon! I am hopeful that we can nail down some items to shove in this fun random box feature within the next week or so and get it up and running so you all can have some fun with your BP! If you'd like to suggest some items you'd love to see in the news comments, we'll be keeping an eye out and writing down any interesting suggestions we see! Please keep in mind that we would like to keep items that pay out USD to a minimum (such as Design Tickets, Platinum Breeding Coins, etc.).
Good afternoon citizens, I come with some good news! Long awaited renovations to my Forge are finally complete, and I can build many of your items much faster now! There is still a short wait, and some could not be completed faster, because all these items take time to form from their components for you. If you've already made items with me and they are not yet complete, they will finish as planned in my old furnace. Your order will reach you as expected, I give you my word. With better equipment I may even be able to start adding new items to my shop! I will let you know when I have something new to show you. --- (To clarify for Evren, the 7,200 minute items and pets have been reduced to 720 minutes - dropping your wait from 5 days to just 12 hours! If you have an item already in progress it will still take the old amount of time, but new items will take the new time frame.)
As you are aware, Aywas has been making some changes - some big, some small - to some of the past elements of the site. One of the most notable changes is the NPC switch. Despite the successful rolling out of our new cast, there are a lot of things that remain from the earlier days of the site, and while some of them are quite benign and we're happy to keep them as a curiosity, some are not things we're comfortable keeping on site. Specifically the Handguns. These are an extremely old item that users were told to collect for a future trade-in opportunity which... well, it never came. With staff changes and idea adjustments, this has left that suggestion and promise to the wayside as the original plan for these items was never passed on. As Aywas and its lore continues to grow we've found that both staff and users alike don't feel that there is a place for these items on site any more. They are a symbol that reminds us of the violence and tragedies that we face every day - and it's jarring for most of us to cook up such an item while the news tells us of another mass shooting, another police incident, and so on. We are not trying to make a political statement or a stance on gun ownership - but we are paying attention to those that tell us this makes them feel uncomfortable, and as such we are choosing to take on an old adage: make love, not war. As I post this the four handgun items are being changed into four snapdragon items. They will come into play in an upcoming event, where we will fulfil the promise of their trade-in being beneficial to the collectors of these items. For those wondering why we are changing these items but not other gun-based items, this is because the other items are either HA items or an extremely rare find, making them less likely to be obtained, or unobtainable, from games. At this time we have no intent to adjust them or make them unavailable, but should they become an issue we are open to discussing options. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below and we will try to have answers for you!
All the sets in their individual pieces: One || Two || Three || Four || Five Six || Seven || Eight || Nine || Ten Poll will end Saturday 25th November. The old sets will retire, and the new ones take their place that same day. (Also make sure to look below for Art Gallery results, and a T4T item!)

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