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virtual pet site, aywas

Aywas is a collectible pet site for older teens and adults. Adopt as many pets as you want, and explore the seven regions of Ay for wild pets to capture and add to your collection. We are a submission-based virtual pet website, so you can color pets, create items, and create Human Avatar clothes for everyone else to enjoy. We offer battling, breeding, mini-games, an active forum, and the ability to create your own custom aywas. Color the adoptable bases, and even edit them to look more like your characters. The possibilities are endless!

Register now! It's free!

Dress up your own human avatar with hundreds of different clothes. You can even design your own!

Collect over 1,000 different pets that you can battle and capture in nine different lands!

Design a custom pet, colored and/or edited to look like your characters -- or anything you want!

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All literary folks rejoice, the Library has been opened! The building has been in disarray for a long time, preventing players from submitting Aywas-related stories and getting them published. It was planned to be one of our main features and we're glad we finally have it functional. How it works: Write a story (after reading the Knowledge Base for the rules), submit your story, and if it is accepted, it will be turned into a readable item on Aywas. Your story can be read through the Library's reading feature and players can restock your book in the Little Book Store. For every sale made, you get a royalty, ensuring you small but reoccurring funds over your time on Aywas. Enjoy!

pathos (#53487) has been added to our Official SCC artist listing! Click here for more information on official SCC commissions! Additionally, I wanted to clarify something real quick about the SCC artist position. I've had a few people ask me recently if we are taking silver artist applications, but we are not currently hiring (I'll make a news announcement any time we are looking to expand the team with new artists). Pathos is joining us from the PBC team. :3 Any PBC artist can elect to be added to the SCC team at any time, and that's what he has done. So, that's why you'll see me add new people to the team during times when we're not actively hiring. Hope that makes sense! Enjoy the Pathos art. n_n <3 - Eri
book_comingofwinter.pngbook_desertsouls.pngbook_will-o-wisp.png An item artist position for library books is currently open. If you are looking to become an item artist on Aywas for USD, be sure to check out the job listing.


Ice Sleeves

 Ice Sleeves

Dollmancer (#22629) is the winner of the raffle and won the item Ice Sleeves!

Dollmancer (#22629) brought 7,000 tickets, spending 7,000,000 BP!

Congratulations on winning this custom Spino!
This little Foxling has fallen to Ay and into Trash for Treasure courtesy of LadyA (#716)! It will be settled there until 11:59pm August 24th.

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newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs newest user customs

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