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HTML Codes and Features on the Site & Forums

Forum Code

Aywas uses HTML tags. The following tags can able to be used in forum posts, pet page comments, news post comments, profile comments, and other various areas of the site.

Text Format Tags:

What it looks like:

Strike Through

Remove the spaces:

< b>Bold< /b>
< i>Italics< /i>
< u>Underline< /u>
< strike>Strike Through< /strike>
< br > (creates a line break (eg, like pressing enter); useful when posting large amounts of coding, such as images)
< img src=URL>
< a href=URL>Text< /a>

Forum Only:

:PET1234 (replace number with pet ID to create image with profile link)

Forum And News Posts:

@123 (replace number with user ID to create user ping)

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