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virtual pet site, aywas

Aywas is a collectible pet site for older teens and adults. Adopt as many pets as you want, and explore the seven regions of Ay for wild pets to capture and add to your collection. We are a submission-based virtual pet website, so you can color pets, create items, and create Human Avatar clothes for everyone else to enjoy. We offer battling, breeding, mini-games, an active forum, and the ability to create your own custom aywas. Color the adoptable bases, and even edit them to look more like your characters. The possibilities are endless!

Register now! It's free!

Dress up your own human avatar with hundreds of different clothes. You can even design your own!

Collect over 1,000 different pets that you can battle and capture in nine different lands!

Design a custom pet, colored and/or edited to look like your characters -- or anything you want!

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Weekly Raffle game_crystal.png This week's raffle winner is: Rose the Ghost (#20789) Who had 39 crystals out of 12,545 total and won a Magic Custom Trove! magic_magiccustomtrove.png Congratulations! Next week's winner will receive... collectable_antiquitystave.gif A Gold Antiquity Stave! Set a reminder to snag those crystals! Trivia game_trivia.png The trivia has been updated! Last week's questions and answers revealed! What group does the Bumble fall into? Common Ara Who created Bumble Day? Pirate & Kazna (#233) Which of the following pets was NOT released for Bumble Day 2014? Teal Touch Bumble This item will unlock a special Bumble-themed forum title. Bumble String Lights This is a nut that looks like a hive filled with honey. This is filled with honey too because that rocks. Bumblenut Where can you find a Rare Bumble (fauna)? Fields "Batty batty batty bat!" describes the... Black Bat We have Pumpkin everything except... Waffles What does the Halloween King do to your active pet? Change it to a pet you don't own Pin it to your lover's chest or something but make sure they're wearing a shirt. Spooky Corsage How many questions will you get correct this week? Good luck! (Quick reminder that the Bumble Event Shop is being cleared out after 11:59 p.m. tonight!) - Eri
magic_rawmetalcrystal.pngmagic_rawbluecrystal.pngmagic_rawgoldcrystal.png Much like the poll below, it's time to vote on which Raw Pet Concept* (Descriptive) will be turned into one of our upcoming Raw pets! Staff put together a shortlist from your creative concepts, and now we are asking you to choose your favorite. Below please find the full description for each entry above. magic_metalantiquitystave.png
Here are the full descriptions: #1 Proposed Genus Name: Flutterbie Short Description: A butterfly pet, with wings in four parts. Suggested genus description: Flutterbies are shy creatures that are wondrous to behold. Remote viewing locations along their migration routes are the most common way to catch a good look at the hypnotic movement of their split wings while they're in motion. It's theorized that Flutterbies are the metamorphosed form of Chorlus, but no one has ever been able to observe the phenomenon of a Chorlu cocoon turning into a Flutterbie. Concept Description: The Flutterbie would be posed either at a 3/4 view or head on. Its head would have antennae (possibly with the little bulbs that the Chorlu has?), the body would be fuzzy, fairly small, and slightly diamond shaped, with two to six (space permitting) fuzzy legs hanging off of it. To either side of the body would be the wings. They'd be shaped much like traditional butterfly wings, but the upper piece and the lower piece of the wings would be separate wing parts altogether. The Flutterbie would be in the process of flapping its wings, and they'd all be at different angles, giving it the illusion of movement. The wings would be paneled like most butterflies' and colorful, with the tips of the wings on the top curling off into antennae (again, maybe the Chorlu tie-in?). #2 Proposed Genus Name: Yorik Short Description: Feathered horned pig Suggested genus description (optional): Despite their strange appearance these rather wild looking creatures, are rather friendly. Though it is a good idea to stay out of their way if food is involved. Concept Description: Yoriks can come in a variety of sizes, though most are mediums size. Their bodies are shaped like a potbelly pigs, but unlike their pig relatives. They are covered completely with feathers. On their forehead they have a twisted horn, that two long feathers that curve back over their head sit behind. For a tail they have long plumes that spread out like a fan, much like a peacock. Their pose should be anything that shows off their tail. #3 Proposed Genus Name: Frillo. Short Description: A cute, stylized fairy armadillo. Concept Description(s): This animal is like any other armadillo, except the plates of armor is more like a shell with tufts and strands of stray hair sticking out from under, a goofy, happy grin on its face with tiny eyes and a long snout, pig-like ears on either side of its armored head. The tail is tapered and even has plating on it as well. It has large, mole-like paws with big claws on each. It has small whiskers on its snout and a sleek, albeit fuzzy belly. The thing that makes this a REAL fairy armadillo? Suspended pixie wings just above and between the shoulders as if they're floating. Pose Suggestion 1#: Only halfway facing the viewer with the head turned 1/4th to the side, paws arched up into its chest with the hind feet firmly planted to the ground. The tail curls around the feet, just off to the side so as to expose all of the lower body. The wings are sticking straight up and the whiskers are relaxed, a smile on the creature's face. Pose Suggestion 2#: Completely side-view angle with it sitting down on its hind paws, tail straight out, snout in the air and the forepaws hanging down, staring at its own perked whiskers with the ears sticking forward, a bewildered but adorable expression on the face. The wings are relaxed in this pose. #4 Proposed Genus Name: Canoh Short Description: A strange combination of a fluffy creature and a toy Suggested genus description (optional): A child's playtoy, with enough love it has come to life. Concept Description(s): At their basic, these usually stand on four paws. They have large rounded ears, as well as soft fur and a short, bobbed tail. However one would also notice that across the pelt, there are buttons, or patches usually. The paws have heart-shaped pads in most cases. #5 Proposed Genus Name: Noot Short Description: A fuzzy, feathery snail. Suggested genus description (optional): Some researchers think Noots originated from the watery zones of Ay, but their fluffy adaptations repel dust and allow them to survive in drier climates as well. Curious and cheerful, they love to investigate humans and other creatures with their soft antennae. Concept Description(s): Where a snail's eyestalks would be slimy, the Noot has feathery feelers like a moth's, and eyes seated at the bases of them, giving it the appearance of long eyelashes. It has a fluffy, fuzzy face with almost a lion's-mane effect around the cheeks and chin. It also has a layer of downy fluff bordering the edges of its single foot, like shag carpeting. #6 Proposed Genus Name: Condyl Short Description: flying lizard Suggested genus description (optional): This small reptilious creature spends more time in the air than on the ground. Being true acrobats of the skies, their mating ritual involves the males showing the most complex manoeuvres in an attempt to impress a female. Concept Description(s): A condyl is a rather long and thin lizard that comes in all sorts of colors. The ridges above their eyes are rather strongly pronounced and on the back of their head they have a head crest. This crest follows the curve of their head (instead of bending upwards, like in the green basilisk) until just above the ears, where it bends back down and touches the back of the head in a perpendicular way. The condyl's most remarkable feature is without a doubt his wings. These are attached to the ribcage right behind the front legs. Unlike real life gliding lizards, whose wings form a 90° angle with their body, the wings of a condyl are strongly pointed backwards and form a 45° angle. Their tips reach until right behind the hind legs and are quite pointed, not unlike the wings of a swallow. They have a second, smaller pair of wings just behind their hind legs, which are mainly used as stabilizers during flight. (Optional: a few small wing- or spike-like structures on the tip of their long tail.) These wings give them a somewhat damselfly- or fairy-like appearance, rather than looking like a miniature dragon. Running along their back they have a small, subtle crest which kind of looks like the edge of the leaf of a nettle. Their spines are incredibly flexible, which makes them very agile in the air. To illustrate this, I propose a pose which shows them making a turn during flight. For example, the tip of their tail being placed in the top left corner of the canvas, slightly further towards the background, with the tail making a few bends (like the body of a snake). At the right edge of the canvas, the body could bend back to the left, so the head is positioned near the lower left corner and more towards the player. magic_blueantiquitystave.png

