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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will my breeding arrive?
A: It depends on the coin used and how many people have been submitting breedings recently. You can expect a breeding to take as little as a few weeks to as much as a year depending on the coin. You can check this thread to see the current status and waiting time of each breeding coin:
Q: The babies from my breeding are labeled as the wrong genus or mis-spelled. How do I fix this?
A: Go to this thread and use the form to get it corrected.
Q: I got somebody else's eggs from a breeding. Who should I contact?
A: Please contact the breeding admin, Frey (#90), so she can correct it.
Q: There's an artist mistake on the babies from my breeding. Where do I post this?
A: There is a thread titled "Breeding Mistakes" in the Breeding Chat forum where you can post any offspring that have artist mistakes on them. Please read the first post and ensure if yours is considered a breeding mistake before posting. Currently that thread is here:
Q: Why are the eggs from my breeding giving me a "ghost egg" error?
A: This usually means there was an issue with the uploading of your breeding. Just contact Frey (#90) and she'll re-upload your eggs for you.
Q: I want to apply to be a breeding artist. What do I do?
A: Look at the Breeding Chat forum to find the application for the coin you wish to apply for. Check that they are taking applications and follow the steps in the application on how to send it in.
Q: What genus pairings result in hybrid offspring?
A: There are several dozen possible pairings that result in hybrids! This list includes Melo x Reve = Griffin, Oakl x Soli = Kyre, and Drylis x Bumble = Reebu. For a complete list of our many hybrids (and all the other species!) please visit the species tutorial here. (Each hybrid's required genus pairings can be found in the information for that hybrid.)
Q: Where can I find and download official pet genus PSDs?
A: The standard pet .PSDs are located in theSpecies Tutorial under the pet's image. You can find the Species Tutorial in the 'Help' dropdown > All Pet Genuses.
Alternate and event linearts can be found in this thread, which is also linked at the top of the Species Tutorial.
Q: How many babies can I get from a Metal Breeding Coin/Lesser Breeding Coin/Breeding Coin/etc Breeding?
A: Please refer to the breeding guide for answers to all your breeding questions!
Q: How do breeding pendants work?
A: There are currently seven breeding pendants on-site.

Metal Breeding Pendant (MBP) allows you to breed two pets with the exact same lineart (there is a 5% lineart difference allowed) and regenerates in a months time (30 days).

Radioactive Breeding Pendant (RBP) allows you to breed two pets resulting in either an unbreedable mutant, a breedable mutant or a normal offspring (which will be a random species). There is a 50% fail rate, in which case no offspring will be produced. This pendant regenerates in a months time (30 days).

Evil Breeding Pendant (EBP) allows you to breed two pets resulting in either an unbreedable evil offspring, breedable evil offspring or breedable normal offspring. There is a 60% fail rate, and if it fails the offspring will be a grey vyne. This pendant regenerates in three months time (90 days).

Lesser Breeding Pendant (LBP) allows you to breed two pets of the same species together even if they have lineart differences. (No Old Lineart x New Lineart breedings are allowed, unless user predictions are submitted.) Please check Breeding Tutorial Page listed under "Hybrid Breedings" on the Hybrid your pairing will produce. For any pairings that do not have an official hybrid species, the genus of the baby will be randomly picked to be one of the parent's genuses. This pendant regenerates in two months time (60 days).

Breeding (Coin) Pendant (BP or BCP) allows you to breed two pets of different species. This pendant regenerates in three months time (90 days).

Holiday (Coin) Pendant (HP or HCP) allows you to breed two pets of different species, but does not result in a hybrid. The genus of the baby will be randomly picked to be one of the parent's genuses. This pendant regenerates in three months time (90 days).

Platinum (Coin) Breeding Pendant (PBP) allows you to breed any two pets to produce a completely unique pet of a new, unique species. The pendant regenerates in three months time (90 days).
Q: Can I use a breeding coin on two pets that don't have a hybrid pairing?
A: Sure! However, the Holiday Breeding Coin (HBC) was created exactly for this purpose and would likely yield the same result at a cheaper price. If you use a BC on two species that don't currently have a hybrid pairing, you'll just get babies from those parent species. For example, currently there is no hybrid for melo x vyne, so if you bred a melo and a vyne together, you'd get either melo babies, vyne babies, or a mixture of both.
Q: How do you breed Aywas?
A: To breed two aywas, you first need a coin. The following is a list of coins as well as where to purchase them:

