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Information about the Welly species.


These flightless birds are largely found in the Arctic area of Ay, though some seem to have acclimatised in warmer areas and live in small communities near large bodies of water. They are friendly and easily lured by music - which type seems to depend on the bird, and some twitchers can spend weeks going through various playlists before a particular Welly will even go near them.


For the first two months of their existence on site, customs were obtainable through using Raw Metal Crystals, Raw Blue Crystals, and Raw Gold Crystals. The pet is now retired and can only be made with Antiquity Staves. A Christmas/winter themed custom can be created through the use of a Holiday Raw Crystal, regardless of whether the pet is retired or not.

Taxonomy and Evolution

Behavior and Habitat


Alternate Lineart

Koaf (#57119)

Posted on: Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:54pm

Welly is a Penguin so Rabbit Welly doesn't make sense