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virtual pet site, aywas

Aywas is a collectible pet site for older teens and adults. Adopt as many pets as you want, and explore the seven regions of Ay for wild pets to capture and add to your collection. We are a submission-based virtual pet website, so you can color pets, create items, and create Human Avatar clothes for everyone else to enjoy. We offer battling, breeding, mini-games, an active forum, and the ability to create your own custom aywas. Color the adoptable bases, and even edit them to look more like your characters. The possibilities are endless!

Register now! It's free!

Dress up your own human avatar with hundreds of different clothes. You can even design your own!

Collect over 1,000 different pets that you can battle and capture in nine different lands!

Design a custom pet, colored and/or edited to look like your characters -- or anything you want!

Not sure if you want to join? Why not check out our newbie tutorial for an outline of our features?

Yay Painted Coins are for sale in the USD Shop! They will be for sale until the end of the weekend (Sunday at 11:PM AST!)
magic_rustedbreedingcoin.png We've had such a large number of people taking interest in becoming breeding artists that we're able to release a coin for sale again! The Rusted Breeding Coin is available for sale again in limited amounts (for now, 30 are in stock)! You can find it over at Trash for Treasure for 250,000 Trash Points. magic_sketchbreedingcoin.png Sketch Breeding Coins also have a very short queue (it's...0!), so if you want to submit one of those you should get a pretty fast turnaround! You can purchase a Sketch Breeding Coin in the USD shop!. magic_paintedbreedingcoin.pngmagic_paintedmetalbreedingcoin.png Be on the lookout later this weekend for some other breeding coins for sale in the USD shop ;)
"As some of you may have noticed, my Exotic Pet Palace has received a new stock of pets! They're eager and awaiting new loving owners!" raffi_gildedrosegold.png bumble_spectrumsnowcat.pnghooti_thunderstorm.png In case you weren't aware, the Exotic Pet Palace is on a stock rotation schedule with the stock changing every 3 months. After the 3 months, the pets currently in stock will be permanently retired and a new stock will replace them. So get them while you can! If you want to have the chance of getting a design of yours into the pet shop, go ahead and submit them to the Pet Coloration Submissions forum. Most of the submitted designs will be put into Adventure, but some random designs will be kept to go into the pet shop! If your design is now in the pet shop please contact Lacia (#25044) for your free copy. That's right, if your design is accepted and put in the shop you get a free copy. That could save you a good amount of BP!
monthlycustomsbanner.png It's time to give away three free customs designed during December under the theme of Fluffy Friends! To play, you simply choose your favorite from the poll below! This will enter you into a raffle for that particular design. You only get one vote, so choose wisely! If you created one of the pets below, please contact Lacia (#25044) with which prizes you are claiming. You have until 11:59 PM AST on January 27th to get your votes in! Good luck! 6008e30e516f1.png 6008e3377104b.png 6008e34fbcf39.png
artist_festival.png A user run event brought to you by the crew of Community Auction Day and Holiday Pet Exchange! The Artist Festival is a way to celebrate and get involved with the artists on Aywas! Select artists were invited to stream the creation of bases or colorations to share with the userbase. These bases will all be available and free to use at the conclusion of the Festival, and some free colorations may be created for those attending streams! The Artists will be streaming via the Aywas Discord! afdates.png The stream schedule can be found in this thread, along with additional information about the Artist Festival! There will be over 20 streams available so we hope to see you there! We hope to see you at this user run event!
collectable_breedingart-agebag.pngaywas_bunny_1.pngcollectable_breedingart-agebag.png We are looking for Artists for our wonderful breeding teams! Perks to being an Artist!! -- When USD Prepay or Contracts are available, priority is given to current active artist on the GP and AC teams --No limits on what you can charge for predictions if you are on that coin's team! --Artist Credit! A currency for Breeding Artists to make it easier to buy site items for a more affordable price! --Monthly openable Breeding Art-age Bag that can open into lots of cool items --Artist only forums --Artist only discord --Exclusive artist species Vulpaxii --Embryo Pearl given out when lists are completed on time! --A super awesome community of artists who would be excited to meet you! --Ability to complete your own breedings under less-strict breeding artist standard For ANY team, you may apply using examples of predictions you have created, or edited pets (in the case of edited coins) you have made in the past! You do NOT have to use the linked application if you do not want to! Please include whether you have been on a breeding team before, even if it was temporary!