Derp breeding coin = Premium shop
Radioactive breeding coin = Premium shop
Metal breeding coin = BP shop
Evil breeding coin = currently not sold in shops
Lesser breeding coin = GP shop
Breeding coin = GP shop (once every 3 months)
Holiday coin = Available only during festive seasons
Platinum coin = Available for a week in December

Once you have a coin, and you have figured out the two pets you would like to breed, you need to go to the Standing Stones, located under the "world" section of the menu. There you can click on your coin, and then you select the pet in your lair that you would like to breed, and enter the ID number of the second pet you would like to breed with. At this stage, you should also include any of the breeding add-ons that you have purchased and want to use in the breeding.

Once your breeding has been submitted, just sit back and relax! The babies will arrive within time.
Q: How do I breed two pets that aren't mine?
A: Well, you have two options. The first being to send your coin to the owner of one of the pets you want to breed with and then have them submit the breeding for you. They now can have the eggs sent directly to your account when they arrive by going to the breeding page of that specific breeding and using the transfer offspring feature. The second option is to ask to borrow one of the pets so you can submit the breeding yourself. Once the breeding is submitted you can return the pet without harm to the breeding.
Q: Can I use my LBC to breed customs? What about silver customs?
A: Yes. As long as the pets you want to breed are the same species, an LBC will work. The only exception to this would be Xaocs and Neuras. Xaocs cannot be bred with another Xaoc and Neuras cannot be bred with another Neura.

If you are using just an LBC for a silver species, the lineart difference can not be over 30%. If you wish to breed two silvers over 30% you may also use a Silver Breeding Upgrade (in the BP shop).
Q: Do I need to send in my custom's .PSD, and where do I send my custom's .PSD?
A: You are not required to send in .PSDs. If you breed your pet and want the offspring to be made by site artists it is wise to submit the PSD for the customs you breed with. If you do, please send it to [email protected] and label the subject with "CUSTOM PSD ______" with your pet's ID number in place of the blank. Please name the psd with your pets ID number (#xxxxx), not with the pet's name. This is to make it easier for our artists to find your pet's psd! By sending it to the email, any breeding artist that might need it will have access to the file.
You can also upload the .PSD on the review page of your breeding, which you can find at the Breed Request page of the Standing Stones. Keep in mind that with this option, it will only be available for the breeding for which you upload it, and no future ones unless you upload it again.
Q: Can I make my own breeding predictions?
A: Read This Predicts Rules Tutorial for more information.
Q: Can I pay someone to make breeding predictions for me?
A: Sure. However, there are some limits.
7 GP per baby = Breeding Coin, Holiday Breeding Coin, Delicious Eggnog, Evil Breeding Coin
5 GP per baby = Lesser Breeding Coin, Half a Lesser Breeding Coin
3 GP per baby = Metal Breeding Coin
Predicts for same species, different lineart breedings (old x new, alt x old, etc.) have no price cap.

