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Monthly HA Contest


The winning HA sets have been placed into their respective shops!

Last month earned the following:
GP Set: 154 GP per artist
BP Set: 30,100,000 BP per artist
Premium Set: 1,338 PP per artist

The HA contest will be taking a short hiatus. Don't worry, I'll give you plenty of time to get entries in next time!

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:55pm

Comments: 4

flora12 (#79461)

Posted on: Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:29pm

All three Bookish Bunny Faces are so adorable!

bixbite (#72755)

Posted on: Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:13am

oh thank god, my favorite color scheme is BP, the one i could afford

these all look fantastic, though! great job to the winning entries!

Fae (#74329)

Posted on: Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:53pm

Ah man of course the one I wanted is the GP one. T-T
*sigh* Oh well.
Congrats winners!

Haru (#46917)

Posted on: Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:09pm

YEE I'll deffo buy the trunk