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The Drinking Game

The Drinking Game

What is the Drinking Game?

The drinking game is a monthly game involving alcoholic drink items!

To participate you just need to pick a pet and feed it specific drink items on site. To feed a drink to your pet, first make sure the pet is your active pet and then go to your inventory and select the item you want to feed to your pet. Select "Feed" from the drop down menu and then click Go!

Each drink you feed to your pet is worth a certain amount of points. Be careful, though, only drinks that grant alcohol points count for this game! A list of Alcohol Points for each beverage can be found in this article.

If you're interested in placing on the high score board for the drinking game, the best idea is to pick a single pet to feed all of your drinks to. You can have more than one pet on the high scores.

Which pets are eligible and what are the rules?

Unbreedable pets can participate in the drinking game and rewards if placed within the top 10 scores. Melunaris Event Pets however remain an exception and cannot be used in any breeding, including drinking game prizes.

If your pet has rules that need to be consented to you cannot play the Drinking Game with that pet. Additionally, if the prospect of sharing the edits on your pet in this way does not appeal to you, you should not play this game with that pet.

What are the prizes for the Drinking Game?

Every month the top scorers will receive prizes.
First through third place will receive 3 SP, fourth through sixth place will receive 2 SP, and seventh through tenth place will receive 1 SP.

For more information about Silver Paws (SP) check out this article.

In addition, all the pets on the score board at the end of the month will be randomly paired together and bred!

How do the breedings work?

The top 10 pets on the high scores each month will be randomly paired together and bred. As of June 1st 2020, the script automatically pairs the pets and submits them as Scribble Breeding - which you will be able to see under your Standing Stones.

For each top 10 pet you have on the scoreboard, you will receive a breeding that results in a single Scribble offspring which are all eligible as the first Founder pet of a Silver species. You do not need permission from the owner of the second pet in your breeding to found the species and sell/gift/trade PSD uses of this species.

All previously awarded breedings prior to June 1st 2020 will still follow the old rewards and are still placed in the Eggnog queue.

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