Artists may not receive tips beyond these payments.
Q: Can I ask for more edits to be added to my babies from my breeding?
A: No, once a breeding is finished nothing will be edited, unless there are artist mistakes. If you think a mistake was made on your offspring, please read this topic in the breeding chat forum to see if it is considered an artist error. You can then post using the form provided in the thread to have it be fixed.
Q: Did my breeding get lost?
A: No, breedings don't get lost. Some artists finish their lists faster than others so you may occasionally see babies appearing that were from breedings submitted after yours. Occasionally, breedings lists may be reassigned to other artists if an artist does not finish a list in a timely manner. You can see if your breeding has been assigned by checking under World > Standing Stones > Breed Requests. If your breeding has been assigned to an artist, there will be a note under the breeding that says "This breeding has been assigned to a helper!"
Q: How does a Holiday Mistletoe work?
A: A Holiday Mistletoe allows a user the chance to breed two pets of the same species together. It works the same way that a Lesser Breeding Coin (LBC) does, except there is a 50% chance that it will fail. To use it, go to the Standing Stones page in the 'World' dropdown and from there go to the Mistletoe page. It will not show up at the default Standing Stones page.
Q: Why is the baby from my breeding unbreedable?
A: Most likely it came from a Radioactive Breeding Coin or a Derp Breeding Coin, and since these breedings tend to be a bit abnormal, the babies are not allowed to breed. Evil breedings also have the chance to result in unbreedable babies.
Q: How can I make my unbreedable pet breedable?
A: The default way would be to use a Breedable Potion, however Derp Breeding Coin babies cannot be made breedable with these. If your pet is a site genus and easily resembles that genus, you can also use that genus' custom making item. If you have a mutant that follows the lines of a site genus, you can ask in the 'What color crystal do I need?'-thread (sticky in the Ask the Admin subforum) if it can be created with a custom making item and what one you'd need. If not, you can still use a Breedable Potion on your pet.
Q: What does a Rosetta Stone or a Decorated Phoenix Tree do?
A: A Rosetta Stone fast forwards your egg's incubation time and you will be able to hatch the egg instantly after using the Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stones are a one time use item. Decorated Phoenix Trees are regenerating Rosetta Stones that can be used once per day, and they were a limited item from 2012.
Q: I don't want to wait three days for my egg to incubate! How can I hatch it right now?
A: You would need to use a Rosetta Stone or a Decorated Phoenix Tree on the egg you want to hatch early. If you have one of those items, visit the Standing Stones, located under the "world" section of the menu. Click on the link that says "Read Rosetta" and then select the egg you would like to use the Rosetta/Decorated Tree on.
Q: I got a notification saying my breeding was completed. Where do I find the eggs?
A: Visit the Phoenix Tree, located under the "world" section of the menu. Your eggs should be there waiting to be incubated. Just click on the eggs to incubate them.
Q: How do I hatch the eggs from my breeding?
A: To hatch your eggs, you incubate them under the Phoenix Tree, located under the "World" tab. It takes three days for your egg to incubate. If you're feeling impatient, you can use a Rosetta Stone at any time to instantly hatch it.
Q: What does an Engagement Ring do?
A: An engagement ring marries two pets. Married pets can only breed with the pet they are married to, and a breeding of two married pets will always yield one extra offspring.
Q: How do I marry my pets?
A: If you have an Engagement Ring, you can marry your pets by going to "Pet Proposals" under the "My Pets" tab. Choose your pet from the drop down menu and then enter the ID number of the pet you wish to marry it to. Once the proposal has been accepted (by yourself if you own both, or by the owner of the other pet), your pets are married.
Q: Can married pets breed with other pets that aren't their spouse?
A: Nope. Once you marry two pets, they can only breed with each other. Only if a married pet ranks in the top 10 of the drinking game is it possible for it to breed with other pets.
Q: Can I get the .PSD file of the baby from my breeding?
A: You are free to ask the artist for the .PSD file of your babies if you know who made them, but they are not obliged to give out the .PSDs.
Alternatively, if the thread is unlocked, you can fill out and submit the formhere to request the .PSDs of your babies. If the thread is locked and you don't know the artist, the psd can't be given out at the moment, sorry.
Q: I got the wrong kind of hybrid from my hybrid breeding. Who should I contact?
A: Please contact Frey (#90) so she can fix the issue.
Q: I had breeding rules for my pets, and a user didn't follow them. Who should I contact?
A: Feel free to contact any moderator (green names located on the Staff Listings found here at the bottom of your page) so they can help resolve the situation.
Q: I want to apply to be a pet coloration artist. Who should I contact?
A: Please send an on site PM to Erienne (#17) with examples of your coloring work. She typically posts a news post when she's actively hiring pet coloration artists.
Q: I want to switch accounts, but I have a pending breeding on my current account. What should I do?
A: You have a few options. You can either wait to move until your breedings have arrived, you can ask the new owner of your account to send the babies to you once they hatch, or you can use the option to transfer the eggs to your new account once the breeding is complete. The baby transfer option (located on the page for your breeding) works even if the account is banned. If you used predictions, any kickback will be sent to the account from where the breeding was submitted, and can be transferred only if you negotiated this with a new owner of the account. Remember that regardless of waiting for breedings to be completed, you only have two weeks to complete a move when you switch accounts.
Q: Will my offspring have edits? If so, how are the edits determined?
A: In the case of BC breedings, users will either receive a hybrid custom that has 30% edits or if the user receives two offspring they have a 50/50 chance of getting either one offspring with 30% edits and one with 0% edits or both offspring having a mix of edits. However, the type of edits that get carried, the amount of the edit, and the size of the edit are at the discretion of the artist. If your customs have some type of edit, your offspring will be guaranteed an edit.

