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Custom Item Submissions
This is an Official Rules Article, maintained by Eveglori (#2775).


Custom Items on Aywas: A Summary

Aywas allows users to upload and submit their own custom items using the Custom Item Package! The Custom Item Package can be found for sale in the GP Shop.

The Custom Item Package has a few limitations. It can only be used to make collectable items, fauna, human avatar items, or food items. No custom item is allowed to be based off of anything that is copyrighted. Even if your item is set to rarity AD, other users will be able to obtain your item through certain features that give away AD items, like Lotus Eggs and Santa Bags.

On your inventory page is a link that says "Private Items". This link brings you to a page that will list any custom items you currently have on site. It also allows you to buy extra copies of the custom item (this costs 1 GP per item).

The create private item link also located on that page will lead you to a form where you can submit your own private item if you own a Custom Item Package. It will take a bit of time to receive your custom item after submitting it, as it needs to be approved by a staff member.


Items submitted via Custom Item packages are subject to the Terms of Service - this means that mature, copyrighted, or forbidden content cannot be represented or alluded to by the item or description.

Both the Male and Female versions must be identical, only differing to accommodate for the differences in base shape.
Armor or weapons for your pets cannot be created with a CIP.
Breeding or custom creating items cannot be created with a CIP.
Site themes or site backgrounds cannot be created with a CIP.
Hunger and Energy foods can be created but cannot exceed 25 points, or give alcohol points.
Hunger and Energy food items can be placed into the official site shops by request, and are restricted to Culinary Cache and Energy Emporium respectively. Baked goods and desserts may be eligible to be placed in The Bakery, and will be determined by staff if it fits the theme. Rarity must be Ultra Rare or below. Price is determined by staff.
The "Special" or "Retired" rarity cannot be used with a CIP. Anything submitted with either rarity will be re-classified as "Admin Distributed".

Updating Your Item

To update your items, please PM Eveglori (#2775) with the following information:

If you item has an error, send the item name and the changes you want to make.
If you want to update the artwork, send the item name and the replacement images (please label them if it's not clear which is male or female).
If you are moving accounts and want the ownership of your items transferred, send the link to the account moving record and the list of items that need to be transferred.
If you are transferring item rights to another user send a link to the thread or where the sale has been arranged, along with confirmation of the user ID you are transferring to.

Please feel free to request updates to more than one item at a time.

Site Wide Gifts

If you have an item that you want to share with everyone, you can request in the "Note for Staff" that it is put into the Trash for Treasure shop.

You can keep it in the store for anywhere between 1 day and 1 month, and all items must be priced at least 15 points.
Please make sure all this information is in your "Note for Staff".
Note: if this information is not made available your item will be automatically stocked for 15 points, for a 24 hour period only.

Please note that this is restricted to one item per user per month, and does not allow trunk items to be submitted.
- Example: If you submit an item to go into shops on the 20th, you cannot put another item in until the 20th of the next month.

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