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Welcome to Aywas!

Hello potential new member of aywas! This is our newbie tutorial. You'll need to have an account to browse the pages it links to, but you should get a better sense of the site content by reading this to see if Aywas something you'd like to join.

Newbie Package

First, check your inventory and find this item:

You'll want to open this item by clicking on it, and inside you'll find lots of helpful items that we'll go over in this tutorial.

Cash Monies

Aywas has three main currencies. These are listed below!

The blue currency is "Blue Paws" (BP). This is the currency you gain from games and exploring. It has a special shop here: BP Shop.

The gold currency is "Gold Paws" (GP). This is the currency you gain by using PayPal to buy it. It is the main currency of customs and breeding. It has a special shop here: GP Shop.

The silver currency is "Silver Paws" (SP). This is the currency you gain by winning site contests, getting on the High Score for the games, and so forth. It is the hardest currency to obtain. It has a special shop here: SP Shop.

User-Generated Content

Aywas' special features mostly involve being able to submit your own content. This includes pet colorations (for everyone to collect), customs (for just you), items, etc.

If you're an artist, you'll find that submitting pets and human avatar clothes to be a very profitable business. You can find every pet genus's PSD on the threads contained in the Pet Suggestions Forum. Why not download one and try your hand at coloring it?

You can submit your creations in that forum if you'd like to see them on the site, or check out the special coloration contests going on in the Events forum. Both methods make you site money. You can also try making human avatar clothing and submitting it on this thread.

A lot of users love making pet customs. We'll cover more on that later.

How to Get Your First Pet

Aywas has over 1,000 pet species for you to collect. There are many ways to acquire your first aywa. However, first, it may be beneficial to see what aywas you like the most in the Aywapedia (Archives > Aywapedia). The common species right now are Melo, Vyne, Insi, Gael, Phanto, Reve, Soli, Rogr, Oakl, and Lacer. These are the aywas that are most commonly being given away or for sale.

The way you'll likely obtain your first pet is by buying a Pet Shop Pet from one of the NPCs, Xero.

He sells many pets and they are all very pretty. You should be able to find one for your starting BP amount, 500 BP.

As for actually acquiring pets for free to expand your collection, there are a few different ways to go about doing it.

First is the Adoption Center (Play > Adoption Center). This is pretty straightforward - you can adopt 1 pet per day.

Second is the Newbie Giveaways Board (Community > Forums > Newbie Giveaways). Here there are many kind people who are more established in the Aywas community that are willing to offer assitance in the form of pets, money, or items to needy newbies. However, please remember when posting here NOT to beg for anything or post a thread asking for things; instead, post on one of the already established threads.

Third is through Exploring, which will we get to in the next section.

When you opened your Newbie Package, you found this in it:

This is a Random Egg, and it contains a pet. To use it, visit the Phoenix Tree!

As you continue on your pet travels, you'll want to get more pet slots to hold pets on your account.
Your Newbie Package came with this item:

This is a Blue Orb, one of the many pet slot items. You can redeem it for 5 Pet Slots by going here.

Some people enjoying creating their very own custom pets, where they color the pet themselves and even add edits (like wings, horns, etc) onto the pet. You can find more about that here: Custom Tutorial and later in this tutorial.

Now that you have your first pet, it's time to go exploring so you can get more pets!


First off, you can find Explore HERE (World > Explore), as well as the World Map HERE (World > World Map).

To explore, your pet needs two statuses filled: energy and hunger. These items came in your Newbie Package:

One will give your pet energy, and the other will give your pet hunger. You can find additional items like these in the Energy shop and Food shop.

You will start at the Bridge, the first location in explore. In each location there are 15 quests you must accomplish before you can move on to the next location and unlock the secret activity at the end of each different area. To fulfill these quests, you must defeat a number of different monsters. To access these quests, you can click HERE, or just click the button at the bottom of the Explore screen that says 'Quest Status'.

While you are exploring, you will run into wild pets. These pets you can catch. The following item will help you:

If you see a pet you might want to catch, try tossing your Blue Tranq at the pet before entering battle with it. You can get more in the Explore Shop.

[TIP: Defeating monsters can be difficult at first, but to help your pet out, it may be helpful to equip some Armor or Weapons, which can be purchased in the Armory and the Weapons Shop (Shopping > Shop Listing). Your newbie package comes with two, see below.

You can equip these equipment by going to your Pet Dashboard and clicking "Modify Equipment". If you do not see your pet there, you must go to your Lair and select your pet, then click "Set as Active."

Customs and Custom Designs


One very big aspect of Aywas is the ability to make your own custom pets. This means you download the source files for the pet species and get to color it and even edit the lines (to add wings, horns, scarves, etc) in your art program. Artists can make a LOT of money doing this! Some people can sell their designs for 5 GP - 20 GP! Check out the coloring tutorial from a site artist to get some helpful hints.