You can use an Edit Potion (available in the BP Shop) with your Breeding Coin, this will result in a single baby, but it can have up to 50% edits. Other items that can influence edits on your pet are Love Story, Book of Flowers and Book of Zombification, which will allow the artist to add themed edits depending on the items used. The total amount of edits stays within 30%, or 50% if combined with an Edit Potion.

Evil Breedings and Holiday Breedings follow the same guideline as the BC breedings edits, however no Edit Potion can be used on them. The Love Story, Book of Flowers and Book of Zombification items can be used on BC breedings and Holiday Breedings, but not on Evil Breedings.

In the case of LBC breedings, it is up to the discretion of the artist. For example, if you have one edited parent and one non-edited parent, the babies can either have a mix of edits from the parents, or one baby with no edits and the other baby with some edits.

In the case of user-submitted LBC breedings, the predicts must reflect a clear mix of the parents. The colors must be mixed, the edits must be mixed, and the markings should be mixed also. So please don't submit predicts that all have wings (unless both parents have wings), or that are all blue when the parents were blue and green. The predicts cannot be more edited than the parents!

Metal Breeding Coin babies can only have edits if the parent pets are within the allowed 5% edit difference for the coin. The artists are not obliged to mix the edits, however.

If a Platinum Breeding Coin is submitted with a Life Seed, there is a 5% chance the second baby will have some edits.
Q: Do I have to make breeding predictions for my breeding?
A: No, the breeding team is happy to make the babies for you! However, if you are using a Lesser Breeding Coin on two pets with different versions of lineart like a breeding between an old-line Melo and a new-line Melo, you are required to supply predicts. The breeding team will not complete a Lesser Breeding between two pets with different versions of lineart.
Q: How many predicts do I need to make for my breeding?
A: Please see the breeding tutorial here: ( It explains which breeding coins and add-ons are compatible with predicts since some are not able to be used with predicts. It also explains the number of predicts needed for each coin.
Q: How do I apply to become a moderator?
A: Fill out the moderator application located in Ask the Admin and send it to [email protected]

Please refer to this thread:
Q: When will my application for moderator be looked at?
A: Moderator applications are reviewed anywhere from once a week to twice a month during periods when no new moderators are needed at the time. When moderators are actively being hired, applications are reviewed daily. You will only receive a reply (on site) if the position is being offered to you. If you are not selected, your application may still be under consideration for a future promotion.
Q: How often does the staff add new moderators to the team?
A: Moderators are hired based on need, so timing and necessity fluctuates.
Q: Who are the members of the staff?
A: Please refer to this page to see who the current staff members are. This page is be located at the bottom of each Aywas page.
Q: Why are there different coloored names on the staff page and 'Who's Online' page?
A: The coloor of the account reflects the position the account holds.

Blue = Administrator
Pink = Super Moderator
Green = Moderator
Red = Coder
Teal = NPC accounts
Purple = contributors, NOT STAFF
Orange = prize for winning Scav Hunt event, NOT STAFF

If you have a user issue or problem, always try contacting a moderator (green names) first before going to an admin (blue). Do not message coders (red), NPC accounts (teal) or people with a purple or orange name with issues!
Q: What do the admins do?
A: It depends on the admin.
User admins oversee the moderators, handle severe forum issues, mediate user conflict and general administrative help.

Breeding admins oversee breedings, the artist staff, and basically everything else breeding related.
Q: I have a question about something site related, can I message one of the moderators / admins?
A: Please feel free to contact a moderator or admin if you ever have a question regarding the site, however moderators should always be your first port of call as admins can be fairly busy.
Q: I got an official warning from the staff, what does that mean?
A: An official warning is sent out for more significant or major breaches of the ToS that don't require an outright ban. A warning may also be sent out for an issue that you have received reminders about previously. Harassment, flaming, and severe sales problems all warrant this level of reprimanding. Upon receiving an official warning, a detailed explanation and links to any pertinent threads or site pages will be included. If you have any questions or want to appeal the warning, reply to the moderator or contact a user administrator.

Accumulating warnings may lead to short bans and potentially a permanent one if the behavior does not change or worsens. If you are on this path, a staff member will contact you to explain your situation well ahead of time.

We keep a log of all warnings.
Q: I got an official reminder from the staff, what does that mean?
A: Reminders are sent out for first offenses or small problems, such as poor grammar and spelling, failure to use an [M] tag, bumping a thread too frequently, etc. They acknowledge a breach of the ToS, but take into consideration the lack of severity. If you neglect to take the reminder into consideration and keep doing the same thing over and over again, the issue may then warrant a warning. If you have any questions or want to appeal the reminder, reply to the moderator or contact a user administrator.

