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Tue Apr 21, 2015
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Thu Jul 2, 2020 12:53am
Mon Dec 21, 2020
Tennessee, USA
Preferred Pronouns
She, Her - All feminine pronouns
Medeina's Forest

Wish List

THEMES I LIKE: Nature, Royalty, Elegant, Strong/Honorable Warriors, Mythology, World Religions and Cultures, Cute Monsters or Halloween Characters

THEMES I INTENSELY DISLIKE: Mean/Ugly/Gross/Evil Monsters, Punk, Zombies, Gore, Apocalypse, Evil/Vicious Warriors

Vial of the Battle Soul
Gem of Attributes
Speed Potion
Amorphous Ingredients
r80 & r100 "Trash" items to use in Alchemy
Attack Potions
Toughness Potions
Moon Flower
Starlight Flower
Tiny Glittering Rocks
Glittering Rocks or Transformation Potions always welcome! ;-)

Metal or unbreedble ones are just fine with me!
Especially would like Blue & Gold Orbs
Prefer Antiquity Staves or any of the Jeweled Staves as I rarely would be able to complete the PSDs for the current month
Any that have a PSD in the Edit Repository

Any Breeding Pendant! :-)
Rusted Breeding Coin
Radioactive Breeding Coin
Metal Breeding Coin
BC, Lesser BC, Painted Lesser BC, Painted Metal BC, Half a Lesser BC
Any Add-on that is NOT evil or Halloween themed
Derp Breeding Coins

EXTRA SPECIAL REQUEST (and a FREE gift t'boot!)
Would love it if you would add PSDs to the Edit Repository for Genuses that don't have any PSDs (or hardly have any)...with any
edit percentage! I especially appreciate it if the edit percentage is below the nearest custom maker level (i.e. 29% instead of 31% or 49% instead of 51%). Hybrids or Rares especially welcome.

ANNOYING ITEM BAZAAR: NONE - I want to only acquire leveled-up pets.

PETS: For site pets, I REALLY only want ones that are leveled-up, so any that I'd like to get would be really ugly/evil/gory ones so that I WON'T waste a trip to my Glittering Slab for one of those icky pets! My least favorite pets are Faux, Phasma, Ostri, Flubelle

I have all that I want, Thanks gifters!

HA ITEMS: Really, my Official Site Wishlist is quite extensive on this
HAIR- no punk, shaved, or chaotic looks
Long or medium length
Beautiful exotic dresses
Backgrounds - I have all the old ones that are easily available for BP.
Necklaces & Earrings - Want them only if they are visible
Hair Accessories, especially headbands or crowns
Would love any of the big cat or wolf companions by Yuu #20 I already have Golden Tiger Guardian Tiger & Guardian Liger
And from Hakai & Sapphire's #3044 Shop: Any of the Elven Gowns - I have Imperial Elven Gown, Any parts of the Harbinger sets.

Really prefer saturated colors! In general, I prefer cool shades of these colors:
Purples - Favorite Color (from Deep Pinks to Rich Plums to Vibrant Amethysts)
Blues (Sapphires, Vibrant Sky, Midnight)
Greens (Grass, Evergreen, Hunter, Forest, Emerald)
Reds (Cherry, Ruby, Wine)
Prefer Silver to Gold-but Gold is just fine :-)
All Vibrant Jewel-tone colors: Good!

Washed-out or hazy effect
Pastels or pale colors used predominately
Greens with too much brown/yellow-like Ghost or Zombie, YUCK!

About Me

Just call me "Dax". (It's a Star Trek thing.) I'm a Mom to 2 adorable cats.

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Sevryn on Mon Jun 15, 2020 12:16am

Oh, really? D: My bad, sorry.

Kris on Thu May 28, 2020 5:32pm

No, if recall right the trick is if there is no options pick then no base. But it's been 6+ years since made so don't recall fully.

Kris on Thu May 28, 2020 4:59pm

Hi yes easy buy another Ha avatar but don' t pick a skin. Bypassing then you can use whatever item you like without original but know some items are perfectly cut to fit with original base so some items well have original base whole

Bullet on Sat Feb 29, 2020 9:26pm

you can send me a trading post lot for the gp

Sunny on Thu Feb 20, 2020 3:25pm

Thank you for the gift! :)

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