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Breeding: Greater Fertility Potion

Site Update

While going through some add-ons it came to our attention that there was a large oversight regarding the Greater Fertility Potion.

A while back BC breeding artist pay changed from per breeding to per baby. A couple of things were changed to compensate for that (such as holiday breeding coin offspring amounts), but it seems that staff forgot about the Greater Fertility Potion.

Since the change, that add-on costs the site 15 USD. While we do want to keep it available in a non-USD shop, we do need to change the price to take into consideration the amount it costs the site to produce.

So we've decided to let everyone pick which shop it goes in. Whether it stays in the BP shop, or moves to the GP shop. The respective prices are noted in the poll, and this should better offset the USD cost it produces.

We apologize for the change, but we hope this will help everything run smoother!

GP Shop! (30 GP)
20% [ 178 ]
BP Shop! (18,000,000 BP)
39% [ 340 ]
I don’t care which shop.
41% [ 353 ]

Posted by Kyu & Mauri (#1010) on Wed Jun 8, 2016 7:58pm

Comments: 37

Hikaru (#15577)

Posted on: Wed Jun 8, 2016 8:00pm

We have enough BP sinks... GP would be better!

singingbadgerLLovesU (#30385)

Posted on: Wed Jun 8, 2016 8:04pm

yes, I think GP would actually generate more sales, though I can see making it accessible to those who cannot cash.

Gene (#73076)

Posted on: Wed Jun 8, 2016 8:05pm

Not to say the exact opposite of Hikaru but I voted BP shop because I think the site needs more BP sink. I've seen grumblings that BP are useless by some folks over at tungle so here's some incentive to actually earn them :U.

Sharni&Gamzee (#4917)

Posted on: Wed Jun 8, 2016 8:06pm

Why not just put it in the USD shop for 15 dollars?

Tae (#66637)

Posted on: Wed Jun 8, 2016 8:06pm

Leave it in the BP shop. It's hard enough to get the GP together for a Breeding coin when you can't purchase Gp with money, that putting the fert addon into the GP shop as well would make multi baby breedings even more out of reach for players who can't afford to buy gp.

Faerie Lady (#5227)

Posted on: Wed Jun 8, 2016 8:07pm

bp shop, plus it's increase will help with the sink

Valice & Fenris (#20488)

Posted on: Wed Jun 8, 2016 8:07pm

We don't really care either way. They aren't compatible with edit potions anyway, which we always use.

Tae (#66637)

Posted on: Wed Jun 8, 2016 8:08pm

Arceus&Woobat (#4917) no, because then any one who can't spend USD will end up having to pay like 45-50 gp to buy one with how inflation on the site is when it comes to "good" usd items. The ones that people want more end up costing more than double what their price in GP would be and the less popular ones you can barley sell for what the cost of buying gp instead would be.

Leave it in the BP shop so people who can't buy GP with money can still get it reasonably.

casixt 👑 lemny (#7087)

Posted on: Wed Jun 8, 2016 8:10pm

im like a mixed bag here, i want it to be in the gp shop way more because bp is so inaccessible for me, but i know that bp is more accessible for other it would make more people happy if it were in the bp shop....but then ill never get them except through more expensive good thing i dont breed often l o l


Honey (#25910)

Posted on: Wed Jun 8, 2016 8:15pm

Arceus&Woobat (#4917) Taena (#66637) - Plus if it costs the site 15$ per artist, I would think they'd want to charge at least $20 for the addon so that they make some money from it themselves, otherwise there is no point, really.

I probably voted too soon with the 'I don't care' since I doubt I'll ever use the addon, but thinking about it, I think the BP shop makes a lot more sense.