We keep a log of all reminders.
Q: Why was my thread locked?
A: Threads are only closed for one of two reasons:
a. OP request.
b. ToS breach/the thread has devolved into irredeemable flaming.

Our policy is to keep threads open as long as possible by addressing rule-breaking at the level of particular users and not necessarily the whole thread. Therefore, if a very tiny fraction of thread participants are engaging in flaming, for example, they will be contacted privately so other players can continue enjoying the topic at hand. However, if a thread has repeatedly taken nasty turns and as a whole becomes little more than fighting, it will be closed.

You may always begin a new thread on a topic that has been previously locked for the above reason.

If you have any questions about a locked thread, don't hesitate to contact a staff member.
Q: Why was my thread moved into the trash?
A: Threads are only "deleted" or moved to the Trash for one of three reasons:
a. OP request.
b. Anything that's a security risk or details a glitch that can be abused.
b. Severe ToS breaches. Explicit material such as pornography, bestiality, etc. will be moved, as well as some sensitive topics, such as suicide.
Q: Can I get my thread unlocked?
A: If your thread was locked by request, yes. You may request to have it opened at any time.

If your thread was locked due to a ToS breach or behavior, then in most cases the answer will be no. If your thread is ever locked and there is a chance for it to be re-opened, such as editing something out of your OP to make it acceptable, the moderator will let you know.
Q: Can I be a moderator if I share an account?
A: If you share an account, you may only become a moderator if all users sharing the account are also accepted as moderators.
Q: Who do I contact if I have an issue involving a member of staff?
A: If you have an issue with one of the moderators, please send your concerns to one of the user admins.
Q: I feel like I was warned / reminded unfairly, who should I contact?
A: If you feel like unfair action was taken against you by a moderator, please send your concerns to one of the user admins.
Q: Why was my thread deleted?
A: Threads are not deleted; they are moved to a section of the forum that is only accessible by staff members. If you are confused about why you can no longer find your thread, please message a moderator or admin about it.
Q: Why was my post deleted?
A: Posts should never be deleted unless they are double posts and removed by request. In rare cases, staff may also delete a post that contains something like a pornographic image.

If your post is ever deleted and you did not request it, please contact a user administrator.

The exception to this is in official event threads or in a place like Request Customs and User Submitted Offspring. Administrators will routinely go through these areas and remove posts that have been taken care of.
Q: Why was my thread made into a sticky?
A: A moderator or admin should have posted on your thread explaining why they made it into a sticky. If they did not post and you are curious, feel free to contact one of the staff.
Q: How do I get my thread to be made into a sticky?
A: You should not ask to have your thread made into a sticky. One of the staff members will make a thread into a sticky if they think that other users can benefit from the thread and that it would be useful for it to be a sticky.
Q: I want my thread to be locked, who do I contact?
A: Contact any moderator and they'll be happy to help. Please remember to contact a moderator (green name) rather than an admin (blue name) as a moderator will be likely to help you in a more timely manner as admins are always busy with a plethora of responsibilities that come with being an administrator of the site!
Q: I made a duplicate thread by mistake, who do I contact to get it removed?
A: Contact any moderator and they'll be happy to help. Please remember to contact a moderator (green name) rather than an admin (blue name) as a moderator will be likely to help you in a more timely manner as admins are always busy with a plethora of responsibilities that come with being an administrator of the site!
Q: I just bought an account, can the staff delete all of the old posts made by the old owner so I can have a fresh start?
A: No, we will not erase the post history of a user.
Q: Can I get in trouble for being rude to the staff?
A: Yes you can. The staff are human too, so harassment rules apply to them also.
Q: I found a glitch that can be easily exploited by other users to allow unfair wealth gain, who should I contact?
A: Please contact Eri (#17) or Slash (#15) if you have found a glitch that can be taken advantage of for unfair wealth gain. If it's urgent, contact any moderator or admin that is online. Under any circumstances, do not post it anywhere public.
Q: None of the staff is online, but I have a serious issue. What should I do?
A: Pick a staff member that you see online most often, and message them about it. You'll have to wait until they log on before the issue can be dealt with. Please do not message more than one staff member, as it can cause confusion.
Q: If I have an issue and I already messaged a staff member, how long should I wait for them to respond before contacting someone else?
A: At least 24 hours. If they've been online since you sent the message, most likely they are already working on it. It would also be better to bump your message to the same staff member if you haven't gotten a reply in a few days, to avoid confusion for the staff.
If it is something really urgent (like glitches that can be abused or are dangerous to the site), please message another staff member online as soon as possible.
Q: I lost an item / pet due to a glitch. What do I do?
A: There is a "Report Violation" link at the bottom of every page. Fill out a report with the type "Missing Item(s)" and provide information on what item is missing, how many, and what happened that made the item go missing.
Q: What does it mean when a user is a Contributor?
A: It means they have contributed a lot to the site, whether it be pet colorations, or features, etc. Contributors have purple usernames.
Q: I made a thread in the wrong forum, who do I contact to get it moved?
A: Contact any moderator and they'll be happy to help.
Q: I got in trouble for breaking the rules. However, I didn't know that what I was doing was against the rules because I forgot to read the Terms of Service.
A: It is your responsibility when you join Aywas to read the Terms of Service. It is not acceptable to present not reading the Terms of Service that you agreed to when you joined as an excuse for breaking the rules. If you are confused about any part of the Terms of Service and you need further explanation, please contact any of the moderators (green names) and they will be happy to clarify the Terms of Service to you so you can understand them more easily.
Q: If I'm switching accounts or buying a new account, can I keep my original account for more than 2 weeks if I have a good reason?
A: No. There will be no extensions to the 2 week period. You must ban, sell or give away your second account within 2 weeks, and if you fail to do so the staff will ban the account!
Q: Am I allowed to commission custom designs with USD?
A: USD commissions for 'silver' pet art are allowed, but only if the lines do not exist on aywas yet. You cannot commission art on any existing aywas genus, already existing silver species or aywas HA items for USD. You can pay an artist with Metal, Blue or Gold Paintbrushes, which they can exchange for USD after the commission is finished, and they can be bought at the Purchase GP page under shops.
Q: What words are considered swear words on Aywas?
A: Please refer to this thread:

