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virtual pet site, aywas

Aywas is a collectible pet site for older teens and adults. Adopt as many pets as you want, and explore the seven regions of Ay for wild pets to capture and add to your collection. We are a submission-based virtual pet website, so you can color pets, create items, and create Human Avatar clothes for everyone else to enjoy. We offer battling, breeding, mini-games, an active forum, and the ability to create your own custom aywas. Color the adoptable bases, and even edit them to look more like your characters. The possibilities are endless!

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Dress up your own human avatar with hundreds of different clothes. You can even design your own!

Collect over 1,000 different pets that you can battle and capture in nine different lands!

Design a custom pet, colored and/or edited to look like your characters -- or anything you want!

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A wild Albino Chimera Cerby has appeared!


It seems that 10 new pets have appeared in Verdant Vale! This should hopefully make your pet/monster quests a bit easier to complete. :3 - Eri
Art Gallery game_gallery.png The art gallery has been judged! The theme was Rock Custom Crystal Pets and we received a creative variety of entries! Here are our featured winners:
They won: pawrocksilver.png Congratulations! The current theme is Gnarls in Charge! What would happen in Gnarls took over Aywas?! Would they eat the database... or the staff? Would they change the site to adopt users instead of pets? Show us your idea! Any medium is acceptable. Official Aywas stock is not permitted for this theme. Good luck! - Eri
book_bookofcompletion.gif Hey! Listen! This ominous Book of Completion should not be used with the Verdant Vale region. Verdant Vale is a very specialized adventure area and does not work like the others, so using this item will result in a glitch (you can end up bypassing the story and not getting your HA trunks, etc.). The HA trunks are meant to be a reward for doing the quest legwork, so unfortunately there's no lightning quick way to get to the end. If you've already used the Book, contact me and I'll see what I can do for you. Note that this is only applicable if you used the Book prior to this news post; if you use it after, I will not be able to assist you. collectable_hauntedknightarmor.png (If you have no idea what this Verdant Vale business is, make sure to check out the post below!) - Eri

A fantastic journey is about to begin!

backdrop_day.png Adventure awaits you in Verdant Vale, a beautiful realm full of magic, monsters, and mystery! collectable_rankarcherarrow.pngcollectable_sorcererscape.pngcollectable_crackedpaladinblade.png Before you run out on the path to become an RPG hero, I have a few very important tips to share with you. (Please imagine me as an anthropomorphic sign begging you to read me with annoying pop-up notifications.) This area is set up a little differently than what you're used to, but here's the basic rundown. When you get to Verdant Vale, you will be asked to pick a class, which will have an impact on the rest of your adventure experience. Once a class is selected, you will then go through a "Choose Your Own Path" story that has 12 scenes. After you complete the story, you will be able to access the area as normal, and can hunt for pets, items, and Fancy Gold Coins (seasonal shop currency)! You will also want to complete the quests in this area, for if you do, you will be rewarded! Let me now take you on a short tutorial of the obstacles ahead. collectable_maidensfavor.pngcollectable_elixirset.pngcollectable_pouchofherbs.pngcollectable_sheafofmusic.png

Adventure Class For the path ahead, you must choose a class to belong to, either Warrior, Mage, Ranger, or Minstrel. Pick wisely, as once you select a class, you cannot change your mind; click carefully, since there is no confirmation screen. So, how will your class assignment impact your experience? I'm so glad you asked! - "Choose Your Own Path" scenes will have a few slight textual variances, as well as one item prize that is unique to your rank. These unique prizes are depicted above, and will be used in Museum Collections that I will go over further down. - When you complete the story and get to normal adventure mode, the types of Quests you receive will be influenced by your rank. For example, a Warrior might get more pet/monster quests, a Mage may see more merchant/parcel requests, a Ranger will be tasked with more step quests, and a Minstrel will be often be asked to supply items. - If you complete all Quests in the area (there are 10, as opposed to the usual 15), you will be rewarded with two HA trunks that correspond to your class. HOWEVER, these trunks will also be available in the seasonal shop, so don't stress too much. :3 clothing_rpgpaladinhood.pngclothing_rpgdarkknightchestplate.pngclothing_rpgclericskirt.pngclothing_rpgsorcererspell-fire.png

