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Easter is on its way!



The snow bunnies may be getting droopy and turning into puddles, but there's no need to be sad. Spring is slowly inching towards us, which means that our Easter festivities are as well! There are now threads open for pet submissions, clothing submissions, and item submissions! Avenge the poor snow bunnies with... more bunnies! Oh, and anything else spring related, too.

Posted by Lacia (#25044) on Fri Mar 8, 2019 11:00am

Comments: 7

Haru (#46917)

Posted on: Fri Mar 8, 2019 11:02am

May we use old pet lines? I don't want to spam sumbission topic with questions so asking here.

Shinycakes! (#63745)

Posted on: Fri Mar 8, 2019 11:13am

oh boy... im so excited!

Lacia (#25044)

Posted on: Fri Mar 8, 2019 11:22am

Haru (#46917)
Yes, users are allowed to use any lines that don't require a specified custom item to create. For example, you cannot use lines from the Love Potion #9, since that requires a Love Potion #9 and not the default custom maker for the genus.

Flying Chinchilla (#28999)

Posted on: Fri Mar 8, 2019 12:45pm

Woo time to get that pastel fix.

I was wondering if/when this would show up xD Never actually been active during easter, so wasn't sure if it was a yearly event on site.

Haru (#46917)

Posted on: Fri Mar 8, 2019 2:20pm

Lacia (#25044) WOOHOO posted my first submission try. Not sure if it's any good but hey, I like simple designs.

Tae (#66637)

Posted on: Fri Mar 8, 2019 3:29pm

If any one can make some spring duckling items I would love you forever ^ ^ I am not the best at editing (I keep trying but still learning) but I would love to see a duckie pet

Flying Chinchilla (#28999)

Posted on: Sat Mar 9, 2019 9:33pm

Tae (#66637) I have now attempted a "duckling" ippo for April monthly pets for you. But I'm not confident in my edits for a bill... So it looks like a chick instead. I hope the thought counts for something :P