Q: When does a topic need to be marked with a [M] mature?
Q: Can I swear on my profile, in my lair or in any profile comments?
A: Swearing is only allowed with an [M] tag. As profiles, lairs, signatures, usernames, and profile comments can not be tagged, it is not allowed to swear in them. Please refer to this thread for what words are considered swear words.
Q: Where on Aywas am I allowed to swear?
A: Please refer to this thread:
Q: What topics are not allowed at all on Aywas?
A: Please refer to the "Explicit Material" and "Forbidden Topics" sections of the TOS.
Q: What do I need to know about sharing an account with another user?
A: Please refer to the "Account Sharing" section of the TOS. There is also a user-created thread on account sharing here:
Q: If I'm sharing an account and my account partner does something against the rules, will that affect me too?
A: Yes. When you share an account, you take a risk that if your account partner does something against the rules and gets banned/warned, you'll be banned/warned too. For more information please refer to the "Account Sharing" section of the TOS.
Q: Can I ask a premium member to buy me an item from the GP shop with their discount?
A: You are not allowed to openly ask for a premium member to buy you an item from the GP shop with their discount.
Q: Where is my Deposit Box?
A: You can find the deposit box in the 'Account' dropdown on top of every page. Or directly through this link.
Q: How do I get more Pet Slots?
A: To gain more pet slots you need to find or buy special items. These are:

Blue Vial - 1 Slot
Blue Orb - 5 Slots
Blue Shard - 25 Slots
Gold Vial - 2 Slots
Gold Orb - 10 Slots
Gold Shard - 50 Slots
Silver Vial - 3 Slots
Silver Orb - 15 Slots
Silver Shard - 100 Slots
Shard Talisman -500 Slots through 5 charges which each yield a Silver Shard

The Blue and Gold items can be found around the site via explore and games and in user shops, and the Silver items and Shard Talisman can be found for sale in the BP Shop.
Q: How do I use Vials / Orbs / Shards?
A: To use your pet slot items you need to go to the Settings page linked under the "Account" section of the site menu and then select the link labeled Get Pet Slots. This page tells you about each item and how many of them you have. To use one, click on the "Use" button and your slots will immediately be added.
Q: When do the shops restock?
A: Shops currently restock at random times. There is no pattern.
Q: How many spheres are there?
A: There are 9 Spheres: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, White and Yellow.
Q: What are spheres used for?
A: When you have all 9 spheres you give them to Rogue, who is located on the Game List page under the "Play" section of the site menu. Click the link labeled "Rogue's Zapping", and he will zap your pet once a day to possibly change its type, species, color or statistics. Not all results will be good ones, so chose which pet you zap wisely.

