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Five Words or Less

Site Update

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Unexpected house-guests all weekend completely slaughtered any queue progress, and oh my you all got your festive spook on while I was busy! I have literally never seen this many customs in these queues... ever XD;

As such the deadline for CCCC/O and OCC/O customs has been extended to Saturday 24th September because I promised I'd make sure people get a chance of at least one resubmission and that's more important to me than shutting the queues today.

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:14am

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Story Game and Library Updates!

Site Update

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This week's winner is Rohvannyc (#21192)! They won a Paleo Skull + 1SP!
Don't forget to read their entry before submitting yours!

Entries for next week must be in by September 25th at 6pm AST.

Updates, chat, the ping group, and the prize for next week can be found in the Story Game thread!
Story Game rules and info can be found in the Knowledge Base.

You guys know by now that we've been working on fixing features, and Library has been very dead for so long, so here's a small update!
Every seven books that are approved in the library and uploaded to the site will be entered into a raffle for a bonus prize!
Our first batch of books was recently released, and our first winner is Quetzal & Visu (#67745)! They won a Bronze Custom Crystal!

Keep submitting those books!

Posted by Rudy (#4485) on Sun Sep 18, 2016 10:37pm

Comments: 9

September Sales!

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Surprise Sale Time!

We said we would be hosting sales from time to time, and in preparation for Halloween we thought this would be a great time!~

This sale is a little different, as I have also activated the Mystery Box!


For every $5 worth of items you purchase in the USD Shop you will receive a free Mystery Box Ticket! May luck be on your side!


The SBC queue is sad and lonely once more, so those are the first ones we are putting back on sale! You can pick up a Sketch Breeding Coin, Talisman, or the Sketch SCC Pens to create your new pet!


Having trouble getting someone to base the pet? Well we are going to try something new this time and I am also putting the Species Statue on sale! You can use this statue to put in a request to the SCC Team and get one of those amazing artists to base your pet! Remember: You will still need the pen in order to upload your based SBC pet!


The Edit Repository is full of Soluss and will be getting more in, so stock up on some discounted trinket boxes!


I know how everyone loves breeding Teos, so the Painted Gold are going back on sale!


You can pick up a Hybrid Genetics Kit, which you can also use with Alidae Eggs and Transitional Fossil Eggs in place of the proper genus!

This sale will last until Sunday, September 18th at 11:59 pm AST, so get your goodies while they last!

Posted by 🐼Kaiyo🐼 (#489) on Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:49pm

Comments: 35

A garganchuan decision!


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While there were many adorable entries, here are the six finalists for the Color-a-Ganchuan contest! Choose carefully, as the winner will be the site's first official coloration! The remaining five will be raffled off as customs, so don't despair if your favorite doesn't make the cut (unless you have terrible luck like me, then we can despair in a corner together).

18% [ 195 ]
29% [ 314 ]
6% [ 63 ]
6% [ 65 ]
27% [ 299 ]
15% [ 163 ]

Posted by Lacia (#25044) on Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:02pm

Comments: 32

Adventure Pets


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W-What's this? It seems like a few new pets have been spotted in the various Adventure areas! Make sure to have plenty of Aynip, Nets, and whatever else you need, otherwise you're gonna have a bad time.


In addition, the August pet coloration submissions forum raffle has been drawn!

Congratulations to Pinselohr (#74078) for winning a Bronze Custom Orb!

If you want to design some Adventure pets, go and post them in their respective threads here! There's also a chance that the designs accepted from that forum will go into the Pet Shop! Remember, you can earn SP!

If your design is now released as a site pet please contact me, Kousei (#25044), for your free copy.

Posted by Lacia (#25044) on Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:17pm

Comments: 11

Bot: Watch out for the spikes!

Site Update

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Good Afternoon! I bet you were all expecting me to post about the Music Event, weren't you~ Surprise!


Instead, Inu (#45093) and I would like to introduce everyone to the newest creature to join the Trash for Treasure species! From this moment on the Talin can be created with any of the Trash Shop Tokens!

A special thank you to Inu (#45093) for using the magic of a Slashbot and bringing this spikey species to life!

Posted by Slashbot (#3) on Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:12pm

Comments: 42

Quick Update


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After some talking we've decided to drop the price to 2SP.

If you have already purchased one, please PM me to let me know
- and who you got it from if you purchased it from another user -
and I'll refund 1SP to those that bought one.

Someone asked if we could include the Bronze items - and indeed we can!

A 3:1 trade-rate has been set up in the shop!

