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Information about the Tavi species.


The Tavi is an extremely social creature with a taste for a smorgasbord of food. Ardently fond of fruit platters, garden salads and glittering macarons, the Tavi spends most of its waking hours in search of food or consuming it--unless it's playtime. Kept as royal companions in the Ay legends, Tavis are popular now pets but scarce seen in the wild.


Customs can be made by using an Ashen Custom Crystal, Flame Custom Crystal or Nova Custom Crystal. A Christmas/winter themed custom with no edits can be made by using a Holiday-Colored Coal. Originally released as a Raw genus, the Tavi was voted by the userbase to be saved and was turned into an Uncommon Ay genus in February 2017.

Taxonomy and Evolution

Behavior and Habitat


Alternate Lineart

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