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Winterheart Gala is Here



It's that time of the year when both love and snow are in the air! That's right - it's time for the Winterheart Gala!

For those new to this event, you will be able to gain points by sending Love Letters to other users! You can find Love Letters while in Adventure, or you can purchase them from the The Corner Store. Once you have a Love Letter in your inventory, you can send it to someone through your inventory, the Love Letters page, or via the button in a user's post on the forums or online list! The Love Letters page is also where you can enable and disable receiving Love Letters, so be sure to check that it's enabled before sending a few off! Please note that Love Letters cannot be sent to players who have not logged in within the past 24 hours.

You will receive one (1) point when sending a Love Letter to someone, and you will gain one (1) point when receiving a Love Letter - this means that swapping Love Letters with another user will net you both two (2) points! You will only gain a point the first time you send or receive a Love Letter to or from a particular user however. Points will be used as currency for the Seasonal Shop that will open later on in the month.

If you purchase a Handmade Love Letter from the BP Shop, you can send a more personalized letter through the Card Designer, though you will not receive points through these letters.

Remember, as with all events where we allow you to input your own message, you must follow the Terms of Service - this includes not using any language or images that would require an M (Mature) tag. If you receive a Love Letter that you feel breaks the rules, please report it to a member of staff.

Posted by Aywas Official (#2) on Sun Feb 5, 2023 5:38pm

Comments: 11

Princess Saturn (#588)

Posted on: Fri Feb 17, 2023 9:56am

Raeva (#75990):
I'm having pretty good luck in the Wastelands. In the last 3 minutes I have found 5 but I also have the item where you can see what the merchants are selling.