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It's starting to heat up so time to break out the pools! It's time for the Summer's Prediction Pool Party! (But please maintain a safe distance from one another while splashing around!)

For those of you who weren't here, and those of you who were, I'll be listing out all the rules and bonuses, as well as setting up the threads that have everything compiled for easy reference!

This event will run from June 5 to August 31, 2020! that gives you more than 2 whole months to work and design as many predictions as you possibly can! The point of this is to try to help ease up some of the more backed up queues, so those specific queues will also receive the most bonuses.
- The Prediction Caps are being temporarily removed for all coins during this time!
- Any artist that makes a prediction can enter themselves into a raffle by posting in the Artist Raffle (Coming Soon!)
- All edit percentages are "loose" for this event only, so we will not get up in your business if you submit a 50% breeding and it is 57%. If you have a 50% breeding and we can't tell what species it is, then we might have a problem.
- Remember! Predictions can be done for USD however if they are not Platinum Breeding Coin, Scribble Breeding Coin, or Sketch Breeding Coin predictions they must go through the Commission Panel!

bulletpoint.pngAll predictions must have the PSD attached in order to qualify for this event.
bulletpoint.pngBreeding rules still apply! If you bought a breeding slot for only one baby, please ensure that you have the owners permission before making extra baby predictions! If someone violates this they may have their baby deleted without refund.
bulletpoint.pngPlease included "Prediction Pool Party" in your breeding notes, or predictions and breedings will be processed as normal!
bulletpoint.png All artists must have a forum for their sales thread in our new Prediction Pool Party Subforum. The only exception is if you are just doing your own predictions.

Now! Onto the part you are all really excited for, the coin specific bonuses!

PLEASE PM the person in charge of the coin you have questions about your breeding or a specific perk:
Breeding Queues and Who To Contact

All coin bonuses are good ONLY for breedings ALREADY SUBMITTED prior to May 19, 2020. That means your breeding must have been submitted on May 19, 2020 or earlier to qualify for any perks.

Breedings submitted prior to 19 May, 2019 may have an extra perk. They will be listed at the END of each coin that has bonus perks.

ALL COINS may submit this SCC as one of the offspring to your breeding if you so choose. This SCC will ONLY be available for the Pool Party 2020 and has been designed by Aros #4353!

You may use any of the 4 ear variations, and use it with or without the antlers!
MBC/LBC/Radioactive coins will act like a Painted Coin when submitting this SCC as one of the offspring, all other coins will allow edits based off the parents, edit randomizers, add-ons, etc. to the specific % amount (e.g. a BC coin that allows a 50% edited offspring will allow you to edit this SCC 50%)
Sketch Coins will allow 50% edits based off the parents to the SCC if you decide to use it as one of your offspring.
HERE is the PSD with all of the variations!


Blind Dates allow up to 75% edits, Delicious Eggnogs allow up to 50% edits. With permission from the other pet's owner you can upload a second baby! You must include the PM ID in the breeding notes. Both coins have a 20% chance for a rare, Nog's are allowed the same rare's as Blind Dates. Please PM Aros (#4353) for the rolls. Please read the Knowledge Base Article about Blind Dates for information about Blind Date and Eggnog predictions.


Breeding Coins grant an extra baby as well as increased edit percentages:
Breeding Coin without an addon - 50% baby and a 30% baby
Breeding Coin with an Edit Potion - 75% baby and a 50% baby
Breeding Coin with a Grand Edit Potion - Two 75% Edited baby, no USD kickback.

Breeding Coin without a baby addon - 2 Babies
Breeding Coin with a Fertility Potion - 3 Babies
Breeding Coin with a Married Pair - 3 Babies
Breeding Coin with a Married Pair and Fertility Potion - 4 Babies

2% chance for metal Alt Neura (PM Kita (#3988) for the roll)
You may also choose a provided SCC from the pot when a hybrid genetics kit is included.

If submitted before May 19, 2019 - 10% chance of an alt Neura rather than a 2% chance and breedings will act as though they have a Painted Bottle attached.


Evil Breeding Coins will give a Guaranteed Breedable baby, and the user is allowed to choose if the offspring is Evil or Normal.
You are permitted up to 50% Edits
1% Chance at a Metal Alt Neura (PM Kita (#3988) for the roll)
With a Hybrid Genetics Kit you can choose the hybrid or any SCC from the pot.


Holiday Breeding Coins have several bonuses! Predictions for this coin will act like they automatically have a Hybrid Genetics Kit or a Genetics Kit attached which allows you to submit any non-rare hybrid, common, uncommon, trash, or raw species you desire. You can also choose from any of the SCC Pot bases! The edit percentage for predictions is also being raised 50%. Every Holiday Breeding Coin prediction will also act as if it has a Painted Bottle attached, so you can color the baby however you see fit.
If you PM Kita (#3988) she will also roll for you to have a 10% chance of getting a rare hybrid during the breeding and a 5% chance at a 50% edited Alt Neura after the breeding is completed (So an additional super rare baby on top of your others). These rolls are *per* predict breeding not offspring.

If submitted before May 19, 2019- 50% chance of a rare hybrid instead of 10% and a 10% Neura chance.


1 extra baby per breeding
Each breeding acts like it has a Painted Vial attached.
5% chance of a Squishy/Sariform roll and our PPP SCC is available as a base to use for MBC
PM Kandria (#293) for rolls!