There is a whole forum dedicated to people selling custom designs they make, in case you do not know what to use a Custom Crystal or Orb on. You can even get an artist to make your design specifically for you - a commission.

The cool thing about customs is that they are also breedable! That means, you can breed your custom with someone else's and get babies that look like both parents.

To see the complete tutorial page about customs, go here!


Breeding on Aywas is different than on many other sites. If you happen to come across a Lesser Breeding Coin (LBC), Breeding Coin (BC), or Radioactive Breeding Coin (RBC), there are a few things to keep in mind.

Lesser Breeding Coins only allow you to breed two pets of the same species (ex: Melo x Melo, Soli x Soli, Oakl x Oakl), which includes breeding two hybrids of the same species together (ex: Quetzal x Quetzal, Griffin x Griffin, Kyre x Kyre). However, you can not breed together two pets of different species (ex: Melo x Soli).

An example of an LBC breeding.

Breeding Coins, which are much more expensive and are only released every few months, allow you to breed together two pets of a different species (ex: Melo x Soli = Quetzal) Here is a list of all the different pets you can breed together to get hybrids.

An example of a BC breeding.

Radioactive Breeding Coins allow you to breed whatever you want together, but be warned, you could come out with a mutant pet, or something that might not be breedable!

Like I mentioned before, breeding on aywas is different than on many different sites. Breeding here is done by hand just for you, not automatically, so it could take anywhere from 1 week - 3 months to get your baby(ies), just like if you were to commission an artist.

Games and NPC's

There are many fun things to do on Aywas, including zapping your pet into something potentially cool and rare, cooking, doing quests, and pet research.

We'll start with where to find all these fun games, plus more. All of the games/activities on the site can be found HERE (Play > Game List). At the top you'll see a few games such as Hangman and Count the Objects. Pick a Leaf and Guess the Number can only be played once a day, but all the other games can be played as much as you want.

Now we'll move onto the NPC games and quests.

First, there is Cooking With Chaos. In this game, you make your pet active (My Pets > Pets), and collect all the items Chaos asks for. Once you have collected all these items, Chaos will reward you with one item, which increases as you move up in levels.

Next, we have Tamas's Item Quests. Five times a day you can give Tamas an item, and he will reward you with another item and 1,000 BP.

Then there's Zave's Free Food. Once a day you can go to Zave and he will give you free food depending on how many pets you have (maximum of 10 items per day).

Next there is 'Nag Kaz and Shoe'. Once a day you can go bug Kaz or Shoe (depending on the time of day - Kaz is on from Midnight to Noon; Shoe is on from Noon to Midnight). Kaz might either throw a rare item at you, or blast your active pet with a fireball that can make it faint. Shoe will either not notice you are there, or give you a small amount of bp or an item.

Finally, there is Rogue's Zapping. If you collect all nine spheres from around the site, once a day you can go to Rogue and he will zap your active pet. Sometimes nothing will happen, sometimes you'll get a stat increase or decrease, and sometimes your active pet will change into another pet.

Your Human Avatar

A fun new feature of Aywas is the Human Avatar system. If you post on the forums, or if someone vists your profile, they will see your human avatar.

First, to create your human avatar, you can go to the Salon (Shopping > Shop Listing > Salon). There you will have the option to choose your avatar's hair, eyes, skin color, and more.

To dress up your avatar, you will need clothes, which can be found randomly in Explore, in the Donation Box (Shopping > Shop Listing > Donation Box), or in some other shops. To actually dress your avatar, you can either click on your avatar in the left side panel, or go to My Account > Human Avatar.

To start you off, your package came with these items:

But surely you'll find your avatar better clothing, right?

Who to Contact

If you run into problems with the site, here are a list of people to contact. These people can all be found on the Staff Listing, found at the bottom of every page.

Administrators are BLUE
slASHER #1 - Slash is the owner of Aywas. Please attempt contacting another staff member before coming to Slash.
Erienne #17 - Eri handles user issues. For example, if you have a problem with a user and a moderator can't help, talk to Eri.
Aetheria #289 - Aetheria uploads customs that require manual attention. If you have a question about customs that cannot be answered in the Help forum, try her.
Frey #90 - Frey is the head of the breeding department. If you have a question about breeding that cannot be answered in the Help forum, ask her.
Visark (#185) - Visark is head of all things awesome. She does item refunds (when items are eaten by glitches) amid other things.
Skitty (#543) - Skitty is the head of customs. She heads the "What color crystal is my custom?" thread in the Ask the Admin forum which will tell you which crystal your design requires.

Moderators are GREEN
Kyu and Mauri #1010 - Mauri is the head of the pet colors department. She handles acceptance of all user-colored Aywas pets that are submitted for official use.
Other moderators include: Mokitty (#10), Tynk (#44), Jos (#469), Lorin (#537), WyrGecko (#568), Jani (#6880), Eveglori (#2775).