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virtual pet site, aywas

Aywas is a collectible pet site for older teens and adults. Adopt as many pets as you want, and explore the seven regions of Ay for wild pets to capture and add to your collection. We are a submission-based virtual pet website, so you can color pets, create items, and create Human Avatar clothes for everyone else to enjoy. We offer battling, breeding, mini-games, an active forum, and the ability to create your own custom aywas. Color the adoptable bases, and even edit them to look more like your characters. The possibilities are endless!

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Dress up your own human avatar with hundreds of different clothes. You can even design your own!

Collect over 1,000 different pets that you can battle and capture in nine different lands!

Design a custom pet, colored and/or edited to look like your characters -- or anything you want!

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Good afternoon! I hope that everyone is enjoying the lunar meteor, it's so beautiful! All those different shades of color, I was inspired to work with a few of our talented artists and we have come up with a lovely line of Lunar Meteor stylized clothes! clothing_aurorahelmet.pngclothing_midnightbackground.pngclothing_nebulaskin.png
To help you find them easier Eryn is letting me borrow the Seasonal Shop! Be advised these items are limited, once the meteor goes away they will too!
Querel comes floating in with a creepy giggle This meteor is truly fascinating! So many new types of radioactivity, and they are all just so potent~ he giggles as he flips around in the air I have worked with the Museum Curator to open up another Museum Collection to collect some of the objects you can find while exploring! After the meteor is over, I'll host two raffles for those Star Tickets for two pets that seem to been mutated by the rays of the meteor~
Now just a side note, on behalf of Chelle(#7310) she wanted to remind everyone that the PSD Fetch Thread is up to date!
Also that you no longer e-mail in your psds!! There was a news post about this a while ago, do not e-mail them in! Our site artists do not have access to it anymore, instead post in the Gen 2 Attach Thread! Attaching your PSDs to your pets guarentees your breeding artists will get them quickly and easily. This thread is also all caught up, so please make sure to utilize it!
store-npc-9.pngtech_icon.png "Did anyone see the solar eclipse yesterday? There is this perfect little viewing spot up in the Arctic, and I invited Tech along with me to see it since Rudi was busy. We snacked on Gummy Lunaris while we waited, and Tech was almost eaten by a school of Orca Ryba--" Tech taps on Miksa's shoulder, shaking their head slightly as if to tell her to move on to something more important. "Oh! Right! The main reason I'm here is to tell everyone what we discovered today!" minimap.png "The Lunar Meteor has arrived! I wonder if the solar eclipse had anything to do with its sudden appearance... Anyway, I found quite a few new pets in the area! Please take caution while exploring - you wouldn't want to get sucked into a black hole." sevryn_spaceadventurer.pngchiro_spaceidol.pngsoluss_halleyscomet.png Tech holds up a small pouch, giggling and bouncing up and down on their heels. magic_pouchofstardust.png "Oh, thank you! I almost forgot. I brought some of the materials I found to Querel, and he was able to create this Pouch of Stardust! Using it on your pet seems to change it into a new hybrid pet! I've logged which ones you can obtain via this item in the Aywapedia. If you'd like to make your own, feel free to give him a visit at his alchemy studio!" "Claude was experimenting with the stardust himself as an ingredient for his cooking, and it seems he has created a new Cirrus! If you'd like to check it out, Culinary Cache is open 24/7!" "According to Tech's calculations, the Lunar Meteor will be with us until August 31st at 11:59 PM AST. Get out there and catch'em all!" explore_shootingstar.png I would like to thank everyone who submitted colorations for the Space Coloration Contest! In first place, with the highest number of accepted submissions is Cosmos (#25837) with a whopping total of 30, earning them a Bottled Celestial Stream! Coming in second is Shizuku (#27621) with 10, and Calix (#14735) close behind in third with 9! They have both earned a Bottled Starlight! As an extra little thank you for everyone's hard work, everyone who had a submission accepted will receive a Pouch of Stardust. Also, congratulations to Cosmos (#25837) for winning both a Pouch of Stardust and Arcade Carpet Cirrus in the contest's raffle! Now, as Miksa said, get out there and have some fun!
Opinions were split in the early hours of voting but the battle was eventually won! To enter the next part of the contest and colour in the Carrion Crow base, head over here to learn more! As a quick note, due to the lateness of the poll and post, the contest is extended to August 28th at 11:59 PM.
The soothing presence of this lovely creature has washed over the Trash for Treasure shop, and hopefully waves of bliss will be sent out to the rest of Ay and Ara. This manta will be with us until September 14th!
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