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Premium Accounts: Perks & More

Premium Accounts: Perks & More

You can upgrade your account at any time to Premium status, which will give you access to special items and benefits.

Premium Perks

- a bonus monthly item + BP (currently 50k)
- black username
- premium user designation under name on forum posts
- a silver-colored background in your forum posts
- ability to edit your forum font
- unlocks the option to have a forum signature
- 10% discount in almost all site shops, with the exception of any pets and the SP shop
- unlimited trash dumping to get the Trash for Treasure shop currency
- send double the amount of scores on the flash games
- occasional beta testing of new features
- daily geode for premium points, which can be spent in the Premium Outlet
- premium users start out with 12 wardrobe drawers; non-premium users have 6
- premium members can add up to three add-ons to a specific breeding (non-premium can only attach one)

Premium Time

Aywas uses a system that reads 1 month as equivalent to 30 days. Below is a list of the Premium purchase options you have and how many days you will be upgraded for.

1 Month = 30 Days
3 Months = 90 Days
6 Months = 180 Days
12 Months/1 Year = 360 Days

Premium time stacks!

This means that if you have 7 days left in your current upgrade and you buy 1 month of premium, the 30 days will be added onto your current time so that you would have 37 days total.

How do I know how much premium time I have left?

Check your profile! Under Last Seen, there is a Premium row, which will display the date you are upgraded through.
If you don't have an upgraded account, it will say Not Premium. If you have a forever upgrade, it will say Forever Premium.

Can I ask a premium member to buy me an item from the GP shop with their discount?

You can, but on the condition that it is done privately.
Per the ToS, you agree that you will:
- not publically advertise or publically request the usage of a premium member's GP Shop discount

How to Upgrade

On the Purchase GP page, scroll down to Go Premium. From there, you can choose the following upgrade options from the dropdown:

One Month (5 GP)
Three Months (8 GP)
Six Months (12 GP)
12 Months (20 GP)

Premium Upgrade Items

We also have special items that can be used to redeem premium time.

1 Month Upgrade Pendant

Usable from your inventory. Adds 30 days of premium to your account.

Upgrade Talisman

A talisman with 5 charges. Using a charge will yield a 1 Month Upgrade Pendant that you can then use to add time to your account.

FU Pendant

This item will give you a permanent upgrade!
Send this item to Eve (#2775) with a PM to have your Forever Premium status applied to your account!
Note: Forever Premium status can not be transferred to another account once it has been applied.

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