The Museum used to offer a small reward in exchange for a complete set of spheres, but this collection has been retired.
Q: What is a codex page for?
A: Codex pages used to be able to change your active pet into the pet that is described on the codex page (for example, a Clouded Leopard Codex Page would turn your active pet into a clouded leopard). However these have been retired and can no longer be used.
Q: What are Stilettos, Sheets, and Leaves used for?
A: These are collectible items. They can be saved for when the site holds an auction/event where they are used as currency.
Q: Where did my Cornucopia/Book of Regeneration/Book of Sacrifice/Aynip/Mini Fridge/any other regenerating item go?
A: All regenerating items disappear when you use them or when you use their last charge (for items with multiple charges), but return at midnight of the day they are regenerating. You can find how long it takes to regenerate in the item description. You can also find the time it takes until your item is back on the Regeneration Status page which you can access from your inventory. Unfortunately, if you've used your any regenerating item in Chaos Cooking, other NPC games, or quests you won't get it back.
Q: What's the difference between a Truly Random Egg and a Random Egg?
A: A Random Egg (RE) can hatch any site pet, but usually results in a Common or Uncommon pet. A Truly Random Egg (or TRE) can also hatch any site pet, but you have an equal chance of getting any rarity.
Q: Where do I go to transfer a pet to another player?
A: There are two ways in which you can transfer a pet to another player. You can opt to use either "Pet Gifts" (if you do not require the other user to send you a pet in exchange) or "Pet Trades". Both these can be located under the section "Pets" in the site menu.
Q: Someone sent me an item, but I looked in my inventory and it isn't there! Where did my item go?
A: When another user sends you an item, it is directly sent to your Deposit Box. You can move the item to your Inventory by going to your Deposit Box and moving it from there.
Q: Why is there an inventory limit on the number of items we can have?
A: Aywas has millions of items in the database, and it takes up a lot of space. An inventory limit's purpose is to hopefully deter hoarding of items.
Q: Can I increase my inventory slots?
A: Yes. To do this, go to your inventory and type in how many inventory slots you would like to purchase. Each inventory slot costs 10 BP.
Q: Is there a place where I can go to see all of the Items Aywas has, along with what they do?
A: Yes. To see all the items Aywas has to offer, go to the Item Database page under the "Archives" section on the site menu. In the Database, you can sort by Type, Location, Rarity, and order of release. In addition, you are also able to type in a keyword, such as "blue", to see all items that include that word.
Q: Why can't we equip apprentices anymore?
A: Apprentices have been retired and can no longer be equipped to a pet. They can be used as part of the museum collection or held onto as a collectible item. They do not have any other uses.
Q: Is there a bartering system in Aywas shops? Can we haggle?
A: Yes, in some Aywas shops the owner will allow to user to haggle the item down by 10%. Notable shops that do not allow haggling are the GP and SP shops.
Q: Are there any discounts in Aywas shops for Premium members?
A: Yes, Premium members get 10% off in all site shops, except for the SP shop.
Q: How do I restore my pet's Energy?
A: A pet's energy can be restored by feeding it energy food. You can find energy food in Adventure or you can buy from shops. You can buy energy food from the Energy Dishes shop under Shop Listings under the Shop tab or buying from user shops. There are also random chances of stepping in a puddle that restores a small amount of your health, or your pet will randomly take a break and regain some health and energy. You can also visit the energy fountain once every half hour which will restore some health and energy.
Q: How do I restore my pet's HP and AU?
A: A pet's HP or AU can be restored by giving it an HP or AU potion. You can find these potions at the Explore Shop under Shop Listings in the Shop tab of the site menu, or you can buy them from user shops. Also, your pet regains 1 HP with every step it takes in Adventure! There are also random chances of stepping in a puddle that restores a small amount of your health, or your pet will randomly take a break and regain some health and energy. You can also visit the energy fountain once every half hour which will restore some health and energy.
Q: When do daily games (dailies) reset?
A: Daily games reset at midnight Aywas time.
Q: How often can I visit the Crystal Ball?
A: You can visit the Crystal Ball every 60 minutes.
Q: How often can I play Xero's Pet Research?
A: Xero's Pet Research can only be played once a day.
Q: How often can I zap a pet with Rogue's Zap?
A: If you have access to the zapper, you can zap one pet a day for free. After that you can get extra zaps by turning in a Special Orbs. You get one extra zap for each orb.
Q: How many times a day can I play Rogue's Scavenger Hunt?
A: You can play Rogue's Scavenger Hunt 10 times a day.
Q: How often can I Talk to Xero?
A: You can only talk to Xero once a day - he's a busy man after all.
Q: I'm leaving for vacation, can I ask someone else to do my dailies or take care of my pets? / It is allowed to have someone babysit my account? / I sometimes take care of my friend's account / My friend sometimes takes care of my account, is this allowed?
A: Each Aywas user may only have access to one account unless they are moving and in the two week grace period. Therefore, having an Aywas player log into your account to do dailies or taking care of pets would be considered multiple account use, even if you do not send each other items, currency or pets. However, if you have a family member or friend who does NOT play aywas (and has never played aywas), he could log into your account and do you dailies and/or take care of your pets.
Q: How many times a day can I play Tam's Item Quest?
A: You can play Tam's Item Quest 5 times a day.
Q: How often can I nag Kazuko (Kaz) or Shoe?
A: You can only nag Kaz or Shoe once a day. If you have nagged Kaz then later you cannot nag Shoe.
Q: What time is Kaz awake?
A: Kaz is awake from 12 Midnight to 12 Noon Aywas Standard Time (AST).
Q: What time is Shoe awake?
A: Shoe is awake from 12 Noon to 12 Midnight Aywas Standard Time (AST).
Q: What is the "Tak CDs" game?
A: If you have blue, gold, or silver CDs in your inventory, you can go to Tak and exchange them for random items. CDs from your inventory will automatically be displayed on Tak's page: click on a CD to redeem it. Blue CDs give R10-R40 items, Gold CDs give R50-R80 items, and Silver CDs generally give R90-R100 items.
Q: How many times a day can I play Zave's Free Food?
A: Zave will only give out food once a day for a maximum of ten food items.
Q: How many times a day can I play Ax's Pet Research?
A: You can play Ax's Pet Research 6 times a day.
Q: How do I use the Rock Quarry?
A: The Rock Quarry is a game / feature that can only be used by premium members. If you are a premium member you can find the Rock Quarry in the Games List section under the "Play" site menu tab. The Rock Quarry is used for finding Geodes which can be exchanged for premium points (PP) that you can spend in the Premium Shop.
Q: How often does Trivia change?
A: Trivia generally changes every week.
Q: Can I discuss Trivia answers with someone else or ask for help?
A: No, you are not allowed to ask for help or answers in regards to Trivia questions.
Q: How do I play the drinking/eating game?
A: The drinking game is played by feeding your pet alcoholic drinks. Each drink carries a certain point value. The more points your pet has, the higher on the high score list it is. At the end of the month, if your pet is on the high score list, it will be randomly bred to another pet on the high score list as a prize for placing.

