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  • Main - Answers to the most common Aywas Questions.

Account Basics

Are you curious about what all you can and can't do with your account, but aren't quite sure where to start? Well, you've come to the right article! If you are more interested in details regarding how account moving works or about sharing an account, please click their respective links.

The Basics

Q: Can I swear on my profile, in my lair, or in any profile comments?

Swearing is only allowed with an [M] tag. As profiles, lairs, signatures, usernames, and profile comments can not be tagged, it is not allowed to swear in them.

Q: What topics are not allowed at all on Aywas?

Please refer to the "Explicit Material" and "Forbidden Topics" sections of the Terms of Service.

Q: Where is my Deposit Box?

You can find a link to your Deposit Box in the "Account" drop-down on top of every page, as well as on your Inventory page. You can also view it directly using this link.

Q: Where did my Cornucopia/Book of Regeneration/Book of Sacrifice/Aynip/Mini Fridge/any other regenerating item go?

All regenerating items disappear when you use them or when you use their last charge (for items with multiple charges), but return at midnight of the day they are regenerating. You can find how long it takes to regenerate in the item description. You can also find the time it takes until your item is back on the Regeneration Status page, which you can access from your inventory. Unfortunately, if you've used your any regenerating item in Cook-A-Rama, other NPC games, or quests, you won't get it back.

Q: Where do I go to transfer a pet to another player?

There are two ways in which you can transfer a pet to another player. You can opt to use either "Pet Gifts" (if you do not require the other user to send you a pet in exchange), which is located under the section "Pets" in the site menu, or you can use the "Pet Trades" feature.

Q: Someone sent me an item, but I looked in my inventory and it isn't there! Where did my item go?

When another user sends you an item, it is directly sent to your Deposit Box. You can move the item to your inventory by going to your Deposit Box and moving it from there.

Q: Why is there an inventory limit on the number of items we can have?

Aywas has millions of items in the database, and it takes up a lot of space. An inventory limit's purpose is to hopefully deter hoarding of items.

Note: If your inventory is becoming cluttered, feel free to check out the Trash Dump. There, you can get rid of unwanted items, and with premium there is no limit to how much you can dump in one day.

Q: Can I increase my inventory slots?

Yes. To do this, go to your inventory and type in how many inventory slots you would like to purchase. Each inventory slot costs 10 BP.

Q: I'm leaving for vacation. Can I ask someone else to do my dailies or take care of my pets? / It is allowed to have someone babysit my account? / I sometimes take care of my friend's account / My friend sometimes takes care of my account, is this allowed?

Each Aywas user may only have access to one account, unless they are moving and in the two week grace period. Therefore, having an Aywas player log into your account to do dailies or taking care of pets would be considered multiple account use, even if you do not send each other items, currency, or pets. However, if you have a family member or friend who does NOT play Aywas (and has never played Aywas), they could log into your account and do you dailies and/or take care of your pets.

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