There's a few things to keep in mind when voting: - The winning pet will become a normal Raw genus available for 2 months, and will then move to Antiquity Staves once retired. - *The design is a concept. Our pet artist, Kuitsuku, will be doing the pet in her style and interpretation to ensure it fits with our other pets, but will of course be basing her work on the description. - Genus names are subject to change. And, as always, select the one that you'd love to see in our lair! We are accepting votes through October 31st at 11:59 p.m. Good luck! (Check out the poll below for the Raw - Visual contest if you haven't already. :3) - Eri
magic_rawmetalcrystal.pngmagic_rawbluecrystal.pngmagic_rawgoldcrystal.png It's time to vote on which Raw Pet Concept* (Visual) will be turned into one of our upcoming Raw pets! Staff put together a shortlist from your incredible ideas, and now we are asking you to do the hard part--somehow narrow it down even further and vote for your favorite. There's a few things to keep in mind when voting: - The winning pet will become a normal Raw genus available for 2 months, and will then move to Antiquity Staves once retired. - *The design is a concept. Our pet artist, Kuitsuku, will be doing the pet in her style (and possibly alternate pose) to ensure it fits with our other pets, but will of course be basing her work on the concept. And, obviously, choose which one you would love to fill your lair with! We are accepting votes through October 31st at 11:59 p.m. Good luck! (Voting for the Descriptive Concept contest is coming up shortly. :3) - Eri
Have you heard any noises coming from the Giant Cauldron's room? collectable_antiquecauldron.png