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:16am

Comments: 7

A New Raffle has Started!


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A new raffle has begun

Cracked Nova Crystal Orb

Cracked Nova Crystal Orb

Ticket Price: 1
Max Tickets: Unlimited


Click here to join the raffle!


There is a new Raffle started for Raffle Crystals!

Trivia has Updated
Here are last weeks answers:

-Who won the Palli that was featured in July's Scenery-theme free monthly customs contest?
ulalena (#54602)

-How many Vion colorations are available from the Shimmering Blue Pod item?

-How much BP do you need in the bank to receive the "Delicious Blue Paws!" title:
500,000 BP

-Which one of these "national days" in September was not featured with one of this month's GP/BP shop pets?
Cherries Jubilee Day

-Which sapphire pet "sparkles and sparkles until it bites your head off"
Sapphire Rogr

-Which blue drink will give your pet +3 alcoholic points?
Jack Frost Shot

-How many pet slots will a Blue Shard add to your lair?

-Which September essence is designed around the month's birthstone?

-Which one of these gourmet foods requires Gemberries in their recipe?
Blueberry Cobbler

-How many total sevryns do you need to turn in to receive a Blue Egg?

Good luck! :D

Posted by (chibi; see profile) (#124) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:45pm

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Raffle #141 has ended


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Natural Tree

Natural Tree

Drone (#20609) is the winner of the raffle and won the item Natural Tree!

Drone (#20609) brought 22 tickets, spending 22 Raffle Crystal!

Winning their choice of one of the new USD Shop SCC custom makers!


Posted by (chibi; see profile) (#124) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:43pm

Comments: 4

MORE updates!

Site Update

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"The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft agley"

I know my last news post said there would be a slew of news from me over the weekend, however as you can gather things resumed their attempts to keep me from doing what I've promised!

The first fantastic news, though, is that the queues are officially all processed and empty, and ready to be filled again! I haven't tagged in Yasu to get us up and running again yet, but I plan to do that once this post has been made, so the queues will be open again very soon.

Which brings me to the mixed bag you're about to dive into...

Common Genus Holiday Makers
These items are a nice and cheap option to make some lovely pets, but with the fluctuation of rules loosening and tightening, no one really knows where they stand - including staff!

Due to this the decision to retire the Orange and Holiday Custom Crystals and Orbs has been made.
(The Coal and Silver Holiday items will be remaining active.)

But don't despair!

You will be able to trade them in for Blue Custom items - 1 will get you an unbreedable item, 5 will get you the breedable item. Exchanges will be set up in the Annoying Item Bazaar.

You also have until September 19th to upload any pets you want to attempt to put through the four common holiday queues, before the items are retired from custom making.

Cracked Nova Crystal Orb
People have asked about unbreedable Uncommon items for a while now, and we thought that instead of releasing four new items we would consolidate them into one super custom maker.

The Cracked Nova Crystal Orb can make an unbreedable custom of any Uncommon genus (excluding the Sevryn) that has 0-75% edits. It is now stocking in the SP Shop for 3 SP.

Genus Changing Amulet
Another user request has been that we create an Uncommon-to-Uncommon genus change item - but we thought that no one needs the hassle of another item when we have one that's perfectly fine as it is!

From today the Amulet will support both Common-to-Common AND Uncommon-to-Uncommon genus changes, within their own region (for example, you still won't be able to change a Drylis into a Melo, and you won't be able to change an Oakl into an Unus).

Vion Planter
Just when you think I'm done... Well, after this I am because I need a nap.

Do you have a gorgeous Vion that you just can't force to under 50%? Have you shaken your fist at the skies and cursed my name for it? Well, curse no longer!

The Vion Planter is a 75% Vion custom maker. It's not going to be an incredibly common item, much like the Bottled Celestial Stream, but we're giving you a head start on grabbing them with a 1 day release into the GP shop at an undisclosed time over the next two weeks.

Keep your eyes peeled for your 24 hour warning for this sale!

A quick word from our sponsors before I go...

It seems that the poor Cauldron Custom thread is as dusty, empty, and disappointing as a certain item I'm not mentioning...

We have some cute designs in there, but nowhere near enough for our needs!

Please know that if we don't get enough designs posted, we won't be able to host a cauldron this year. Also, if you're not a fan of posting on multiple threads and don't mind where your designs end up, then you can throw all your designs in the link above because that thread will also be used to choose Adventure and Shop pets from too!

Posted by Eve (#2775) on Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:54pm

Comments: 79