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Happy Birthday!

Site Update


Happy Birthday, Aywas!

This month Aywas turns 10 years old! It's hard to believe that, for better and for worse, for ups and downs and for smiles and tears, Aywas has remained a constant through a decade of our lives.

To celebrate such a milestone, staff and artists alike have come together to bring you a sweet Adventure area stocked with a ton of new pets and items for you to collect!


In addition, we've set up a forum thread where you can swap tales and memories of our beloved site. Relive all of your favorite moments with the community that's kept going and growing with us!

And be on the lookout for a place to spend those fancy new Greenpaws! ;)*

*It's the Seasonal Shop, haha!

Posted by Juke (#7625) on Tue Oct 1, 2019 12:09am

Comments: 49

Saphire <3 Lassombra (#407)

Posted on: Tue Oct 1, 2019 12:10am

oh, this is great! Happy Birthday to this wonderful site! So glad to be a part of it! <3

gargamel (#31771)

Posted on: Tue Oct 1, 2019 12:11am

Happy birthday Aywas! This is going to be lots of fun! Thanks staff!

Gale Falcon 🎐 (#74974)

Posted on: Tue Oct 1, 2019 12:19am

Yaaaaaay, happy birthday everyone! <3

Kanein (#49712)

Posted on: Tue Oct 1, 2019 12:30am

happy birthday aywas <3 thank you for the wonderful years of fun and friendships

KiRAWRa (#11849)

Posted on: Tue Oct 1, 2019 1:06am

Happy birthday aywas!

bixbite (#72755)

Posted on: Tue Oct 1, 2019 1:18am

happy birthday!! i'm so glad this site is still around

Crabby the sea range (#69750)

Posted on: Tue Oct 1, 2019 1:49am

Will there be a collection for some of the items like the crumpled birthday hat?

Yuu♥Muse♥DW (#20)

Posted on: Tue Oct 1, 2019 2:07am

Happy Birthday Aywas!!

where is Halloween???

vladthebad (#8672)

Posted on: Tue Oct 1, 2019 2:15am

:D Happy birthday Aywas! Thank you all for everything that you do! <3

Moons 🌙 (#58686)

Posted on: Tue Oct 1, 2019 2:23am

happy birthday!! i've "only" been here for half that time (since 2014... still 5 years wow!) but i always love aywas as a fun place so full of creativity and lovely people! <3