ALL APPLICATIONS CAN BE FOUND IN THIS KNOWLEDGE BASE ARTICLE For information on each coin and what kind of offspring you can expect from them, see this KB Article!. magic_grandeditpotion.pngmagic_dragonlotus.pngmagic_transitionalfossilegg.pngmagic_placeholder.pngmagic_deliciouseggnog.png Blind Date/Eggnogs/Grand Edit Team: PM The Cavalry (#42995) to apply. Payment: 30% offspring = 40 GP or 60 Credit 50% offspring = 50 GP or 75 Credit 75% offspring = 75 GP or 112.5 Credit Key Points -Artists take as many pairs/babies as they're comfortable with -10 day deadlines -Drawing edits up to 75% on hybrids or existing bases
magic_sketchbreedingcoin.pngSketch Breeding Coin magic_sketchbreedingcoin.png PM Kandria #293 to apply.
Payment: 20 GP or 30 Credit per baby Key points: Lists can be any size you can handle, but typical is 5 pairs. - The deadline is typically 7 days. -Sketch coins produce unbreedable, silver pets. - All artwork must be unique and redrawn and look like a baby the parents would produce. eggcoin2.png Lesser Breeding Coin eggcoin2.png PM Kandria #293 to apply.
Payment:12 GP or 18 Artist Credit per baby. Key Points - This coin mixes the same genus pets with edits. -There no requirement to re-draw anything, but some skills with masking or breaking apart PSD's are helpful. -Being able to work with PNG X PNG, or PNG X PSD is a plus, however, Kandria will work with you to teach if you don't know how. -LBC artists are able to choose the number of babies made per list. -Deadline of 10 days per list. eggcoin.pngBreeding Coin and Holiday Breeding Coinmagic_holidaybreedingcoin.png PM Kita #3988 to apply.
Payment: 30% offspring=40 GP or 60 Credit 50% offspring=50 GP or 75 Credit 75% offspring=75 GP or 112.5 Credit Key Points -Breeding Coin artists edit hybrid bases for offspring -Holiday Breeding Coin artists usually edit the bases of the two pets bred together -Anywhere from 30%-75% edited -14 day deadline for lists _asecret.pngScribble/Smudged Scribblemagic_smudgedscribblecoin.png PM Juke #7625 to apply for this coin! Payment: 30 GP + 10 GP per added offspring or 45 Artist Credit + 15 Credit per added offspring Key Points: --7 day deadline --Any list size --Create a scribbly pet from scratch magic_rustedbreedingcoin.png Rusted Breeding Coin PM Kita #3988 to apply! Payment:12 GP or 18 Credit per offspring Key Points: -10 days per list -Artists decide list size -Coloring pets to look like a mixture of their parents magic_paintedmetalbreedingcoin.pngPainted Lesser and Painted Metal Breeding Coinsmagic_paintedbreedingcoin.png PM Kita #3988 to apply! Payment: PMBC: 12 GP or 18 Credit per offspring PLBC: 14 GP or 21 Credit per offspring +5 GP (or +7.5 Credit) if there is a Painted Gold attached to the breeding. Key Points: -7 day deadlines -Follow prompts to color the offspring -PLBC does NOT currently have to mix offspring (they are all already mixed). magic_metalbreedingcoin.png Metal Breeding Coin PM TJ #12687 to apply! Payment:8 GP per offspring Key Points --Mix the two parents colors and markings using the existing colors and markings --Need to be able to work with PNGxPNG, PNGxPSD, and PSDxPSD pairs --10 day deadline per list magic_platinumbreedingcoin.png Platinum Breeding Coin Apply here to join PBC! Payment: 45 GP per breeding + 15 GP with a Life Seed Key Points --Draw a completely new pet mixing the two parents together. --Must be based and colored as a mixture of the parents. --30 day deadline per breeding

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newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs

Here are the newest official colors! We add new ones all the time!