For all METAL BREEDING COINS submitted before May 19, 2019- Pick one of the Mudslide perks from the Mudslide event to apply to your breeding.

For all LESSER BREEDING COINS submitted before May 19, 2019 - You may make 2 extra offspring instead of just 1.


Neura Embryo and Dragon Lotus allow for 50% edits and act as if there is a Painted Bottle attached.
10% Chance at a second baby, PM Kandria (#293) for roll.


Painted Metal Breeding Coins and Painted Lesser Breeding Coins grant an extra baby. Married pairs that are bred with a Painted Metal Breeding Coin are given a 100% success rate for the second baby, so they total for 3 babies.
This stacks with Painted Eggs, Twins, and any other compatible breeding addon, however you must provide all babies and you lose out on the site provided baby!
You may add 1 edit to be drawn on each baby, up to 30%. This edit may only be an accessory! No pose changes, or base adjustments! Or you may use one edit from any of the Painted Edit Packs


You are allowed 1 baby of your choice: Mutant or Normal. As well as 1 added Mutant! If you would like to see if your first baby rolls a hybrid you can pm Kandria (#293) for your roll.
Up to 8 additional site pets that you own may be included in the notes for a total of 10 parents for mutants.


Rusted Breeding Coins allow an extra baby and you can breed any 2 pets together and pick your Trash Hybrid! With an HGK or Opalized Rock attached you may also use one of the provided SCCs as a base.

All Polished Rock breedings (Not just PPP!) also allow predictions, please PM Kozmotis (#48993) with the breeding ID to find out your SCC base(s) (for PPP you may get up to 2 SCC rolls since 2 babies are allowed, or ask for only 1 roll and use that base for both offspring)!


Sketch Breeding Coins permit a 3rd additional baby with 10% edits. The "founders" must remain metal however!
We are also allowing thematic add-ons to be added to these breedings.
All breedings may link a 3rd parent in the notes -- 3rd and 4th if a Platinum DNA is attached


With Platinum Breeding coin you are guaranteed a secondary baby with no edits without attaching a life seed!


Transitional Fossil Egg and Alidae Egg allow 75% edits, or two babies with 75% edits if you use a Grand Edit Potion. All breedings will also also act as if they have a Painted Bottle attached.

If you have a scribble breeding from the most recent event, you are allowed to upload predicts and not lose the perk provided that you include the specific day's perks in your breeding notes. For days that were rolled (i.e. Elemental, Cowboy vs Witch, etc), please PM Juke (#7625) for your roll.

Please remember that these changes are only for the Prediction Pool Party event! After August 31 11:59 PM Aywas Time all previous prediction rules are back in place!

I know I mentioned the SCC Pot a few times, what is that you ask? Last year (and for several years!), we had a thread where you could go to "shop" for different user submitted SCCs! These SCCs must be founded and have no rules. Please PM Juke (#7625) if you would like to submit an SCC to be available for use for the breedings -- please include a blank PSD and PNG as well as a link to the SCC Database entry. We will not accept all SCC's, we want to have a wide variety. Expect a thread to be formed shortly with the submitted SCC's and instructions on how to get the PSD's!

We will also be hosting the raffles again but the threads will come at a later point!

Posted by Juke (#7625) on Thu Jun 4, 2020 9:25pm

Comments: 52

Kozmotis (#48993)

Posted on: Thu Jun 4, 2020 9:26pm


Prince & TJ (#12687)

Posted on: Thu Jun 4, 2020 9:27pm


Mars (#128)

Posted on: Thu Jun 4, 2020 9:41pm

So to be clear, my MBC breedings get an extra baby, that I may either color any way I choose, Or, add a deer scc colored and markings anyway I choose?

Alana (#70812)

Posted on: Thu Jun 4, 2020 9:42pm

Awwww yiss, Imma heck some mutants up real good :D

zombiepuppy (#6562)

Posted on: Thu Jun 4, 2020 9:45pm

I'm confused about the wording here. Are there different perks for breedings submitted at different times?
Are breeding perks for breedings submitted last year, 2019, different than those submitted this year Jan. 2020 until May 19th 2020?
So older breedings, prior to 2020, get better perks?

Juke (#7625)

Posted on: Thu Jun 4, 2020 9:57pm

zombiepuppy (#6562) Not necessarily better; they get the same perks as ones dated later, just with a few tweaks to rolls for the most part.

Mars (#128) Yes, it acts as a painted coin rather than an MBC so you may color the SCC however you choose. For an actual baby using the parent base/normal predict, it is Painted Vial only -- colors may be unique but the markings must remain the same.

dee 🦌 (#4138)

Posted on: Thu Jun 4, 2020 9:58pm


Mars (#128)

Posted on: Thu Jun 4, 2020 10:03pm

Thanks Juke. Another question. Plain no addon MBC breeding adding the extra baby mudslide perk, is a total of 4 babies one of which may be, but doesn't have to be, the new scc?

Devonian (#28589)

Posted on: Thu Jun 4, 2020 10:09pm

The 5% chance at a squishy, is that an extra baby on top of the 3 or instead of the 3rd?

zombiepuppy (#6562)

Posted on: Thu Jun 4, 2020 10:15pm

So LBCs from 2019 get the 2 extra babies, compared to 1 if submitted this year? Sorry, this probably falls under something I should PM to ask but I thought it might be a common question.
Basically my 2017 LBC + Fert. Potion would equal 5 babies but all my 2020 LBC + Fert. would be 4 offspring?