The eating game is played by feeding your pet different food items. The wider the variety of food fed, the more points they gain. Your pet will not be randomly bred with another winning pet even if it makes the high score list.
Q: What is the alcoholic point list?
A: Coconut rum - 1 pt
Tropical paradise - 1 pt
Coral Reef - 2 pts
Jello shooter - 2 pts
Screwdriver - 2 pts
Long island iced tea - 3 pts
Salty dog - 3 pts
Black Velvet - 5 pts
Bloody mary - 5 pts
Chocolate Booze - 5 pts
Strawberry Daquiri - 5 pts
Fiery Mud Cocktail - 5 pts
Mini Mai Tai - 5 pts
Pink Flamingo - 5 pts
The Zombie - 5 pts (regenerates every 7 days)
White russian - 5 pts
Manhattan Cocktail - 5 pts
Mint Julep - 5 pts
Nightfall Cocktail - 5 pts
Pina colada - 7 pts
Tequila sunrise - 8 pts
Blue Hawaiian - 10 pts
Blue Tahoe - 10 pts
Mojito - 10 pts
Mudslide - 10 pts
Speshul Lime Cocktail - 10 pts
Tropical Sunset - 10 pts
Absinthe - 15 pts
Pink Moon on Ice - 15 pts
Strawberry Bubblegum Cocktail - 15 pts
Glowing Pretty Pink Drink - 30 pts