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Real Life Help

Please note that this event may be reoccurring depending on how it goes!

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Babies to the rescue! Aywas is dedicated to helping its members through tough times. Often we see people on the forums talking about their struggles, and we know how much it can mean to get a little extra money to tide out a tough month, so that's why we made this feature.

How It Works
Whenever you buy a Metal Baby Bottle, Blue Baby Bottle, or a Gold Baby Bottle when they are made available, the proceeds for your purchase go toward the Aywas Real Life Help fund. This is money that we use to help your fellow members out who are having life emergencies where extra money can go a long way to help. You get a cute baby hybrid, and someone gets help!

How do I apply to the Aywas Real Life Help fund?
First, check to make sure that the applications are open by checking the top of the page. If they are, send an e-mail to [email protected] with any information about your situation and your username and ID on Aywas. The members who's Christmas 2012 wish inspired this event, Jackins & Nox (#50), are the ones who read through the messages and relay to the admin team who they think can be helped. If you are relayed to the admin team, an admin will contact you with a request for your PayPal e-mail to send you a little money to help with your situation.

How much help will be provided? And when?
The figures will probably be around $25 - 50 per person who is relayed to the admin team, though of course restrained by funding available. Unfortunately we can't help with something super expensive -- it's simply not feasible. After a Baby Hybrid sale occurs (a duration of one week), we will determine how much funding is available and select from people who send an e-mail for help (also during that one week duration). This is currently a one-time event, but it has the possibility of being reoccurring depending on how it goes.

Can everyone who applies be helped?
Unfortunately not. Everything is limited by funds and it's uncertain how much funding will be available. Please keep in mind that even if we can't help, we still sympathize and wish you best luck.

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