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Information about the Puggle species.


Owning a Puggle takes a lot of money and dedication, as they need to eat 20% of it's own body weight each day to survive. In captivity this easily leads to over-feeding and obesity as the natural foraging process of the species has been bypassed, but smart owners have begun popularising the use of special "dining pools" to keep their pets fit and healthy, as well as fed.


For the first two months of their existence on site, customs were obtainable through using Raw Metal Crystals, Raw Blue Crystals, and Raw Gold Crystals. The pet is now retired and can only be made with Antiquity Staves. A Christmas/winter themed custom can be created through the use of a Holiday Raw Crystal, regardless of whether the pet is retired or not.

Taxonomy and Evolution

Behavior and Habitat


Alternate Lineart

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