Warriors will receive the Paladin and Dark Knight trunks. Mages will receive the Cleric and Sorcerer trunks. Rangers will win the Archer and Tamer trunks, while Minstrels will get the Bard and Dancer trunks. clothing_rpgarcherbow.pngclothing_rpgtamerjacket.pngclothing_rpgbardlegs.pngclothing_rpgdancerpants.png I highly suggest you preview the sets here if HA clothes are important to you and you want to ensure you get your favorite. collectable_magicorb.pngcollectable_unusualkey.pngcollectable_magicorb.png

Choose Your Path Story First of all, I would like to take a moment to congratulate singingbadger (#30385), who won the Choose Your Own Path Story Contest. Thank you so much to everyone who entered! We know this was a new kind of contest for Aywas, and also put the spotlight on so many of our talented and creative storytellers. <3 28ujrx5.jpg singingbadger wins the above custom Lunaris, plus 15 GP and 1 SP. Congratulations again, and thanks to everyone who shared their stories with us. Now, what happens after you choose your class in Verdant Vale? You will be presented with a story, and your goal is to choose the best possible path for you and your pet. Each scene will give you three options; one will be good (+1 point), neutral (0 points), or bad (-1 point). If/when you accumulate 3 points, you will receive a Magic Orb. Then, if/when you accumulate 3 more points, for a total of six, you will receive an Unusual Key. Finally, if/when you are able to gather 3 more points, for a total of at least 9 points, you will be awarded with your rank's unique item. Warrior = Maiden's Favor collectable Mage = Elixir Set collectable Ranger = Pouch of Herbs collectable Minstrel = Sheaf of Music collectable You definitely want to get the "good" ending if you can, because then you will have the three items necessary to complete your rank's collection, which our museum curator would love to snatch up! (But if you fall a little short in points and don't obtain all three items, there will still be another way to get the Museum Collection prize.) npc_3.png

"Greetings! That is correct, if you are able to obtain a Magic Orb, the Unusual Key, and your class item, I will reward you with this magical potion I've come into possession of." Click here to review the Museum Collections. (All of the event collections begin with "RPG," and collections are in alphabetical order.) Remember, you have to turn in items to the museum, you can't just have them in your inventory to redeem the prize. To do this, go to your Inventory, click on the item you wish to send permanently to the Museum, and click Move to Collections. magic_tamerscompanion.png Your reward will be the Tamer's Companion, which is a custom creator for two very specific alternate linearts, which will be unveiled later this week. We have to keep some sort of suspense going in an RPG event! In case you are curious, your rank does not prevent you from completing another rank's collection, as long as you have the necessary items. So if you want to buy/sell any of the museum collection collectables, you can technically complete all four. collectable_slimytrainerwhistle.pngcollectable_dancersbells.pngcollectable_unicornhorn.png Apart from the cool items and class roles, what would an awesome fantasy RPG land be without equally incredible pets?! Here's just a small preview of the fantastical creatures you will encounter on your journey: raffi_potionseller.pngfinx_spectre.pngsimii_mage.png

Important item and pet artist note: If you do not yet see one of your pets or items uploaded to the site yet, do not despair! We are planning on releasing many more of your creations, whether in the Seasonal Shop or other means, so just hang tight. Thanks! :) Now, before I let you stop scrolling and dismiss you to be off on your quest, there is one final thing I wanted to go over. collectable_fancygoldcoins.png These shiny, Fancy Gold Coins are going to be Seasonal Shop currency, and are found in Verdant Vale, as you might expect. However, we are distributing them a little bit differently. Fancy Gold Coins are an item, so you will find them as you do any other item in an adventure area. However, they will ALSO appear in piles, e.g., You found 3 Fancy Gold Coins on the ground! This should make collecting currency a bit more fun. :3 Additionally, we will also be stocking the Fancy Gold Coin in the BP shop, but stay tuned for news on that. We'd like to see how the coins behave in Adventure for a little while first. Verdant Vale will be open through September 17th at 11:59 p.m. The Seasonal Shop will be open for a full week once it is opened. Keep an eye out for a shop alert! minimap.png Adventure awaits! (And if you're loving this event, please let Darsh (#43) know. He worked very hard on conceptualizing and executing this event for you all to enjoy.) - Eri
Celtie (#34865) has asked to put this collectable item into the Trash for Treasure shop, to commemorate the vote for Scottish Independence. It will be available until 11:59pm October 13th.

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