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New User Guide

Welcome to Aywas!

Joining a new website can be a bit confusing, so if you're interested in learning the ropes, you've come to the right place! Please be sure to look through this article and the Terms of Service thoroughly before posting in the Help forum to ensure that someone doesn't point you straight back here.


The Newbie Package

It's dangerous to go alone, take this! You can access your Newbie Package from your Inventory - open it up for some goodies, which includes some BP to line your pockets, clothing to cover your Human Avatar a bit, and a custom making item which we will talk about in more detail further on in this article!


Money, money, money! - The Types of Currency

There are quite a few different types of currency here on Aywas. Listed below are a few of the more commonly used ones, excluding items that count as seasonal currency during events.

Blue Paws (commonly referred to as BP) can be obtained through various features, more commonly in Adventure and Games. While this currency can be spent in the majority of the site's shops, Scion will happily accept large quantities of these in the BP Shop.

Gold Paws (commonly referred to as GP) can be obtained via the USD Shop, site contests, and so on. Even if you cannot directly purchase them or participate in contests, users often exchange GP for BP and vice-versa! Tech accepts GP in the GP Shop.

Silver Paws (commonly referred to as SP) are account-bound currency, obtained via placing on High Score lists, site contests, and so on. It is the hardest currency to obtain, but if you manage to get your hands on them, Naoki will accept them in the SP Shop.

Premium Points (commonly referred to as PP) are an account-bound currency, obtained by Premium Users via collecting Geodes and exchanging them.

Pave the Way to Collecting - Your First Pet!

No Newbie Package is complete without an egg, right? In this case, what you have received is a Random Egg, which contains a pet! To hatch eggs, users must incubate them at the Phoenix Tree. Eggs are quite delicate, so it will take three (3) days for them to hatch without a little magical help. If you're ready to dive right in, you can also check out the Adoption Center to see if there is a pet in need of a home!

Another item you have received is a Blue Orb, which is one of many items that will grant you more pet slots in your Lair! To use this item, head on over into your Account Settings and Get Pet Slots. There are quite a few pets that you will encounter while Adventuring, so it's a good idea to make sure that you have plenty of slots available! You can find more of these types of items while Adventuring and in the BP Shop and Alchemist Alley.

Getting Down and Dirty - Adventure Basics

Now that you have your first pet and a few slots, it's time to get your hands dirty in Adventure! As this is more than likely the first time your pet has stepped foot into this unknown territory, you will be asked to reset the pet's stats. Doing so will give you grant you Stat Points that you can assign to your pet! Don't worry too much about where you allocate them for now - there are no level caps, and there will even be items to reset points completely for you to redistribute.

One of the items in your Newbie Package is a Net. This item is how you will be able to capture pets! If it breaks, you can purchase a new one from Ambriel at Adventure Supplies. Before you go crazy swinging that thing around, be sure to purchase a Hunting License, otherwise the Ay Police may hunt you down for poaching. The best place for new explorers is the Bridge, so once you are thoroughly prepared, head on over there and Start Exploring!

Every time you Continue Exploring, your pet will lose one (1) point of energy. You can replenish your pet's energy via the Fountain or items, such as the Cup of Joe that was in your Newbie Package. It may seem like a daunting task to keep your pet's energy up at first, but fear not - the more levels your pet gains, the more energy it will have! Your pet may lose its first battles against Monsters, but it will still gain experience. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! If you're feeling ambitious, you can even begin taking on Quests. Each completed quest will raise the location's level, and once you've raised it to 15, you can unlock new areas to explore! Neat!

A Taste of the Custom Life - Your Metal Custom Token

In your Newbie Package, you'll find one of the numerous custom making items available on Aywas - a Metal Custom Token! As the name suggests, you will be allowed to make a metal version of a Token genus. Metal means that you cannot make any edits to the line art. How do you know which pets are a part of the Token genus, you ask? Our Genus Guide is split up into categories - scroll down to "Token Genera," click, and viola! All the pets you can create are there, as well as a link to their PSD, so that you can color them!

Once you have downloaded the PSD, you can open it with your art program of choice and get to work! After you have your pet colored, make sure that it is saved as a PNG and that it has a transparent background. You can then head over to the Custom Pet page to submit it. Submissions are not processed automatically, but once your design has been accepted, you will receive a notice and can find your pet in your Lair!

Getting Dolled Up - Your Human Avatar

Your Human Avatar, commonly referred to as an "HA," is an avatar you can dress up with various hair, clothing, and accessories on-site. Your Newbie Package will provide you with some basic (and worn out) clothing, but there are various ways to obtain new clothing! Users can purchase these items from stores such as Ye Olde Clothing Store and La Boutique. Additionally, there is a monthly contest centered around HA outfits, where users can vote on their favorite designs and, later on in the month, colorations. The winning designs will be available in the BP Shop, GP Shop, and Premium Purchases.

Not quite satisfied with what you've seen in those stores? Users are able to make their own HA attire by using the Custom Item Package.

Once you have everything you need, it's time to dress your HA! This can be done by accessing your Wardrobe once you have moved your clothing items to your Wardrobe from your Inventory. After you have saved your HA's new outfit, do a hard refresh on the page to ensure it will show up on the forums and around the site. Do this every time you save your avatar again to make sure it updates properly.

More information on HA's can be found in the Human Avatar Overview article!

Dive into the Social Scene - The Forums

The forums, located under the "Community" tab, is where most users go to socialize. When participating in the forums, please make sure to follow the Terms of Service. You are able to use certain coding such as bolding, underlining, and striking out bits to format your posts, as well as the ability to ping other users so that they will be notified of your response (as long as they have pinging enabled, of course).

You will be allowed to have an icon (with size restrictions) that you can upload via your User Control Panel. If you have a Premium Account, you can also customize things such as your font and signature.

Don't be shy - go ahead and introduce yourself to the community!

What are you even saying?? - Commonly Used Abbreviations!

BP: Blue Paws
GP: Gold Paws
SP: Silver Paws
PP: Premium Points
BCC: Blue Custom Crystal
BCO: Blue Custom Orb
GCC: Gold Custom Crystal
GCO: Gold Custom Orb
PMBC: Painted Metal Breeding Coin
PLBC: Painted Lesser Breeding Coin
PBC: Platinum Breeding Coin
LBC: Lesser Breeding Coin
HLBC: Half a Lesser Breeding Coin
MBC: Metal Breeding Coin
RBC: Radioactive Breeding Coin
SBC: Sketch Breeding Coin
SCC: Silver Custom Crystal

What to do when you have questions or need help!

There are various features on Aywas, and it can be very easy to become overwhelmed. When you have a question, the first thing you should do is to search the Knowledge Base. You will be able to find articles on a variety of subjects and features, just like the one you are reading right now!

If you can't seem to find an answer, you can post in the Help forum. To help staff or other users assist you, please be as descriptive as possible! There may also be times you have a question that only a staff member will be able to answer. You can check the Staff list to see who the appropriate person to PM is.

There may be a point in time when you encounter a glitch or some other type of issue within the site. If this happens, consider if the glitch is exploitable. If it is, you should PM a staff member immediately with as much information as possible. If you are unsure of if a glitch is exploitable, please message a staff member anyway - it is better to be safe than sorry!

If the glitch isn't something that can be exploited, head on over to the Glitches and Issues forum. Before making a thread, make sure that no one else has already made one about the glitch or issue you are experiencing.

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