Something tells me it'll be awakening soon... 1265704918.pngcustom_4b81cb06a74d19850dd2258949f8e96feeff281f.pngcustom_ff39fa813e1377b5b1f8728e1cac864f6d00baa6.png (Personal spooky customs owned by myself and Dew!) The Giant Cauldron sat quiet and still, covered in cobwebs and dust that had accumulated over the last year. Seemingly untouched by the October magic floating around Ay and Ara, to the unfamiliar eye the cauldron could be dismissed as a relic of the past, but to those who were willing to take a closer look, the cauldron's true enchantment would be revealed. The Giant Cauldron has the power to create unique custom pets, and one of them could be yours if you're a skillful brewer! Here's how things work! (If you're a cauldron veteran, this will sound very familiar, but if you're a newer player, you'll want to read up since this feature is unique to October. :3) - a random custom's image will appear on the Cauldron page and remain there for ~30 minutes. - during that time, there will be a line of text that gives you a hint about what the upcoming recipe will be that's needed to create the custom. The recipe will use plants from the Witch's Garden. It will look something like this: It is currently unknown how to make this pet, but it requires 4 different plants. (Note: The Antique Cauldron will count as one of the ingredients/"plants." This item is required for every cauldron recipe.) - when ~30 minutes has elapsed, refresh and the required ingredients will be displayed, like this: To create this pet, you need this recipe:

collectable_antiquecauldron.pngmagic_alyssum.pngmagic_bleedinghearts.pngmagic_tansy.png - similar to Frankenstein's Lab and Rowan's Potion Brewing, you can hover over the item images to see how many of each are required. However, since the cauldron deals in custom pets and not site colors, this is a first-come, first-serve feature; if you are the first person to successfully turn in all of the required ingredients, you will receive the custom as a new pet in your lair. - once a custom is claimed, either a new one will show up and the 30 minute timer will begin again, or the cauldron will take a little break ("The cauldron is quiet. There is nothing to mix tonight."). magic_orangecustomcrystal.png
Things to keep in mind! - You can only create ONE custom from the cauldron per account, so choose wisely. - Again, if you see a message that says the cauldron has gone quiet, that means it's taking a break. We'll do our best to fill the cauldron with customs at various hours to hit all timezones. - There will be 50 pets total put into the cauldron between October 29th - November 2nd, working out to roughly 10 per day. Pets will be put in at random times, and not necessarily all one after the other. - We'll run the Cauldron until we exhaust our stash, and I will make an announcement when it is officially empty. - The Antique Cauldron will be turned into an openable goodie bag after Halloween/November 2nd. So even if you don't manage to snag a custom with the help of one, you'll still get some treats! magic_orangecustomorb.png
Remember, you can only claim ONE custom, so choose wisely. Again, every recipe will require one Antique Cauldron and a random number of different plants from the garden. The cauldron doesn't open until tomorrow (the 29th), but I wanted to give you this information ahead of time. clothing_airbornehearts.pngfauna_friendlyghost.pngclothing_airbornehearts.png The Giant Cauldron is a fun custom giveaway tradition that we'd like to keep going every year, so please be sportsmanlike about it. It's a bonus for our October festivities finale, not the focus; please keep that in mind. :3 Good luck! - Eri
A new birthday Lunaris has appeared! lunaris_reed.png The remarkable Reed Lunaris is the ninth in our series of thirteen inspired by Celtic tree astrology and coinciding with lunar months. Those of you with birthdays from October 28th* - November 24th will receive a copy of this feline on your special day as a gift from Aywas when you click the birthday link! *If your birthday is today and you collected the previous Ivy Lunaris in the last hour or so but would like the Reed coloration instead, please contact Kyu (#1010) and she will do a switcharoo for you! The Knowledge Base has also been updated with our latest starry coloration! Enjoy! <3 - Eri

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